TROLLOPE, Theodosia (nee Garrow)

Biographical Details: Dates: ? - 1865
Source of Characteristics: The George Eliot Letters, ed. Gordon S. Haight
Characteristics: First wife of Thomas Adolphus Trollope; they lived in Florence.
Characteristics: Diagnosed as having TB in 1862, she died in 1865.
Characteristics: Periodical reviewer.

The following reviews have been identified as being written by this contributor:

  • The Ass: a Dream 1585 (March 13,1858)
  • Camillo Benso di Cavour, Etc 1757 (June 29,1861)
  • A New Series of Tales for the Youth of Italy 1506 (September 6,1856)
  • Poems; by Giuseppina Turrisi Colonna 1438 (May 19,1855)

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