Biographical Details: Dates: 1797 - 1865
Source of Characteristics: Athenaeum
Characteristics: Contributed seven reviews between 1830 and 1833 on works in French, historical works, and "Tales of a Grandfather" by Sir Walter Scott
Source of Characteristics: DNB
Characteristics: Novelist

The following reviews have been identified as being written by this contributor:

  • Histoire de Charles Edouard 294 (June 15,1833)
  • Histoire de Pologne avant et sous le Roi Jean Sobieski 164 (December 18,1830)
  • The History of France. Volumes I and II 172 (February 12,1831)
  • The Life of Frederick the Second, King of Prussia 217 (December 24,1831)
  • The March of Hannibal from the Rhone to the Alps 198 (August 13,1831)
  • Tableau de la Pologne ancienne et moderne 164 (December 18,1830)
  • Tales of a Grandfather. (Two notices) 165 (December 25,1830)

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