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Issue: 042, 13/08/28 p. 669, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Anthropology), Para 7
Category: Medicine   Morbid Processes   
Topic: Extraordinary Suspension of Life. [The vital principle continues to apply to the body after the vital functions stop]
Person: HUNTER   HOME, Sir E.   

Issue: 076, 08/04/29 p. 223, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Animal Chemistry), Para 2
Category: Medicine   Morbid Processes   Public Health   
Topic: Effects of Heat and Cold on Animal Tissues. [Decay of tissue which has been frozen then rapidly thawed]

Issue: 079, 29/04/29 p. 271, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Anthropology), Para 1
Category: Medicine   Morbid Processes   Burns   
Topic: Insensibility to Pain. [Tale of a drover whose leg was accidentally burnt off in his sleep]
Source: Leonard Knapp: The Journal of a Naturalist   

Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 571, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Twisting Arteries to stop Hemorrhage, Para 6
Category: Medicine   Morbid Processes   Haemorrhage   
Topic: [Amusat has found twisting arteries more effective in stopping haemorrhage, than binding. An artery may be twisted four times. On the fifth twist the internal membrane will break]
Person: AMUSAT, M.   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Paper, 24/08/1829
Issue: 101, 30/09/29 p. 619, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: New System of Dressing Wounds, Para 2
Category: Medicine   Morbid Processes   Nursing   Medical Supplies   Dressings   
Topic: [Mayor, of Lausanne, has described a method of bandaging wounds which will make it possible for soldiers to dress their own]
Person: MAYOR, M. Mathieu (Surgeon major of Lausanne)   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 111, 09/12/29 p. 779, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Virtue of Poultices, Para 2
Category: Medicine   Morbid Processes   Nursing   Disinfection   Medical Supplies   Dressings   
Topic: [Lawrence said that poultices are only really useful for giving warmth and comfort to a swollen part; they do not lessen infection]
Person: LAWRENCE (Surgeon)   
Source: Lawrence`s tenth lecture on surgery at St. Bartholomew`s hospital   
Institution: St. Bartholomew`s Hospital   

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 281
Heading: Habits
Category: Medicine   Morbid Processes   Health   Psychology   Ethics   Addiction And Temperance   
Topic: [Humorous essay denigrating a list of habits: swearing, alcohol, tea-drinking, smoking, taking snuff, and chewing tobacco. A cynical exception is made for coffee and sugar because they bring in taxes]
Essay Signed: "J."

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