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Issue: 034, 18/06/28 p. 541
Heading: Varieties, Para 5
Category: Medicine   Public Health   Illegal Practice Of Medicine   
Topic: Female Doctor. [Trial of an unnamed woman in Paris charged with practising medicine illegally]
Person: DANGUY, M.   

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 939, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Academical, Para 10
Category: Medicine   Ethics   Illegal Practice Of Medicine   Education   
Topic: A Learned Horse. [To expose its unethical practices, Rabelais sent fees by post to the faculty of Orleans and had his own horse admitted as a doctor, under the name of Dr. Johannes Caballus]
Person: RABELAIS   CABALLUS, Dr. Johannes   

Issue: 095, 19/08/29 p. 520-521
Heading: History of Panaceas and Nostrums
Category: Medicine   History Of Medicine   Public Health   Illegal Practice Of Medicine   
Topic: [First half of an article on the history of nostrums or "cure-alls" from the reign of Charles I, forward: "the magnetical cap", "Life Pills", "warming stones", "Ward`s Pills", hot water, cold water, quicksilver]
Person: EVANS, John   CARRINGTON, Rev. Caleb   ROCHESTER   WARD   TURNER, Dr.   SWIFT, Dean   POPE, Alexander   BAYEUX, Abbe   SMITH, John   THORESBY, Ralph   HANCOCK, Dr. John   JOHN, Gabriel   BUTLER, Sir John Nicholas   
Source: John Evans: Compendious Declaration   Guester: Greater Practical Piety   Gentleman`s Magazine   Paris: Pharmacologia   Gabriel John: Bellum Medicorum, Grubb-street Journal, No. 192. 1733   

Issue: 096, 26/08/29 p. 533-534
Heading: History of Panaceas and Nostrums. (Continued from page 521). Quicksilver and Tar-water
Category: Medicine   History Of Medicine   Health   Illegal Practice Of Medicine   
Topic: [Dr. Turner`s denunciation of the use of quicksilver, offset by accounts from its advocates. Bishop Berkeley`s recommendation of tar-water, at which the Athenaeum expresses wonderment]
Source: Dover: Legacy   Monthly Magazine   Reeve: Cure for the Epidemical Madness of drinking Tar-water   

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Issue: 048, 24/09/28 p. 754-756
Heading: Philosophy of Quackery
Category: Medicine   Public Health   Medical Profession   Professional Ethics   Illegal Practice Of Medicine   
Title: Medical Ethics; or, a Code of Institutes and Precepts, adapted to the Professional Conduct of Physicians and Surgeons. With Additions, illustrative of the Past and Present State of this Profession, and its Collegiate Institutions in Great Britain
Author: ANON   

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