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Issue: 104, 21/10/29 p. 663-664
Heading: Mount Vesuvius in 1829. (From the German)
Category: Geography   Italy   Geology   Volcanoes   Literature   Science   
Topic: [The trip of a party of Germans to the erupting crater of Vesuvius, described in detail by Herr Waiblinger. Emotive writing personifying the volcano which is called "Fra Diavolo" and giving the subjective impressions of the writer, is mixed with writing which attempts to assess the dimensions of the crater, the height of the cinder cones, the pace and intensity of the activity, the course and heat of the lava stream. The writer resolves the tensions between the two aspects of his own account by projecting the spirit of "scientific" enquiry onto his companions. "They", he claims, were determined "to examine the crater in a thorough truly German manner". He did not feel the need to enter the crater; he "seated [himself] comfortably" and "contemplated the rich colours in this mighty volcano" ]
Person: WAIBLINGER, Herr   
Source: Abend Zeitung   
Issue: 105, 28/10/29 p. 682, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Vandalism, Para 2
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Greece   Italy   France   British Isles   Town Planning   Architecture   Preservation   
Topic: [A comparison between the fate of ancient remains at the hands of the Turks and the descendants of the Greeks and Romans with the fate of Roman remains at Bordeaux as late as the time of Louis XIV. The latter were dismantled to make a defensive wall. Also, some remains found at the abbey at Glastonbury in 1792 were used to make a road]
Source: Stuart`s Athens   Historical Introduction to the Avalonian Guide   

Issue: 140, 03/07/30 p. 409
Heading: Ferrara
Category: Geography   Italy   
Topic: [Two-column report on a journey to Ferrara. The piece describes its ruins and around them the stinking swamps and ponds where flax has been soaked and bleached]
Signed: D. C.

Issue: 143, 24/07/30 p. 457-458
Heading: Bologna
Category: Geography   Travel   Architecture   Social Anthropology   Italy   
Topic: [Impressions of Bologna: its buildings, comparative cleanliness, social customs, historical sights]

Issue: 143, 24/07/30 p. 459
Heading: Naples. 29th June, 1830
Category: Geography   Italy   Geology   Earthquakes   Volcanoes   
Topic: [First-hand account, signed "H." and marked "Smith", of an earthquake near Naples]
, 29/06/1830 Signed: "H."; Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 525-526
Heading: The Italians in 1830. [A Sketch -- from a Female Correspondent]
Category: Geography   Travel   Social Anthropology   Italy   
Topic: [Opera-going. Dress. Dancing. Shopping hours. Baby-binding. Child-rearing. The disappearance of "cicisbeism"]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 527
Heading: Lizards, Para 8
Category: Italy   Social Anthropology   Zoology   Ethics   Cruelty To Animals   
Topic: [Italian children kill lizards with snuff]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 559
Heading: Mosaic Pavements, Para 13
Category: Geography   Italy   Architecture   Art   Building Materials   Engineering   Materials Testing   
Topic: [The pavements of churches in Sicily are often decorated with marbles cut in hollowed patterns, into which is poured melted "asphaltum". The asphalt occurs naturally, mixed with sand]

Issue: 152, 25/09/30 p. 601-602
Heading: Florence
Category: Geography   Travel   Italy   Architecture   Art   Agriculture   Food   Social Anthropology   Town And Country Planning   
Topic: [The writer`s disappointed expectations of the physical beauty of Florence. Contains comments on the contrasting landscapes of country and city which may be relished in Britain, compared with the cultivated uniformity of the environs of Florence. However, Florence is still a good place to live, full of cheap produce and lodgings]
Signed: "D. W."

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Issue: 002, 09/01/28 p. 23
Heading: Notices of Books
Category: Geography   Italy   
Title: Travels through Sicily and the Lipari Islands
Author: ANON   
Attribution: by a Naval Officer

Issue: 011, 29/02/28 p. 164-165
Heading: Walter`s Letters
Category: Geography   Switzerland   Italy   
Title: Letters from the Continent
Author: WALTER, Rev. W.   

Issue: 043, 20/08/28 p. 677-678
Heading: A Spinster`s Tour in France
Category: Geography   France   Italy   
Title: A Spinster`s Tour in France, the States of Genoa, Etc, during the Year 1827
Author: ANON   

Issue: 108, 18/11/29 p. 720-721
Heading: The Landscape Annual
Category: Geography   History   Switzerland   Italy   Engineering   Canals   
Title: The Landscape Annual for 1830

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