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Issue: 052, 22/10/28 p. 827, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Biographical, Para 3
Category: Medicine   Biography   
Topic: Darwin in Love. [Dr. Darwin`s love for Mrs. Pole, of Radburn]
Person: DARWIN, Dr.   POLE, Mrs.   PETRARCH   
Source: Seward: Memoirs of Darwin   

Issue: 057, 26/11/28 p. 909, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Biographical, Para 5
Category: Geology   Literature   Biography   
Topic: Dolomien, the Geologist
Source: Biographie Moderne   

Issue: 063, 07/01/29 p. 14, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Biographical, Para 4
Category: Physics   Science   Professional Ethics   Literature   Biography   
Topic: Newton and Stillingfleet. [Whiston, who wrote the "Theory of the Earth" reports that he angered Newton by contradicting him, and was publicly silenced out of fear of angering Newton further, and even of killing him. There are other examples of professional rifts, such as that of Stillingfleet and Locke]
Source: Whiston: Theory of the Earth   

Issue: 071, 04/03/29 p. 143, Section: Varieties
Heading: Newton, Para 6
Category: Biography   Literature   Philosophy   Science   
Topic: There is in the records of Newton a sentence in the spirit of Shakspeare
Person: NEWTON, Sir Isaac   SHAKESPEARE   

Issue: 086, 17/06/29 p. 382, Section: Varieties
Heading: Death of Sir Humphry Davy, Para 1
Category: Science   Biography   
Topic: [His main distinctions are in the study of the Voltaic battery, his discovery of sodium and potassium and in the invention of the safety-lamp]
Issue: 129, 17/04/30 p. 232-233
Heading: Reminiscences of the Latter Days of Kant. (Second Article)
Category: Biography   Philosophy   Science   Literature   
Topic: [Kant`s esteem for science, over and above "all that was exaggerated, either in manners or language"]

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 525
Heading: Paris Academy of Sciences. July 26
Category: Science   Biography   
Topic: M. Cuvier read a long and interesting paper, relating to our distinguished countryman, the late Sir Humphrey Davy...
Person: DAVY, Sir Humphrey   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Paper, 26/07/30
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Issue: 030, 14/05/28 p. 469
Heading: The Gold-Headed Cane
Category: History Of Medicine   Biography   
Title: The Gold-Headed Cane. Second Edition
Author: MACMICHAEL, Dr. [William]   
Institution: Royal Society   

Issue: 089, 08/07/29 p. 418-420
Heading: The Life of Locke
Category: Biography   Philosophy   
Title: The Life of John Locke, with Extracts from his Correspondence, Journals, and Common-Place Books. [To be continued]
Author: KING, Lord   

Issue: 090, 15/07/29 p. 434
Heading: The Life of Locke
Category: Philosophy   Biography   Mathematics   
Title: The Life of John Locke, with Extracts from his Correspondence, Journals, and Common-Place Books. [Second Notice; see p. 420]
Author: KING, Lord   

Issue: 095, 19/08/29 p. 514-515
Heading: The Pursuit of Knowledge
Category: Philosophy Of Science   Biography   Mathematics   
Title: The Library of Entertaining Knowledge, Vol. III, Part I. The Pursuit of knowledge under Difficulties; illustrated by Anecdotes
Author: ANON   

Issue: 129, 17/04/30 p. 225
Category: Biography   Philosophy   Medicine   Insanity   Christian Religion   
Title: Essays on the Lives of Cowper, Newton and Heber; or, an Examination of the Evidence of the Course of Nature being interrupted by the Divine Government
Author: ANON   

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