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Issue: 050, 08/10/28 p. 794
Heading: Van Diemen`s Land
Category: Geography   History   Australia   Tasmania   
Topic: [Item of news about depression in the internal economy of Van Diemen`s Land]
Source: The Australian   
, 16/05/28
Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 808, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Count Charles Vidua, Para 6
Category: Geography   Australia   Tasmania   
Topic: [Count Vidua will finish his nineteen-year world tour with a visit to Van Dieman`s Land]
Person: VIDUA, Count Charles   
Source: Van Dieman`s Land Colonial Times   

Issue: 140, 03/07/30 p. 414
Heading: Extraordinary Cavern, Para 17
Category: Exploration   Geography   Australia   Caves   
Topic: [Exploration of the Shoal Haven Gully by William Shelly of Parramatta. It is supposed to be 1700 feet deep and gets warmer as one goes deeper]
Person: SHELLY, William   

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Issue: 063, 07/01/29 p. 8
Heading: Catalogue Raisonne of Recent Publications
Category: Geography   Australia   Tasmania   
Title: Present State of Van Diemen`s Land; comprising an Account of its Agricultural Capabilities, with Observations on the Present State of Farming, Etc. Etc. pursued in that Colony: and other Important Matters connected with Emigration
Author: WIDOWSON, Henry   

Issue: 099, 16/09/29 p. 578-579
Heading: Kangaroos
Category: Geography   Australia   Zoology   
Title: The Picture of Australia: exhibiting New Holland, Van Diemen`s Land, and all the Settlements, from the First at Sydney to the Last at the Swan River
Author: ANON   

Issue: 100, 23/09/29 p. 596
Heading: Australia
Category: Geography   Australia   
Title: The Picture of Australia; exhibiting New Holland, Van Diemen`s Land, and all the Settlements, from the First at Sydney to the Last at the Swan River. [Second notice] (Continued from p. 578)
Author: ANON   

Issue: 106, 04/11/29 p. 685-687
Heading: Letter from Sydney
Category: Political Science   Political Economy   Migration   Colonization   Geography   Australia   North America   
Title: A Letter from Sydney, the principal Town of Australasia. Edited by Robert Gouger, together with the Outline of a System of Colonization

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