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Issue: 067, 04/02/29 p. 78, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Anthropology), Para 10
Category: Dietetics   Food   Obesity   
Topic: A Singular Glutton. [Extraordinary quantities of food consumed by a prisoner of war at Liverpool]
Person: DOMERY, Charles   

Issue: 106, 04/11/29 p. 700, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Gelatin procured from Bones for Food, Para 6
Category: Medicine   Health   Food   Dietetics   Poverty   Domestic Economy   Social Welfare   
Topic: [Two memoirs have been published in Paris. D`Arcet`s memoir concentrates on the food value of gelatine and how to extract it from bones. Puymarin`s memoir lists the benefits of doing so, particularly for the poor, and contains a description of a social experiment, introducing the use of gelatine to his own employees at the Paris mint]
Person: PUYMARIN, M.   D`ARCET   
Source: Revue Encyclopedique   
Institution: Mint of Paris   

Issue: 138, 19/06/30 p. 382
Heading: Gelatine Biscuits, Para 16
Category: Health   Food   Dietetics   Inventions   
Topic: [The French expedition against Algiers is being provided with a new type of ration biscuit, made of extracts of beef]
Person: D`ARCET   

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Issue: 016, 18/03/28 p. 248
Heading: Notices of Books
Category: Medicine   Dietetics   
Title: A Treatise on Diet
Author: PARIS, J. A.   

Issue: 021, 04/04/28 p. 329
Heading: Domestic Medicine -- Doctor Reece`s Medical Guide
Category: Medicine   Health   Dietetics   
Title: Doctor Reece`s Medical Guide
Author: REECE, Dr. Richard   

Issue: 061, 24/12/28 p. 964
Heading: Comments on Corpulency
Category: Medicine   Health   Dietetics   
Title: Comments on Corpulency, Lineaments of Leanness, Mems on Diet and Dietetics
Author: WADD, William   
Attribution: Surgeon Extraordinary to the King

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 168
Category: Medicine   Botany   Health   Dietetics   Pharmacology   
Title: A Practical Treatise on General or Partial Debility, Etc.; and on the most effectual means of preventing and curing Organic Diseases, Etc. by Diet, Exercise, and the Round-leaf Cornel, where a tonic remedy is necessary
Author: ROBINSON, S. H.   
Attribution: M. D.
Institution: Royal College of Physicians   

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