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Issue: 067, 04/02/29 p. 76
Heading: Miscellaneous Notices, Para 2
Category: Trade   Demography   Europe   North America   
Topic: Trade, Revenue, Etc. Comparative Statements. [Statistics on the economy and electoral representation in Great Britain, France, United States of America, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Prussia, Norway]

Issue: 079, 29/04/29 p. 269, Section: Varieties
Heading: University Intelligence, Para 4
Category: Geography   Germany   North America   Education   
Topic: [Statistics on student numbers and nationalities in the principal German universities, 1828-1829. The gymnasia in Berlin. The Prussian universities. The new university in Alabama]

Issue: 091, 22/07/29 p. 463, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Primary Education in the United States, Para 8
Category: Education   Geography   North America   
Topic: [Increase in expenditure and availability between 1815 and 1858]

Issue: 136, 05/06/30 p. 350
Heading: Public Lands, United States, Para 19
Category: Statistics   Social Sciences   Geography   History   North America   
Topic: [Statistics on American land "wrested from the Indians"]

Issue: 148, 28/08/30 p. 543
Category: Chemistry   Water   Engineering   Chemical Industry   Gas Power   Gas   Lighting   Geography   North America   
Topic: [In the state of New York an entire village is currently being (dimly) lit by some unspecified form of natural gas]
Source: Gazette Litteraire   

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 559
Heading: New York, Para 10
Category: North America   United States   Education   
Topic: [University proposed in New York, to be modelled on London]
Institution: University of London   

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 559
Heading: United States, Para 9
Category: Geography   Social Sciences   Statistics   Communication   Post   Roads   Economy   Employment   North America   
Topic: [Table of statistics to show how education has raised the United States on a par with Europe]

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Issue: 005, 29/01/28 p. 69
Heading: American Tour
Category: Geography   North America   
Title: Tour through Parts of the United States and Canada
Author: ANON   
Attribution: By a British Subject

Issue: 013, 07/03/28 p. 198-199
Heading: The Americans As They Are
Category: Geography   North America   
Title: The Americans as they are; described in a Tour through the Valley of the Mississippi
Author: ANON   
Attribution: Author of "Austria as it is"

Issue: 017, 21/03/28 p. 263
Heading: A Pilgrimage in Europe and America
Category: Exploration   Europe   North America   
Title: A Pilgrimage in Europe and America, leading to the Discovery of the Sources of the Mississippi and Bloody River, Etc, Etc
Author: BELTRAMI, J. C.   
Attribution: Judge of a Royal Court in the ex-Kingdom of Italy

Issue: 036, 02/07/28 p. 560-561
Heading: Notions of the Americans
Category: Geography   North America   
Title: Notions of the Americans, picked up by a Travelling Bachelor
Author: COOPER, Mr.   

Issue: 090, 15/07/29 p. 437
Heading: The United States
Category: Geography   North America   
Title: Travels in North America in the years 1827 and 1828
Author: HALL, Capt. Basil   
Attribution: Royal Navy

Issue: 091, 22/07/29 p. 454-456
Heading: Travels in North America
Category: Geography   North America   
Title: Travels in North America, in the Years 1827 and 1828. [Second notice]
Author: HALL, Capt. Basil   
Attribution: Royal Navy

Issue: 106, 04/11/29 p. 685-687
Heading: Letter from Sydney
Category: Political Science   Political Economy   Migration   Colonization   Geography   Australia   North America   
Title: A Letter from Sydney, the principal Town of Australasia. Edited by Robert Gouger, together with the Outline of a System of Colonization

Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 788-789
Heading: Tales of an Indian Camp
Category: Geography   North America   Central America   Anthropology   Social Anthropology   Folklore   Colonization   
Title: Tales of an Indian Camp
Author: ANON   

Issue: 124, 13/03/30 p. 148-149
Heading: Christopher Columbus
Category: Geography   Exploration   Geography Of History   North America   
Title: The Family Library, No. XI.--The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, abridged from [the] Larger Work
Author: IRVING, Washington   

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 168
Category: Periodicals   North America   Communication   Law   
Title: North American Review. No. LXV & LXVI
Oct. 1829
Issue: 126, 27/03/30 p. 182-183
Category: Geography   North America   Canada   Education   
Title: Letters from Nova Scotia; comprising Sketches of a Young Country
Author: MOORSOM, Capt. W.   
Attribution: 52nd Light Infantry

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