SCHARF, George

Biographical Details: Dates: 1788 - 1860
Source of Characteristics: Athenaeum
Characteristics: Contributed between 1855 and 1860 on ancient art, ecclesiastical and religious art, rare manuscripts and editions
Source of Characteristics: NUC
Characteristics: Secretary and later Director of the National Portrait Gallery
Research Notes: The records at the beginning and at the end of the sequence of marks carry question marks. From 1861 it is assumed that all reviews inscribed "Scharf" must be Sir George Scharf, George Scharf's son. The subject matter of all reviews marked "Scharf" is quite similar
Research Notes: See also SCHARF, George?.

The following reviews have been identified as being written by this contributor:

  • Analysis of Ornament 1510 (October 4,1856)
  • Aphorisms on Drawing 1508 (September 20,1856)
  • Architectura Numismatica 1671 (November 5,1859)
  • Art-Treasures of the United Kingdom 1611 (September 11,1858)
  • A Catalogue of the Portraits painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds 1587 (March 27,1858)
  • The Churches of Essex Architecturally Described and Illustrated. Parts I and II 1506 (September 6,1856)
  • The History, Architecture, and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, Kilkenny 1580 (February 6,1858)
  • History of Architecture 1622 (November 27,1858)
  • A Long Vacation in Continental Picture Galleries 1607 (August 14,1858)
  • Notes on Ecclesiastical Remains at Runston, Judbrook, Dinham and Llan-Bedr 1635 (February 26,1859)
  • Notices of Sculpture in Ivory 1507 (September 13,1856)
  • The Origin and Meaning of the Early Interlaced Ornamentations found on the Ancient Sculptured Stones of Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man 1612 (September 18,1858)
  • Practical Perspective 1506 (September 6,1856)
  • Principia Typographica 1600 (June 26,1858)
  • Reports of the Paris Universal Exhibition. Part I 1501 (August 2,1856)
  • Sculptured Stones of Scotland 1509 (September 27,1856)
  • Sir Joshua Reynolds' Notes and Observations on Pictures 1635 (February 26,1859)
  • Sussex Archaeological Collections 1564 (October 17,1857)

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