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Issue: 050, 08/10/28 p. 796
Heading: Canal from Toulouse to Bayonne
Category: Engineering   Canals   
Topic: [Survey of the scale of work to be done to build the Toulouse to Bayonne canal]

Issue: 051, 15/10/28 p. 812
Heading: Delaware and Hudson Canal
Category: Engineering   Canals   
Topic: [Route of the Delaware and Hudson Canal. This private enterprise in the State of New York is nearly complete]

Issue: 054, 05/11/28 p. 861, Section: Varieties
Heading: New Canal in Russia, Para 1
Category: Engineering   Canals   
Topic: [The new (Kirilovskoi) canal to link Archangel and St. Petersburg. The article also deals with the development of Russia`s canal system in general]
Source: Journal Francais de Petersbourg, 1828, No. 71   

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 893
Heading: Varieties, Para 7
Category: Engineering   Canals   
Topic: Great Dutch Canal. [The building of the canal from Amsterdam to the sea, begun in 1819 and finished in 1825]

Issue: 143, 24/07/30 p. 458-459, Section: Foreign Correspondence
Heading: Acerbi`s Tour in Egypt, 1829-1830. On the Rosetta branch of the Nile, below Tervane, 2nd April, 1830
Category: Geography   Travel   Egypt   Agriculture   Engineering   Canals   Communication   Archaeology   
Topic: [The Consul-General to the Emperor of Austria at Alexandria describes his tour, in the first half of a letter forwarded to the Athenaeum by Smith. It concentrates on water: the disrepair of the ancient canal and irrigation system of the Fayum; the waters of Lake Meris; the route to Suez]
Institution: East India Company   
Letter Signed: ACERBI; Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 145, 07/08/30 p. 494
Heading: Canal Monsieur, Para 1
Category: Engineering   Canals   
Topic: [Canal opened between the Rhine and Rhone in July]

Issue: 151, 18/09/30 p. 591
Heading: New Canals in Russia, Para 6
Category: Engineering   Communication   Canals   
Topic: [All three Russian canals started in 1825 will soon be ready for navigation]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

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Issue: 080, 06/05/29 p. 279
Heading: Canals in France
Category: Geography   France   Engineering   Canals   
Title: Dissertation on the Canal of Provence. (Forming the third part of the Letters on Marseilles)
Author: JULIANI, M. Jules   
Attribution: Merchant

Issue: 096, 26/08/29 p. 531-532
Heading: Memorials of the King of Sweden
Category: Geography   Sweden   Russian Empire   Communication   Trade   Canals   
Title: Memorials of Charles John, King of Sweden and Norway: Illustrative of his Character; of his Relations with the Emperor Napoleon; and of the present State of his Kingdoms. With a Discourse on the Political Character of Sweden
Author: MEREDITH, William George   
Attribution: A. M. of Brazenose Colledge [sic], Oxford

Issue: 108, 18/11/29 p. 720-721
Heading: The Landscape Annual
Category: Geography   History   Switzerland   Italy   Engineering   Canals   
Title: The Landscape Annual for 1830

Issue: 118, 30/01/30 p. 52-53
Heading: Love of Knowledge
Category: Popularization Of Science   Engineering   Canals   Psychology   Mental Development   
Title: The Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties; with Illustrations. Part VIII. of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge
Author: KNIGHT, Charles   
Institution: Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge   

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