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Issue: 079, 29/04/29 p. 269, Section: Varieties
Heading: Indigo of Senegal, Para 6
Category: Geography   West And North Central Africa   Agriculture   Trade   
Topic: [Feasibility of cultivating indigo in Senegal]
Person: ROGER, Baron [Ex-governor of Senegal]   
Letter, 18/01/29
Issue: 089, 08/07/29 p. 427-428
Heading: Timbuctoo
Category: Geography   North Central Africa   
Topic: [Paper by de Hemso, offering information on Timbuctoo: its name, population, history, social customs, government, architecture, position of women and further reading]
Person: HEMSO, M. Graborg de   BATTUTA, Mohammed Ibn   SCHIABINI   ROSE   DUPUIS, M.   LAING   
Source: Antologia, January 1829   
Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 283
Heading: Paris Academy of Sciences. [...]sitting of April 19
Category: Public Health   Safety   Ships   Inventions   Chemistry   Geography   West And North Central Africa   
Topic: [1. Blumenbach elected foreign associate. 2. Aldini presented Mr. Watson`s plan for the prevention of the foundering of ships at sea. 3. Arago presented a tube filled with crystals of palladium. 4. Coquebert-Montbret defended the claims of Caillie, the traveller to Timbuctoo, the "Quarterly Review" having suggested that Caillie might not have "penetrated so far as he pretends to have done". 5. De Pongerville elected]
Source: Quarterly Review   Athenaeum   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Demonstrations/discussion, 19/04/1830
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Issue: 069, 18/02/29 p. 100-102
Heading: Clapperton`s Travels
Category: Geography   West Africa   North Central Africa   
Title: Journey of a Second Expedition into the Interior of Africa, from the Bight of Benin to Soccatoo. To which is added, The Journal of Richard Lander from Kano to the Sea-coast, partly by a more Eastern route
Author: CLAPPERTON, Commander   
Attribution: Late of the Royal Navy

Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 36-38
Heading: Expedition to Africa
Category: Geography   West And North Central Africa   Social Anthropology   Custom And Tradition   
Title: Records of Captain Clapperton`s Last Expedition to Africa
Author: LANDER, Richard   
Attribution: Attendant of Captain Clapperton

Issue: 122, 27/02/30 p. 116-118
Heading: African Discoveries
Category: Geography   North Central Africa   North Africa   
Title: Travels through Central Africa to Timbuctoo; and across the Great Desert, to Morocco, performed in the Years 1824--1828
Author: CAILLIE, Rene   

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