SYMONS, [ ? ]

Biographical Details: Source of Characteristics: Athenaeum
Characteristics: Contributed (1842) on lunatic asylums, social legislation, children and employment, education, trade (Europe and America)
Characteristics: Co-contributed with Mrs. Felicia D. Hemans on one occasion, on "Notes of a Traveller" by Samuel Laing
Characteristics: Span of contribution: Jan 1842 to March 1843
Research Notes: No information other than marked form of name in Athenaeum

The following reviews have been identified as being written by this contributor:

  • Belgium since the Revolution of 1830 779 (October 1,1842)
  • Commercial Tariffs. Part II. Belgium 779 (October 1,1842)
  • Commercial Tariffs and Regulations of the several States of Europe and America: France 771 (August 6,1842)
  • The Fifty-ninth Report of the Visiting Justices of the Lunatic Asylum at Hanwell 741 (January 8,1842)
  • First Report of the Commissioners. (Two notices) 758 (May 7,1842)
  • Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education for 1841 - 1842 792 (December 31,1842)
  • Notes of a Traveller 742 (January 15,1842)
  • Report and Appendices of the Children's Employment Commission. (Two notices) 801 (March 4,1843)

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