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Issue: 080, 06/05/29 p. 280
Heading: Denmark Vaccination
Category: Medicine   Public Health   Inoculation   Smallpox   
Topic: [Widespread compulsory vaccination against smallpox, or cow-pox, in Denmark]
Institution: Council of Health, Denmark   
Issue: 106, 04/11/29 p. 699, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Vaccination in Bohemia, Para 5
Category: Medicine   Public Health   Inoculation   Smallpox   
Topic: [Statistical results of an experiment to assess the benefits and side-effects of vaccination against smallpox in Bohemia, 1825]

Issue: 144, 31/07/30 p. 478
Heading: Cow-pox, Para 9
Category: Medicine   Infectious Diseases   Public Health   Prevention Of Infection   Inoculation   Smallpox   Experimental Zoology   
Topic: [Rumann of Utrecht on the effects of vaccine inoculation on animals]
Person: RUMANN, Dr. [of Utrecht]   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

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