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Issue: 100, 23/09/29 p. 603, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Arabic Translations of Malte-Brun, Para 14
Category: Geography   Maps   
Topic: [The Geography of Malte-Brun has been translated into Arabic by Egyptians in Paris. They are now ordered to translate it into Turkish]
Person: MALTE-BRUN   BRUE   

Issue: 110, 02/12/29 p. 762, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Major Muller`s Cosmosphere, Para 2
Category: Astronomy   Inventions   Mechanical Measuring Instruments   Maps   
Topic: [Muller`s "Cosmosphere" approved by the Astronomical Society of London. He has also made an "orographical" model of England]
Person: MULLER   
Institution: Astronomical Society   University of Cambridge   

Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 298
Heading: National Repository, King`s Mews
Category: Industry   Inventions   Manufactures   Domestic Economy   Astronomy   Geography   Maps   
Topic: [The Athenaeum correspondent singles out exhibits from the National Repository: the "Cosmosphere" of Dr. Muller, the "Folding Terrestrial Globe" of Mr. Pocock of Bristol, the solid globe of Mr. Addison of the Strand, and the flannel fabric of Mr. Smith of Mossley, near Manchester]
Person: MULLER   POCOCK   ADDISON   SMITH (of Manchester)   
Institution: National Repository   
Issue: 141, 10/07/30 p. 430
Heading: Geography, Para 17
Category: Geography   Greece   Maps   
Topic: [New map of Greece]
Person: LEAKE, Col.   GELL, Sir William   

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 574
Heading: Imperfect Geographical and Hydrographical Knowledge, Para 1
Category: Geography   Geodesy   Navigation   Maps   Australasia   Antarctic   
Topic: Mr Buckingham argues, in favour of the utility of his proposed voyage of discovery, etc, the imperfection of our charts, of the Indian and Pacific Ocean particularly...[The "writer of this paragraph" attests to the inaccuracy of maps which is the more astonishing because of the numbers of ships who have already used the sea routes wrongly described]
Person: BUCKINGHAM, James Silk   

Issue: 151, 18/09/30 p. 590
Heading: Voyage round the World, Para 2
Category: Geography   Geodesy   Exploration   Ships   Navigation   Maps   
Topic: The "Helena", a vessel equipped by the Russo-American company, arrived at St. Petersburg on the 22nd of July..[Discovery of a small island, "Lowendahl"]
Person: CHROMTSHENKO, Lieut.   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 154, 09/10/30 p. 638
Heading: Egyptian Geography, Para 5
Category: Geography   Maps   Communication   Printing   
Topic: Mr Wilkinson, who for many years has carried on his scientific researches in Egypt, has completed an elaborate map...
Person: WILKINSON   
Ed`s Mark: PARKE

Heading: New Island discovered, Para 13
Category: Geography   Maps   Exploration   
Topic: [Ehrenberg discovered a large island called Farsan, by the gulph of Akaba, near Gisan]

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Issue: 052, 22/10/28 p. 822
Heading: Cruchley`s New Plan of London
Category: Geography   England   London   Maps   
Title: Cruchley`s New Plan of London and its Environs, extending six miles round St. Paul`s, on a scale of nearly six inches to a mile, showing also the boundaries of the Parishes. (Pocket edition divided into four parts)
Author: CRUCHLEY, Mr.   

Issue: 094, 12/08/29 p. 498
Heading: Map of Nubia
Category: Geography   North East Africa   Egypt   Nubia   Maps   
Title: Map of Nubia, comprising the country between the first and second cataracts of the Nile, from a survey made by H. Parke and J. J. Scoles, Architects, in 1824, etched by H. Parke
Author: PARKE, H.   SCOLES, J. J.   
Attribution: Architects

Issue: 099, 16/09/29 p. 580
Category: Geography   Turkey   Maps   
Title: Das Osmanische Reich in Europa mit einem Theil desselben in Asien nebst den Angrenzenden Oestreichischen und Russischen Gebieten in dem stande vom Jahre 1828, Bearbeitet in 6 Blattern nach den besten Quellen in der Cottaschen Geographischen Anstalt in Munchen, 1829; (Translated as )
Issue: 109, 25/11/29 p. 735-736
Heading: Perspective
Category: Art   Science   Geometry   Geography   Maps   
Title: Synopsis of Practical Perspective, Lineal and Aerial
Author: FIELDING, T. H.   
Attribution: Teacher of Drawing to the Senior Classes at the Hon. East India Company`s Military Academy
Institution: East India Company   

Issue: 116, 09/01/30 p. 22-24
Heading: Cabinet Cyclopaedia
Category: Geography   Geography Of History   Maps   Atlases   Popularization Of Science   Encyclopaedias   
Title: The History of Maritime and Inland Discovery. Volume I
Author: LARDNER, Rev. Dionysius   

Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 296
Category: Geography   Maps   
Title: The Family Cabinet Atlas. Part I
Author: STARLING, Mr.   

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