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Issue: 046, 10/09/28 p. 729
Heading: The Shell. An Historical Apologue
Category: Philosophy   Folklore   Cosmogony   
Topic: [Allegorical tale of a shell from the bay of Atlantis, showing how the world was not made for man alone but "for all the living things in the successive stages of existence"]

Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 254, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: The Globe Upset, Para 1
Category: Cosmogony   The Earth   Astronomy   Natural History   Christian Religion   Classical Literature   
Topic: [A satirical account of Sandal`s theory that the earth twisted from its course at certain significant times in its history, for example at the (biblical) Flood. Before the Flood the Arctic was in the same place as the equator. This would account for the existence of mammoth bones in the far north]
Source: Sandal: Cosmogoniae Antiquitatis   

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