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Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 319, Section: Varieties
Heading: French Botanical Researches in Persia and India, Para 5
Category: Geography   Botany   Austria   Hungary   Transylvania   Moldavia   Little Tartary   Caucasus   Georgia   Armenia   Persia   India   
Topic: [The French expedition across Europe to India, to make a botanical garden at Pondicherry. Belanger`s journey took from 1825 to 1826 and resulted in vast collections of dried and living plants and seeds (also fish, birds, crustaceans and molluscs), extensive planting, written reports and curious archival material]
Person: BELANGER, M.   WALLICH, Dr. Nathaniel   
Institution: Museum of Natural History, Paris   Societe Asiatique   

Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 567-568
Heading: Travels in Persia. (Fragments from an Unpublished Journal)
Category: Geography   Persia   Medicine   
Topic: [The reception of a European doctor in Persia. The medicine already practised there. Marriage practice. The demeanour of women. The location of Mount Ararat. The climate and melon crop]

Issue: 101, 30/09/29 p. 614-615
Heading: Travels in Persia. (Fragments from an Unpublished Journal.) (Continued from p.567) [Second notice]
Category: Geography   Persia   Medicine   
Topic: [The river Arras, or Araxis of "the ancients". The dramatic appearance of Mount Ararat compared with British mountains. The division in Persian medicine of all diseases into those caused by "cold wind" or "hot wind"; this section of the article being called "Persian Quackery". The city of Nuckshivan. A description of a "Circassian cloak".

Issue: 102, 07/10/29 p. 630-631
Heading: Travels in Persia. (Fragments from an unpublished Journal.) (Continued from p. 567.) [Third notice]
Category: Geography   Persia   
Topic: Province of Carabagh. [Topography. Climate. Agriculture. Flora. Ethnography. Folklore]

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