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Issue: 023, 11/04/28 p. 365
Heading: Varieties -- Selected from Recent Letters of Continental Correspondents, Para 2
Category: Medicine   Insanity   
Topic: Madness of a Whole Family. [Curiosity aroused in Paris physiologists by the case of the Lepage family]
Person: LEPAGE, Jean   

Issue: 058, 03/12/28 p. 923, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Anthropology), Para 14
Category: Wealth   Poverty   Medicine   Insanity   
Topic: Insanity from Mercantile Losses. [Insanity does not seem to accompany severe financial loss as often as it does extreme or sudden wealth]
Person: BURROWS, Dr.   

Issue: 105, 28/10/29 p. 683
Heading: Lunatics in England
Category: Statistics   Insanity   Disability   Medicine   Social Welfare   
Topic: [Halliday`s statistics, sent to Seymour, upon the apparent rise of insanity, including mental handicap, in England and Wales in1829. Figures for Scotland (1821). Comparative statistics on: military and civil subjects, agricultural and non-agricultural counties, and maritime and inland counties. Figures on subjects "in confinement" or "at large" or "taken care of by their friends". Plea for less public apathy]
Person: HALLIDAY, Sir Andrew   SEYMOUR, Lord Robert   
Issue: 115, 09/01/30 p. 15
Heading: Insanity Laws in France
Category: Medicine   Law   Insanity   
Topic: [Legal reforms proposed in France respecting the interrogation of "alleged lunatic[s]". Briere`s work submitted to the Academie des Sciences]
Source: Briere: Considerations medico-legales sur l`interdiction des Alienes   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   Commission de Lunatico   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 111
Heading: Proportion of Lunatics in Great Britain, France and America
Category: Medicine   Insanity   Social Sciences   
Topic: [Statistics on insanity and "cures" which have been claimed by various institutions]

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Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 39-40
Heading: Extraordinary Somnambulist
Category: Medicine   Psychology   Insanity   Philosophy   Occultism   Hypnotism   Psychic Phenomena   Poetry   
Title: Die Scherin von Prevorst; i.e. The Prophetess of Prevorst: a Revelation of the Inner Life of Man, and of the Communication of a World of Spirits with our own
Author: KERNER, Justinus   
Attribution: "A Swabian physician, at Weinsberg"
Issue: 129, 17/04/30 p. 225
Category: Biography   Philosophy   Medicine   Insanity   Christian Religion   
Title: Essays on the Lives of Cowper, Newton and Heber; or, an Examination of the Evidence of the Course of Nature being interrupted by the Divine Government
Author: ANON   

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