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Issue: 095, 19/08/29 p. 520-521
Heading: History of Panaceas and Nostrums
Category: Medicine   History Of Medicine   Public Health   Illegal Practice Of Medicine   
Topic: [First half of an article on the history of nostrums or "cure-alls" from the reign of Charles I, forward: "the magnetical cap", "Life Pills", "warming stones", "Ward`s Pills", hot water, cold water, quicksilver]
Person: EVANS, John   CARRINGTON, Rev. Caleb   ROCHESTER   WARD   TURNER, Dr.   SWIFT, Dean   POPE, Alexander   BAYEUX, Abbe   SMITH, John   THORESBY, Ralph   HANCOCK, Dr. John   JOHN, Gabriel   BUTLER, Sir John Nicholas   
Source: John Evans: Compendious Declaration   Guester: Greater Practical Piety   Gentleman`s Magazine   Paris: Pharmacologia   Gabriel John: Bellum Medicorum, Grubb-street Journal, No. 192. 1733   

Issue: 096, 26/08/29 p. 533-534
Heading: History of Panaceas and Nostrums. (Continued from page 521). Quicksilver and Tar-water
Category: Medicine   History Of Medicine   Health   Illegal Practice Of Medicine   
Topic: [Dr. Turner`s denunciation of the use of quicksilver, offset by accounts from its advocates. Bishop Berkeley`s recommendation of tar-water, at which the Athenaeum expresses wonderment]
Source: Dover: Legacy   Monthly Magazine   Reeve: Cure for the Epidemical Madness of drinking Tar-water   

Issue: 139, 26/06/30 p. 394
Heading: Dissection in the Middle Ages
Category: Medicine   Anatomy   Surgery   History Of Medicine   History Of Science   
Topic: [History of anatomical knowledge, from a lecture of Cuvier]
Person: CUVIER   GALEN   MUNDINUS   GABRIEL (of Zerbis)   ACHILLINI, Alexander   BERENGER, James (of Carpi)   ANGELO, Michael   DA VINCI, Leonardo   GUNTER   DURER, Albert   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Lecture Ed`s Mark: "UNKNOWN"

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Issue: 030, 14/05/28 p. 469
Heading: The Gold-Headed Cane
Category: History Of Medicine   Biography   
Title: The Gold-Headed Cane. Second Edition
Author: MACMICHAEL, Dr. [William]   
Institution: Royal Society   

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