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Issue: 010, 26/02/28 p. 151
Heading: New Process for the Manufacture of Ultramarine
Category: Chemistry   Chemical Industry   
Topic: [Artificial method of making Ultramarine pigment, invented by Tunel, the French inspector of powder and saltpetre]
Person: TUNEL, M.   GAY-LUSSAC   DESOUNES, M. Clement   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 030, 14/05/28 p. 472, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Mineralogy), Para 2
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: Analysis of the water of St. Ronan`s Well
Person: THOMSON, Professor   FYFE, Dr. (of Edinburgh)   

Issue: 030, 14/05/28 p. 472, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Mineralogy), Para 2
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: New Minerals. [Karphosiderite; Mesitine-Spur; Tautolite]
Person: BREITHAUPT, Professor   SCHWEIGGER   
Source: Journal der Chimie   

Issue: 032, 04/06/28 p. 505, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Mineralogy, Para 3
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: Analysis of the Malvern Water
Person: ADDISON   

Issue: 033, 11/06/28 p. 522, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-animated Nature. (Mineralogy), Para 3
Category: Medicine   Chemistry   Public Health   Pharmacology   Hydrotherapy   
Topic: Analysis of Pitkaithley Water
Person: THOMSON, Professor   MURRAY   

Issue: 034, 18/06/28 p. 537, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Mineralogy), Para 3
Category: Medicine   Chemistry   Pharmacology   Public Health   Hydrotherapy   
Topic: Salt Springs of Cheshire
Source: Geological Transactions   

Issue: 035, 25/06/28 p. 550
Heading: Density of Copper, Etc
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: [Observations by Delatour on copper and brass-wire]
Person: DELATOUR, M. Cagniard   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 037, 09/07/28 p. 587, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Mineralogy), Para 3
Category: Chemistry   Mineralogy   
Topic: Systems of Mineral Crystals
Person: ROME DE LISLE, M.   HAUY, M.   MOHS   

Issue: 038, 16/07/28 p. 603, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Mineralogy), Para 3
Category: Chemistry   Mineralogy   
Topic: Diamonds and Pebbles. [The difference]

Issue: 040, 30/07/28 p. 636, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-animated Nature. (Mineralogy), Para 2
Category: Chemistry   Mineralogy   
Topic: Aiken`s Mineralogy
Person: AIKEN   
Source: Manual of Mineralogy   

Issue: 051, 15/10/28 p. 812, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Aromatology), Para 5
Category: Physics   Chemistry   Electricity   
Topic: Odours affected by Electricity. [An electric current causes camphor, or any "odoriferous substance", to lose its smell. This returns if the substance has contact with the ground]
Person: LIBRI, M. (of Florence)   

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 892, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Mineralogy), Para 2
Category: Chemistry   Geology   Medicine   Public Health   
Topic: Mineral Waters. [The waters of Geilnan, Fachinger, and Setters which arise from a stratum of argillaceous schist, near to dolomite and igneous rocks. Chemical elements enumerated]
Person: BISCHOF, M.   

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 30, Section: Foreign Notices
Heading: Diamond produced from Carbon, Para 7
Category: Mineralogy   Chemistry   
Topic: Diamond produced from Carbon. [M. Arago affirms that he has crystallized carbon and obtained a substance called "diamonds"]

Issue: 076, 08/04/29 p. 217-218
Heading: The Museum of Thoughts. IV.--Novalis
Category: Science   Philosophy   Logic   Metaphysics   Psychology   Chemistry   Physics   Mathematics   Poetry   Literature   
Topic: [A series of definitions of the nature of thought and thinking]

Issue: 085, 10/06/29 p. 367, Section: Varieties
Heading: Complete Treatise on Chemistry, Para 5
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: [French edition of the work of the Swedish chemist, Berzelius, The Treatise on Chemistry]
Person: BERZELIUS   

Issue: 085, 10/06/29 p. 367, Section: Varieties
Heading: M. Gay-Lussac`s Lectures on Chemistry, Para 6
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: [A series of lectures has been published in book-form]
Person: GAY-LUSSAC   

Issue: 093, 05/08/29 p. 491, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Mode of Cleaning Buildings, Para 1
Category: Public Health   Public Administration   Town Planning   Architecture   Preservation   Chemistry   
Topic: [To clean ancient buildings, water and hydrochloric acid is better than scraping]
Person: CHEVALIER, M.   DEAN [of St. Paul`s Cathedral]   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   Ecole de Medecine, Paris   

Issue: 095, 19/08/29 p. 522-523, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: New Earth Discovered by Berzelius, Para 1
Category: Chemistry   Mineralogy   
Topic: [Summary of a letter from Berzelius on a new earth he has named thorina, which, though it possesses all the properties of those earths already called thorina (phosphate of yttria), is not reducible by carbon or potassium. No acid except sulphuric acid will attack the "new" thorina. It is in a new mineral found at Brevig, Norway]
Person: BERZELIUS   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Letter, 20/07/1829
Issue: 095, 19/08/29 p. 523, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Germination of Seeds in Mercury, Para 2
Category: Botany   Plant Physiology   Chemistry   
Topic: [Pinot`s experiment shows that the radicle of various seeds, including that of latyrus odoratus, which have germinated in mercury, will penetrate the metal to the depth of ten lines [ten-twelfths of an inch]]
Person: PINOT, M.   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Paper, 27/07/1829
Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 714
Heading: London University
Category: Education   Science   Astronomy   Political Economy   Physics   Chemistry   
Topic: [Opening of the ordinary session of the London University. Introductory lecture by Lardner]
Person: LARDNER, Dr.   NEWTON, Sir Isaac   LAVOISIER   WATT, James   DAVY, Sir Humphrey   AMOS, Prof.   DALE   
Institution: University of London   
Paper, 02/11/29
Issue: 110, 02/12/29 p. 762
Heading: Meeting of German Naturalists
Category: Science   Natural History   Archaeology   Chemistry   Crystallography   Germany   Congresses   Assemblies   
Topic: [Annual assembly of the naturalists of Germany at Heidelberg, held the previous year at Berlin. Representatives of the Sciences from England, France, Russia and the Netherlands. Speech by Tiedemann. Letter from Goethe. British naturalists were Leonard and Coddington. Leonard gave an account of vitrified forts in Scotland and Coddington showed an apparatus "for centralising light". Next convention to be at Hamburg]
Issue: 110, 02/12/29 p. 763, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Degree of Expansion by Heat in Different Substances, Para 9
Category: Chemistry   Physics   Heat   
Topic: [Table of information. Degrees of expansion in heat. Different substances in solid, liquid and gas forms]
Person: ARNOTT   
Source: Arnott: Physics   
Issue: 111, 09/12/29 p. 779, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Vegetation in Mercury Disproved, Para 5
Category: Botany   Plant Physiology   Chemistry   
Topic: [A paragraph which answers one in Athenaeum Issue 95, p. 523, headed "Germination of Seeds in Mercury". Both paragraphs are reporting sittings of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Paris. Dutrochet claims to have performed the same experiments as Pinot on whether seeds will germinate in mercury and got different results, as did the investigative committee into the original experiment. Pinot is not named in the second paragraph]
Person: DUTROCHET, M.   MIRBEL, M. de   
Institution: Academie Royale, Paris   
Paper, 16/11/1829
Issue: 116, 09/01/30 p. 31
Heading: Iodic Acid: Error of Sir Humphry Davy, Corrected
Category: Chemistry   History Of Science   Illusions   False Scientific Doctrines   
Topic: ["All authors" take for granted the existence of iodo-sulphuric, iodo-nitric, and iodo-phosphoric acids, because they were described by Davy. Serullas has now disproved the existence of these compounds having procured pure iodic acid]
Person: DAVY, Sir Humphrey   SERULLAS, M.   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
, 21/12/1829
Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 45, Section: Science
Heading: Salt versus Snow, Para 3
Category: Meteorology   Chemistry   Public Health   Safety   
Topic: [Short discussion on the use of spreading salt on snow in bad weather]

Issue: 118, 30/01/30 p. 63, Section: Scientific and Miscellaneous
Heading: Cleaning Buildings, Para 8
Category: Architecture   Public Health   Public Administration   Town Planning   Preservation   Chemistry   
Topic: [Royal Academy of Sciences (Paris) hears successive reports on the advantages and drawbacks of cleaning stone buildings using chemicals]
Person: CHEVALIER, M.   HERPIN, Dr.   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 106, Section: Science
Heading: Paris Academy of Sciences. Chemical Discoveries, Para 2
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: [Despretz announces the results of his experiments]
Person: DESPRETZ, M.   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 106, Section: Science
Heading: Paris Academy of Sciences. Cleaning Buildings, Para 3
Category: Public Health   Public Administration   Architecture   Preservation   Chemistry   Town Planning   
Topic: [Chevalier and Herpin debate the best method of cleaning buildings, using hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid]
Person: CHEVALIER, M.   HERPIN, Dr.   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 106-107, Section: Science
Heading: Paris Academy of Sciences. A Physical Phenomenon explanatory of the Circulation observed in the stem of certain Plants, Para 4
Category: Physics   Chemistry   Plant Physiology   
Topic: [Two-column extract from a report in "le Globe". Dutrochet`s experiments on the effects of heat and light upon water in a tube]
Source: Le Globe   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 123, 06/03/30 p. 139
Heading: Formation of Ice at the Bottom of Streams and Currents
Category: Meteorology   Chemistry   
Topic: [Ice is not formed at the bottom of stagnant water, but may be formed beneath fast-running water. Duhamel has suggested an explanation after conducting experiments in the Seine]
Person: DUHAMEL, M.   

Issue: 124, 13/03/30 p. 158
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: [Dalton of Manchester chosen to be foreign member of Academie des Sciences, Paris]
Person: DALTON   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 171, Section: Paris Academy of Sciences
Heading: Chemical Discoveries
Category: Chemistry   Industry   Chemical Industry   
Topic: [Bussy has submitted to the Academy specimens of chlorate of glucinum and metallic glucinum obtained by the decomposition of chlorate. He has also announced that he has obtained magnesium]
Person: BUSSY, M.   WOLHES, M.   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 203-204
Heading: Academie des Sciences
Category: Public Health   Safety   Inventions   Engineering   Ships   Chemistry   
Topic: [Panillot`s plan "for the preservation of vessels from shipwreck", by wrapping the cargo in "cloth rendered impervious". Serullas` observations on chloruret of iodine]
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 282-283
Heading: Paris Academy of Sciences. Sitting of the 12th April
Category: Botany   Trees   Chemistry   Icthyology   Animal Physiology   Entomology   Textiles   Steam Power   
Topic: [1. Milk-tree found at Demerara. 2. Germination of the Nepenthe. 3. Properties of a Sal Gemma. 4. Influence of Water on the Respiration of Fishes. 5. The Bombyx of the ancients. 6. Annual volume of the Board of Longitude. 7. The difference of opinion between St. Hilaire and Cuvier on "the theory of analogy"]
Person: DELESSERT   SMITH (of Edinburgh)   HUMBOLDT   ARNOT, M.   WALLICH, Dr. Nathaniel   ARAGO, M.   DUMAS, M.   BOUE, M.   FLEURENS, M.   LATREILLE   SAINTE HILAIRE, Geoffroy   CUVIER   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   East India Company   Botanical Gardens, Calcutta   Board of Longitude   
Letter[s], 12/04/1830
Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 282
Heading: Royal Society
Category: Chemistry   Mineralogy   
Topic: [...]a chemical analysis of the mineral waters of this island, from which it appears, that they all contain iodine and the newly-discovered chemical substance called brome. [A second item in the report claims that of the three gentlemen balloted, one was "black-balled" because of a private quarrel]
Institution: Royal Society   
Paper, 06/05/1830
Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 283
Heading: Paris Academy of Sciences. [...]sitting of April 19
Category: Public Health   Safety   Ships   Inventions   Chemistry   Geography   West And North Central Africa   
Topic: [1. Blumenbach elected foreign associate. 2. Aldini presented Mr. Watson`s plan for the prevention of the foundering of ships at sea. 3. Arago presented a tube filled with crystals of palladium. 4. Coquebert-Montbret defended the claims of Caillie, the traveller to Timbuctoo, the "Quarterly Review" having suggested that Caillie might not have "penetrated so far as he pretends to have done". 5. De Pongerville elected]
Source: Quarterly Review   Athenaeum   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Demonstrations/discussion, 19/04/1830
Issue: 134, 22/05/30 p. 316
Heading: Royal College of Physicians
Category: Medicine   Respiratory System   Public Health   Chemistry   Health   Zoology   Morbid Anatomy   
Topic: [1. Dr. Bird`s paper on acute inflammation of the epiglottis. 2. Caldwell on the chalybeate spring in the Isle of Wight. It contains a high proportion of sulphate of iron]
Person: HAWKINS, Dr.   BIRD, Dr.   CALDWELL, Dr.   
Institution: Royal College of Physicians   
Issue: 137, 12/06/30 p. 363
Heading: Royal Society. Thursday, June 10th
Category: Chemistry   Mineralogy   Physics   Electricity   Engineering   
Topic: [1. Thompson of Glasgow on minerals. 2. Fox on the electric current. 3. Members, including Brunel, elected Fellows]
Person: ROGET, Dr.   THOMPSON, Dr.   FOX   BRUNEL   
Institution: Royal Society   
, 10/06/1830
Issue: 141, 10/07/30 p. 430
Heading: The Genius of American Squibbing, Para 12
Category: Inventions   Art   Chemistry   Chemical Industry   Explosives   
Topic: [Satirical paragraph on the perfection of American fireworks. "An artist of Philadelphia" can now depict whole scenes in the sky. Will ephemeral pyrotechnic displays supersede oil paintings and watercolours?]

Issue: 142, 17/07/30 p. 444
Heading: Sheathing of Ships
Category: Engineering   Materials Testing   Ships   Physics   Chemistry   Philosophy Of Science   Theory And Practice   
Topic: [Copper bottoms for ships are effective at stopping shells and seaweeds attaching themselves but the copper soon wears out. If the copper is in contact with zinc or iron, this does not happen. (Davy made some unsuccessful experiments on "sheathing" ships and another unnamed "scientific man" is working on the same thing now). Even if this research into electric action on metals may not be applied to the cladding of ships, it may be applied to other structures or in building]
Person: DAVY, Sir Humphrey   
Ed`s Mark: PARKE

Issue: 142, 17/07/30 p. 446
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Mexico   Chemistry   Philology   
Topic: [Mexican MS shown to the French Academy of Sciences. It is interesting on account of "the chemical analysis of the substance on which it is written" and from a philological point of view]
Person: BELHAMI, M.   
Source: Foreign Quarterly   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 143, 24/07/30 p. 462
Heading: Cobalt Blue, Para 15
Category: Chemistry   Art   Materials   
Topic: [How to prevent the pigment from depositing granules on the paper, by dissolving the colour in water]

Issue: 144, 31/07/30 p. 475-476, Section: Foreign Correspondence
Heading: Acerbi`s Tour in Egypt, 1829-1830. (Continued from p. 459)
Category: Geography   North Africa   Egypt   Chemistry   Water   Medicine   Pharmacology   Zoology   Botany   Archaeology   
Topic: [Chemical observations on the alkaline lakes of the valley of Natron. Meeting with a chemist, the son of D`Arcet. Visit to a plant for the refining of carbonate of soda, to be exported to Europe. The author`s collections of animals, plants and shells. The increasing difficulty of buying Egyptian antiquities in Egypt]
Letter Signed: ACERBI; Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 144, 31/07/30 p. 477-478
Heading: Effect of Sea-water on Wrought Iron
Category: Engineering   Materials Testing   Chemistry   Ships   
Topic: The partial conversion of cast iron into a substance resembling plumbago...[Now similar changes have been observed in wrought iron]
Ed`s Mark: PARKE

Issue: 146, 14/08/30 p. 509-510, Section: Fine Arts
Heading: Water-Colour Drawings
Category: Chemistry   Art   Art Materials   Manufactures   Paper Industry   Communication   
Topic: The durability of water-colour paintings, or, as they are improperly termed, drawings, is a subject that deserves some investigation...
Ed`s Mark: PARKE

Issue: 148, 28/08/30 p. 543
Category: Chemistry   Water   Engineering   Chemical Industry   Gas Power   Gas   Lighting   Geography   North America   
Topic: [In the state of New York an entire village is currently being (dimly) lit by some unspecified form of natural gas]
Source: Gazette Litteraire   

Issue: 151, 18/09/30 p. 588
Heading: On the Antiquity of Oil Painting
Category: Science   Chemistry   Art   Historical Sciences   
Topic: [What has been thought of as the earliest known oil painting, dated 1297, has now been examined by Lanzi who believes that the colours have not been mixed with linseed oil, but white of egg]
Person: MUTINA, Thomas Von   LANZI   MORELLI (of Venice)   MARIA, Chevalier   FEDERICI, Giov. (of Treviso)   
Source: Lanzi: Storia Pittorica   
Institution: Imperial Gallery, Vienna   

Issue: 154, 09/10/30 p. 637
Heading: Rome, Para 3
Category: Chemistry   Mineralogy   Geology   Economic Geology   
Topic: Sig. Rolli, an intelligent naturalist, discovered, a few months ago, a stone weighing 755 Roman pounds, which was supposed to be that precious silicious material which the ancients called Murrha...[The stone attracted "learned discussions" and the attention of naturalists, until somebody managed to identify it as fluor-spar]
Person: ROLLI, Sig.   
Signed: "D."; Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 155, 16/10/30 p. 649
Heading: The Moon`s Rays
Category: Astronomy   The Moon   Physics   Light   Heat   Chemistry   Meteorology   
Topic: [Moonlight and sunlight compared]
Signed: P. C.; Ed`s Mark: Philip Cunningham

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Issue: 014, 11/03/28 p. 216
Heading: Chemistry
Category: Medicine   Chemistry   Disinfection   
Title: An Essay on the use of the Chlorurets of Oxides of Sodium and of Lime, as Powerful disinfecting Agents; and of the Chloruret of Sodium more especially, as a Remedy of considerable Efficacy in the Treatment of Hospital Gangrene, and various other Diseases
Author: ALCOCK, Thomas   
Attribution: Member of the Royal College of Surgeons

Issue: 033, 11/06/28 p. 518
Heading: Addison on the Malvern Waters, Etc
Category: Medicine   Chemistry   Public Health   Pharmacology   Hydrotherapy   
Title: A Dissertation on the Nature and Properties of the Malvern Water, and an Inquiry into the Causes and Treatment of Scrofulous Diseases and Consumption; together with some Remarks upon the Influence of the Terrestrial Radiation of Caloric upon Local Salubrity
Author: ADDISON, William   
Attribution: Surgeon

Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 36-37
Heading: Practical Chemistry
Category: Science   Chemistry   
Title: Chemical Re-Agents or Tests; and their application in analysing Waters, Earths, Soils, Metalliferous Ores, Metallic Alloys, Etc.
Author: ACCUM, F.   

Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 246
Heading: Chemistry
Category: Science   Chemistry   Philosophy   Education   
Title: A Chemical Catechism, in which the Elements of Chemistry, with the recent Discoveries in the Science, are clearly and fully explained. Illustrated by Notes, Engravings, and Tables; and containing an Appendix of Select Experiments, Etc.
Author: GRAHAM, Thomas John   
Attribution: Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London

Issue: 087, 24/06/29 p. 389
Heading: Natural Philosophy
Category: Physics   Chemistry   
Title: Principles of Natural Philosophy; or, a New Theory of Physics, founded on Gravitation, and applied in Explaining the General Properties of Matter, the Phenomena of Chemistry, Electricity, Galvanism, Magnetism, and Electro-Magnetism
Author: EXLEY, Thomas   
Attribution: Associate of the Bristol Philosophical and Literary Society
Institution: Bristol Philosophical and Literary Society   

Issue: 114, 30/12/29 p. 818-819
Heading: Letters from Bertha
Category: Science   Literature   Education   Children   Popularization Of Science   Encyclopaedias   Chemistry   Archaeology   
Title: Letters from Bertha, on a Visit to her Uncle, in England
Issue: 119, 06/02/30 p. 70-72
Category: Popularization Of Science   Food   Wine-making   Chemical Industry   Chemistry   
Title: The Cabinet Cyclopaedia.--Domestic Economy. Volume I
Author: DONOVAN, Michael   

Issue: 120, 13/02/30 p. 82-83
Heading: Sir H. Davy`s Posthumous Work
Category: Philosophy Of Science   History Of Science   Christian Religion   Geology   Astronomy   Physics   Chemistry   
Title: Consolations in Travel; or, The Last Days of a Philosopher
Author: DAVY, Sir Humphrey   
Attribution: Late President of the Royal Society
Institution: Royal Society   

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