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Issue: 033, 11/06/28 p. 522, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-animated Nature. (Mineralogy), Para 3
Category: Medicine   Chemistry   Public Health   Pharmacology   Hydrotherapy   
Topic: Analysis of Pitkaithley Water
Person: THOMSON, Professor   MURRAY   

Issue: 034, 18/06/28 p. 537, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Mineralogy), Para 3
Category: Medicine   Chemistry   Pharmacology   Public Health   Hydrotherapy   
Topic: Salt Springs of Cheshire
Source: Geological Transactions   

Issue: 071, 04/03/29 p. 139, Section: Miscellaneous Notices
Heading: Medicine, Para 2
Category: Medicine   Pharmacology   
Topic: [Braune`s forthcoming "Corpus Pharmacopoearum Europaearum" is superior to Jourdan`s "Pharmacopee Universelle"]
Person: JOURDAN   BRAUNE, Dr. A. (of Leipzig)   

Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 45
Heading: Important Discovery, Para 2
Category: Medicine   Pharmacology   
Topic: [Thomson has stated that none of the salts of lead are poisonous. This has implications, contrary to the opinion of Baker, for the safe use of lead in medicine]
Person: THOMSON, Professor   BAKER, Sir George   
Institution: Westminster Medical Society   
, Jan. 1830
Issue: 118, 30/01/30 p. 63, Section: Scientific and Miscellaneous
Heading: Materia Medica of Sierra Leone, Para 7
Category: Medicine   Botany   Pharmacology   
Topic: [A list of successful local remedies used in Sierra Leone is now in the possession of the Medico-Botanical Society]
Person: FROST   
Institution: Medico-Botanical Society   

Issue: 128, 10/04/30 p. 221
Heading: Royal College of Physicians
Category: Medicine   Pharmacology   Toxicology   
Topic: [...] a paper [...] tending to prove the efficacy of the South American plant, called the Guaco, in controlling the poisonous effects of the bite of serpents and scorpions
Person: HALFORD, Sir Henry   PORTER   
Issue: 137, 12/06/30 p. 361-362
Heading: Present State of Medicine in China. Berlin, March 20
Category: Medicine   Botany   Pharmacology   Surgery   China   
Topic: [Letter signed "C." and marked "Smith", on the history and current practice of medicine in China. Information from Rehmaun of St. Petersburg, who gathered it "during his sojourn among the Mongols of that empire"]
Institution: Royal Asiatic Society   
Letter, 20/03/30 Signed: C.; Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 139, 26/06/30 p. 395
Heading: Hydrophobia. Royal College of Physicians. Monday Evening, June 14
Category: Medicine   Pharmacology   Toxicology   
Topic: [...]some trials lately made as to the efficacy of the juice of the Mikaina Guaco in cases of rabies canina. [It can ease pain but not prevent death]
Person: ROBERTS, Dr.   HAWKINS, Dr.   HAWKINS, Mr. Caesar [Surgeon to St. George`s Hospital]   ROOTS, Dr.   ILIFF, Mr.   
Institution: Royal College of Physicians   
Paper, 14/16/1830 Ed`s Mark: SEDGWICK

Issue: 144, 31/07/30 p. 475-476, Section: Foreign Correspondence
Heading: Acerbi`s Tour in Egypt, 1829-1830. (Continued from p. 459)
Category: Geography   North Africa   Egypt   Chemistry   Water   Medicine   Pharmacology   Zoology   Botany   Archaeology   
Topic: [Chemical observations on the alkaline lakes of the valley of Natron. Meeting with a chemist, the son of D`Arcet. Visit to a plant for the refining of carbonate of soda, to be exported to Europe. The author`s collections of animals, plants and shells. The increasing difficulty of buying Egyptian antiquities in Egypt]
Letter Signed: ACERBI; Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 523-524
Heading: Indian Scenes
Category: Geography   Travel   India   Medicine   Poisoning   Pharmacology   Colonial Policy   
Topic: [A pen sketch of the view from the author`s verandah in Hindostan, concentrating on the transforming effects of moonlight on scenery. It is embellished by an anecdote of an Indian man whose snake bite is cured by a European physician before a crowd "whose sable bodies were seen in deep contrast with the shining whiteness" (of a column in moonlight) and whose gestures of admiration and gratitude, seen in the same light, seemed "almost sublime"]
Signed: ROBERTS, Emma

Issue: 154, 09/10/30 p. 634-635
Heading: General Assembly of the Naturalists of Germany at Hamburgh
Category: Congresses   Assemblies   Science   Natural History   Medicine   Botany   Pharmacology   
Topic: [The aims of the assembly are to introduce far-flung natural historians to one another. Qualifications for membership: belonging to the medical profession or studying natural history. The effects are that participants forget "all national jealousies in the cause of nature and science". Struwe claimed that Germany and Russia were pre-eminent in astronomy; England and France were least good at it. Wendt spoke on animal magnetism. Other subjects were: the tides, and coffee]
Person: OKEN, Dr.   BARTELS, M.   STRUWE, Prof.   WENDT, Prof.   OERSTED, Prof.   WILLBRANDT, Prof.   PFAFF, Prof.   SIMON, Dr.   STERNBERG, Count   LICHTENSTEIN   JACQUIN, Prof.   LITTROW, M.   JAHN   
Source: Hamburgh Reporter   The Times   Isis   
Institution: General Assembly of the Naturalists of Germany   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

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Issue: 033, 11/06/28 p. 518
Heading: Addison on the Malvern Waters, Etc
Category: Medicine   Chemistry   Public Health   Pharmacology   Hydrotherapy   
Title: A Dissertation on the Nature and Properties of the Malvern Water, and an Inquiry into the Causes and Treatment of Scrofulous Diseases and Consumption; together with some Remarks upon the Influence of the Terrestrial Radiation of Caloric upon Local Salubrity
Author: ADDISON, William   
Attribution: Surgeon

Issue: 097, 02/09/29 p. 548
Category: Public Health   Hydrotherapy   Pharmacology   
Title: A Practical Treatise on Bathing, Etc; with Observations on Cold, Warm, Shampooing, Vapour, Sulphur, Harrowgate, and other Baths; and an Explanatory Statement of the various Diseases in which Bathing may be beneficially employed
Author: CULVERWELL, R. J.   
Attribution: Member of the London Royal College of Surgeons

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 168
Category: Medicine   Botany   Health   Dietetics   Pharmacology   
Title: A Practical Treatise on General or Partial Debility, Etc.; and on the most effectual means of preventing and curing Organic Diseases, Etc. by Diet, Exercise, and the Round-leaf Cornel, where a tonic remedy is necessary
Author: ROBINSON, S. H.   
Attribution: M. D.
Institution: Royal College of Physicians   

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 168
Category: Medicine   Botany   Respiratory System   Pharmacology   
Title: A Practical Treatise on the Anti-Asthmatic properties of the Bladder-podded Lobelia, Etc.; to which is added an account of the Chyrayita Herb, lately introduced as a remedy for nervous and gouty Indigestion
Author: REECE, Dr. Richard   
Attribution: M. D.
Institution: Royal College of Physicians   

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