ST.JOHN, James Augustus

Biographical Details: Dates: 1801 - 1875
Source of Characteristics: Athenaeum
Characteristics: Seemingly small number of marked contributions which can definitely be attributed to him, compared with the huge output of his sons, ST. JOHN, Horace Stebbing Roscoe and ST. JOHN, Percy Bayle (see also ST. JOHN, Horace Stebbing Roscoe? and ST. JOHN, Percy Bayle?) on subjects of some similarity.
Characteristics: Wrote on Borneo, Sarawak, the Crimea, and on French historical works and literature
Source of Characteristics: DNB
Characteristics: Author
Characteristics: Traveller
Source of Characteristics: Marchand
Characteristics: Contributed on Egypt, the "Near East" and French works
Mark: -. A. ST.JOHN (CUT)
Mark: J.A. ST.JOHN

The following reviews have been identified as being written by this contributor:

  • Adventures among the Dyaks of Borneo 1966 (July 1,1865)
  • Les Ages de la Nature 145 (August 7,1830)
  • Choix de Poesies Orientales; traduites en Vers et en Prose 172 (February 12,1831)
  • Comedies d'Aristophane 147 (August 21,1830)
  • Eulogium. Volume I 1622 (November 27,1858)
  • The Greatest of all the Plantagenets 1741 (March 9,1861)
  • De la Grece Moderne, et de ses Rapports avec l'Antiquite 203 (September 17,1831)
  • Historia Monasterii S. Augustini Cantuariensis 1622 (November 27,1858)
  • The History of Poland from the Earliest Period to the Present Time 190 (June 18,1831)
  • Manuel de l'Histoire de la Philosophie. (Two notices) 137 (June 12,1830)
  • Memoires de Beaumarchais 158 (November 6,1830)
  • The Pilgrim's Progress; with a Life of John Bunyan 140 (July 3,1830)
  • Ten Years in Sarawak 1997 (February 3,1866)
  • The Three Archbishops: Langfranc, Anselm, A'Becket 1625 (December 18,1858)
  • Travels through the Crimea 141 (July 10,1830)

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