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Issue: 060, 17/12/28 p. 654
Heading: Nothing from Nothing
Category: Religion   Comparative Religion   Buddhism   Philosophy   Creation   
Topic: [Epicurean dogma that nothing can come from nothing agrees with one of the Upanisheds from the Yajur Veda]
Source: M. Anquetil du Perron`s Latin Version   

Issue: 089, 08/07/29 p. 431, Section: Varieties
Heading: Mogul Idol, Para 1
Category: Social Anthropology   Religion   Buddhism   Museums   
Topic: [Statue of the Mogul god of destruction and regeneration, Yamantaga, held in a Moscow museum. Description. Source]
Person: DEMIDOFF, M.   FISCHER, M.   SCHMIDT, M.   REMUSAT, M. Abel   
Institution: Museum of Natural History and Antiquities, Moscow   University of Moscow   

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