SWAN, [ R.? ] variant spelling SWANN

Biographical Details: Source of Characteristics: Athenaeum
Characteristics: Contributed on law (1870s)
Research Notes: No information other than marked form in Athenaeum. Initial "R" appears in 1898 (which does not apply to the entries in the current computer index up to 1871)
Mark: SWAN

The following reviews have been identified as being written by this contributor:

  • A Code of English Law. Parts III and IV 2246 (November 12,1870)
  • A Compendium of the Law of Landlord and Tenant 2299 (November 18,1871)
  • A Concise View of the Law connected with Letters Patent for Inventions 2286 (August 19,1871)
  • A Manual of the Law and Practice of Bankruptcy as Amended and Consolidated by the Statutes of 1869 2207 (February 12,1870)
  • Patent Law and Practice 2286 (August 19,1871)
  • A Practical Treatise on the New Law of Compensation to Tenants in Ireland, and the other Provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act, 1870 2292 (September 30,1871)
  • A Treatise upon the Law applicable to Negligence 2274 (May 27,1871)

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