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Issue: 018, 25/03/28 p. 286
Heading: Earthquake
Category: Meteorology   Earthquakes   
Topic: [Earthquake in the Netherlands, February, 1828]

Issue: 021, 04/04/28 p. 332
Heading: Varieties -- Selected from Recent Letters of Continental Correspondents, Para 3
Category: Meteorology   Earthquakes   
Topic: A New Star. [Satirical paragraph reviewing a book it suggests is overpraised, "La Bataille de Navarin, ou le Renegat". The review contains a reference to an earthquake in the Netherlands in 1828]
Person: MOKE, M.   

Issue: 051, 15/10/28 p. 813
Heading: Varieties, Para 5
Category: Medicine   Nervous System   Ear   
Topic: Lectures on the Ear. [The first of a series of lectures on the Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the Ear delivered by Mr. Curtis, Aurist to his Majesty, at the Royal Dispensary for Diseases of the Ear, Dean-street, Soho Square]
Institution: Royal Dispensary for Diseases of the Ear   

Issue: 058, 03/12/28 p. 924, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Hydrology), Para 8
Category: Astronomy   The Earth   Tides   
Topic: Ebbing and Flowing Well at Sligo. [The well on the summit of Knock-na-Shony is governed by the tide]

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 939, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Ludicrous, Para 18
Category: Folklore   Religion   Meteorology   Earthquakes   
Topic: Cause of Earthquakes in Thibet. [Tibetan religious writing claims that the world, when created, was placed on a large golden frog. Earthquakes occur when the frog scratches its head]
Source: Bell of Antermony`s Travels   

Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 254, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: The Globe Upset, Para 1
Category: Cosmogony   The Earth   Astronomy   Natural History   Christian Religion   Classical Literature   
Topic: [A satirical account of Sandal`s theory that the earth twisted from its course at certain significant times in its history, for example at the (biblical) Flood. Before the Flood the Arctic was in the same place as the equator. This would account for the existence of mammoth bones in the far north]
Source: Sandal: Cosmogoniae Antiquitatis   

Issue: 100, 23/09/29 p. 603, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Earthquake, Para 9
Category: Meteorology   Earthquakes   
Topic: [Report of an earthquake in the Haut Rhin district of France, August 1829]
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
, 07/09/1829
Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 270
Heading: Longevity
Category: Medicine   Health   Climate   Meteorology   Earthquakes   
Topic: [One item with an individual title, followed by an untitled item: 1. A one hundred and twenty one year old man has recently died in Switzerland. 2. Recently there was an earthquake in Switzerland during fine weather. It did not register on the barometer]

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 285, Section: Paris Chit-Chat
Heading: Solar Tides, Para 15
Category: Astronomy   The Earth   Tides   Geography   Polynesia   
Topic: [Kotzebue claims that the tides in the bight of Matarai (Otaheite) do not obey the moon but the sun]
Person: KOTZEBUE   

Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 297-298
Heading: Geodesical Survey of Ireland. Royal Institution. Conversazione, April 7
Category: Geography   Geodesy   British Isles   Astronomy   The Earth   Philosophy Of Science   
Topic: [Extension of the geodesical survey of Britain to include Ireland, which has been done on a larger scale than the survey of England. Improvement of methods, including the use of a geometrical "base line", to ensure greater accuracy. The physical difficulty of seeing distant points is converted, in this account, into a metaphor for the advancement of scientific knowledge.]
Institution: Government Office of Ordnance   East India Company   
Lecture, 07/04/1830
Issue: 138, 19/06/30 p. 382
Category: Geology   Meteorology   Earthquakes   
Topic: [Earthquake at Kichereff]
, 06/05/1830
Issue: 143, 24/07/30 p. 459
Heading: Naples. 29th June, 1830
Category: Geography   Italy   Geology   Earthquakes   Volcanoes   
Topic: [First-hand account, signed "H." and marked "Smith", of an earthquake near Naples]
, 29/06/1830 Signed: "H."; Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 143, 24/07/30 p. 462
Heading: The French at Algiers, Para 12
Category: Geography   North Africa   Earthquakes   
Topic: [Description extracted from a "Private Correspondence". An anonymous soldier writes from a French military camp at Algiers, describing the flora and produce, and the beams across the streets to protect against earthquakes]

Issue: 148, 28/08/30 p. 542
Heading: Heat in Spain, Para 2
Category: Meteorology   Earthquakes   
Topic: [It is unusually hot in Spain and the violent wind has made the inhabitants of Madrid dread an earthquake]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

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