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Issue: 116, 09/01/30 p. 26-27
Heading: "The First-Fit"
Category: Social Anthropology   Custom And Tradition   Folklore   Social History   Scotland   Philology   Ethics   Addiction And Temperance   Medicine   Health   
Topic: [Fictional memoir in Scottish dialect on the New Year custom of "first footing" with a "scholarly" footnote in standard written English, defining the dialect words used in the body of the piece and giving additional information on the current (1830) practice of first-footing. A temperance version of the custom is coming in]
Prose Fiction Signed: D. L.

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 111
Heading: Intoxicating Liquors
Category: Medicine   Health   Addiction And Temperance   Food   
Topic: [A warning on the adverse effects of heavy drinking]
Source: Donovan`s Domestic Economy   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 111
Heading: Wine
Category: Medicine   Health   Addiction And Temperance   Food   
Topic: [Grapes ferment naturally. The process is so fascinating to watch and the resultant juice is so appealing that wine must have been discovered at least six thousand years ago]
Source: Domestic Economy   

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 175
Heading: Brandy versus Beer
Category: Medicine   Health   Addiction And Temperance   Food   
Topic: [Accidental discovery, "during a botanical excursion in the neighbourhood of Lyons", of the effect of giving brandy to someone already drunk on beer]
Person: RECLUZ, M.   TAILLET, M.   
Source: Annales des Sciences d`Observation   Quarterly Journal of Science   

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 281
Heading: Habits
Category: Medicine   Morbid Processes   Health   Psychology   Ethics   Addiction And Temperance   
Topic: [Humorous essay denigrating a list of habits: swearing, alcohol, tea-drinking, smoking, taking snuff, and chewing tobacco. A cynical exception is made for coffee and sugar because they bring in taxes]
Essay Signed: "J."

Issue: 144, 31/07/30 p. 478
Heading: Cherokees, Para 6
Category: Communication   Periodicals   Medicine   Health   Addiction And Temperance   
Topic: [There is a new Cherokee newspaper, announcing the formation of a temperance society]
Institution: Cherokee Temperance Society   

Issue: 145, 07/08/30 p. 494
Heading: Tobacco, Para 8
Category: Geography   Russian Empire   Agriculture   Addiction And Temperance   
Topic: [Experiments in cultivating tobacco in Russia]

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Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 101-103
Category: Christian Religion   Medicine   Food   Health   Addiction And Temperance   Philosophy   Aesthetics   Ethics   
Title: The Christian Physiologist--Tales illustrative of the Five Senses; their Mechanism, Uses, and Government
Author: ANON   
Attribution: Author of "The Collegians"

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