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Issue: 014, 11/03/28 p. 216
Heading: Chemistry
Category: Medicine   Chemistry   Disinfection   
Title: An Essay on the use of the Chlorurets of Oxides of Sodium and of Lime, as Powerful disinfecting Agents; and of the Chloruret of Sodium more especially, as a Remedy of considerable Efficacy in the Treatment of Hospital Gangrene, and various other Diseases
Author: ALCOCK, Thomas   
Attribution: Member of the Royal College of Surgeons

Issue: 124, 13/03/30 p. 151
Category: Medicine   Surgery   Education   
Title: Lectures on Practical and Medical Surgery, forming part of an Extended Course on the Principles and Practice of Surgery. Delivered in 1828 and 1829
Author: ALCOCK, Thomas   

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