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Issue: 040, 30/07/28 p. 636, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Meteorology), Para 5
Category: Meteorology   Health   Climate   
Topic: Utility of Storms. [Abatement of epidemic diseases after storms]
Person: HUXHAM, Dr.   CAESAR, Augustus   SENECA   

Issue: 041, 06/08/28 p. 652, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Meteorology), Para 5
Category: Meteorology   Climate   Health   
Topic: Advantages of a Cold Climate. [Theory, put forward in a local history of Moray, that the inhabitants of a cold region conserve heat in their bodies through contraction of the pores]
Person: SHAW   
Source: Shaw: History of Moray, p.118   

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 892, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Anthropology), Para 12
Category: Biology   Climate   Ecology   
Topic: Influence of Climate. [The nature of man seems defective, according to Von Buch, where bushes will not grow]
Person: VON BUCH, M.   
Source: Magazine of Natural History   

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 892, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Limneology), Para 5
Category: Geology   Lakes   Climate   
Topic: Lakes appearing periodically

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 892, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Meteorology), Para 8
Category: Meteorology   Climate   Health   Ecology   
Topic: Sea Air. [Animals thrive in it and vegetables decline; in an atmosphere well suited to vegetables, animals do not thrive]

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 892, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Potamology), Para 6
Category: Geology   Climate   Geography   South America   Rivers   
Topic: Delta of the Oronoco and the Maragnon
Person: GUTSMUTHS, M.   
Source: Hertha, ix.5, p.381   

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 31
Heading: The Glacier of Boisson
Category: Mountains   Alps   Climate   Ecology   Religion   Literature   
Topic: [A description of a glacier increasing and a philosophical meditation in a grand rhetorical voice on natural history, the creator and mankind`s place in such an austere landscape]

Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 46, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-animated Nature. (Vegetable Geography), Para 2
Category: Botany   Trees   Ecology   Climate   
Topic: Plants of the Polar and Temperate Regions

Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 47, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Meteorology), Para 7
Category: Climate   Ecology   Religion   Literature   
Topic: Supposed Change of Climate. [Schouw of Copenhagen has argued against the theory of a large-scale change of climate, affecting certain parts of the earth in the distant past. He cites references from the bible and classical literature to prove that the date palm grew the same in Palestine then as it does now]
Source: Oken`s Isis   

Issue: 067, 04/02/29 p. 79
Heading: Varieties, Para 7
Category: Botany   Climate   Pollution   Horticulture   
Topic: Taste and Utility. [The garden at Buckingham palace with orangeries and flower-gardens is designed as if Britain had a warm, southern climate. It also ignores the fact that many plants cannot stand the smoky atmosphere of London]
Person: NASH   NORTH, Lord   
Source: Hints and Observations respecting the Parks and Palaces, Etc   

Issue: 108, 18/11/29 p. 731, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Potatoes, Para 3
Category: Agriculture   Climate   Ecology   
Topic: [Potatoes were introduced into Britain in the sixteenth century, from South America. They are still not entirely resistant to frost and it is important to keep on experimenting to produce a more hardy variety]
Source: Quarterly Journal of Agriculture   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 270
Heading: Longevity
Category: Medicine   Health   Climate   Meteorology   Earthquakes   
Topic: [One item with an individual title, followed by an untitled item: 1. A one hundred and twenty one year old man has recently died in Switzerland. 2. Recently there was an earthquake in Switzerland during fine weather. It did not register on the barometer]

Issue: 140, 03/07/30 p. 410
Heading: Northern Asia. [Further extracts from the Correspondence of Dr. Erman]. English Missionaries
Category: Geography   Russian Empire   Siberia   Philology   Mongolian Languages   Education   Zoology   Beavers   Meteorology   Climate   Mining   Gold Mining   
Topic: English Missionaries. Rein-Deer Riding. Severity of Climate. Gold Mines of Beresow
Person: ERMAN, Dr.   GUILLS, Robert   STANYBRASS, Messrs.   KOWALEWSKY   POPOW   
Source: Correspondence of Dr. Erman   

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 524
Heading: Agriculture in Egypt. (From Personal Observation)
Category: Geography   Egypt   Climate   Ecology   Agriculture   
Topic: [Egypt could become even more fertile than she is "under the dominion of an enlightened power]
Ed`s Mark: PARKE

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 572
Heading: Burckhardt`s Correspondence with his Parents. Damascus, 1811
Category: Geography   Exploration   North Africa   Climate   Ecology   Social Anthropology   Popularization Of Science   
Topic: [Burckhardt landed at Aleppo in 1809, assumed the disguise of "an Indian trader of the Mahomedan faith", explored Syria, Arabia Petraea, the Great Desert, Upper Egypt, and Nubia before he died at Cairo in 1817, in "the cause of science and humanity". He says that his account of Syria, which has now been "so often described", must go beyond both physical and social geography and "introduce physical observations of every kind". So he concentrates on the weather and how he and his companions manage to survive their journey in the heat by being active in the morning and resting in the hottest hours. The charms which compensate for the discomfort are making a camp at night, either preparing simple food or receiving hospitality "from a numerous tribe of friendly Arabs" and feeling independent of European society]
Institution: African Society   
Letter, 16th Jan. 1811 Ed`s Mark: SMITH

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Issue: 039, 23/07/28 p. 613
Heading: Medical Topography
Category: Medicine   Health   Climate   
Title: On the Curative Influence of theSouthern Coast of England, especially that of Hastings; with Observations on Diseases in which a Residence on the Coast is most beneficial
Author: HARWOOD, William   

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