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Issue: 030, 14/05/28 p. 471, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Botany), Para 1
Category: Botany   Medicine   Gynaecology   
Topic: Ergot of Rye. [Publication of a brochure on the spur of rye, recommending its use in childbirth, to speed up a long labour]
Person: NEALE, Dr. Adam   DE CANDOLLE   LEVEILLE, M.   

Issue: 095, 19/08/29 p. 522
Heading: Disease in Indian Corn, and its Effects on Animals
Category: Agriculture   Crops   Plant Diseases   Medicine   Gynaecology   
Topic: [Observations of Roulin in South America, on maize affected by the ergot. Comparisons with the effects on rye. The use of ergot-rye in "midwifery cases". In both rye and maize the ergot acts most strongly just before or shortly after the grain has been gathered. The maize at least loses its harmfulness after a lapse of time; the "maiz peladero" can be safely eaten after a trip from one part of Colombia, over the mountains, to another]
Person: ROULIN, M.   
Source: Le Globe   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

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Issue: 043, 20/08/28 p. 678
Category: Medicine   Gynaecology   
Title: A Synoptical Table of Midwifery, showing the Management of Natural and Difficult Labours, their Consequences, and Treatment
Author: GOODEVE, Henry Hurrey   EVANS, Thomas   
Attribution: Late House Pupils to Dr. E. J. Hopkins, Lecturer on Midwifery

Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 408
Category: Medicine   Gynaecology   
Title: Synopsis of Midwifery, shewing the Management of natural and difficult Labours--their Consequences, and Treatment. [Second edition]
Author: GOODEVE, Henry Hurrey   EVANS, Thomas   
Attribution: Late house-pupils to Dr. G. Hopkins, Physician, Accoucheur to the Wives of Soldiers of the Three Regiments of Foot Guards, to the Westminster and Sourhwark Lying-in Institutions, Lecturer on Midwifery, Etc

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