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Issue: 012, 04/03/28 p. 189
Heading: Chinese Criticism -- Dr. Morrison and "The Quarterly Review"
Category: Philology   
Topic: [Objection to a review in "The Quarterly Review" of translations from the Chinese.]
Person: MORRISON, Dr.   THOMS, Mr.   
Source: Quarterly Review   
Letter Signed: Y.Z.

Issue: 055, 12/11/28 p. 877, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Etymological, Para 9
Category: Philology   
Topic: Airt. [No English word synonymous with "airt", which means "point of the compass" or "direction"]

Issue: 055, 12/11/28 p. 877, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Etymological, Para 9
Category: Philology   
Topic: Origin of the Word Field
Person: TOOKE, Horne   
Source: Rees` Cyclopaedia, Art. Grammar   

Issue: 055, 12/11/28 p. 877, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Etymological, Para 9
Category: Philology   
Topic: The Word Idolatry

Issue: 055, 12/11/28 p. 877, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Etymological, Para 9
Category: Philology   
Topic: The Word Rama
Source: Genie du Christianisme, ii.49   

Issue: 057, 26/11/28 p. 909, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Historical, Para 2
Category: Philology   
Topic: The Pictish Language not Celtic
Source: Adamnan. Vit. Columb., ii. 12   

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 938
Heading: London University. (Lectures upon English Literature)
Category: Education   Philology   
Topic: [Dale`s] inquiry into the origin, formation, and progress of the English language, as a necessary preliminary step to the investigation of English literature
Institution: University of London   
Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 939, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Ludicrous, Para 18
Category: Philology   Social Anthropology   
Topic: Royal African Titles. [The Athenaeum remarks upon the animal names of an African king]
Person: DURFOOR, Sultan of   
Source: Bulletin des Sciences Geographique   

Issue: 063, 07/01/29 p. 15, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Grammatical, Para 7
Category: Philology   
Topic: Prepositional Cases. [Alteration in language through nations intermingling and mixing]
Source: Smith: Formation of Language   

Issue: 077, 15/04/29 p. 239, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: China -- Its Name, Para 3
Category: Philology   
Topic: [Derivation of the word China]

Issue: 085, 10/06/29 p. 366-367
Heading: Origin of the Word Czar
Category: Philology   
Topic: [Czar means "lord" in the Sclavonian translation of the Bible]
Person: NESTOR   

Issue: 090, 15/07/29 p. 445
Heading: M. Champollion, Jun. The Nubian Experiment
Category: Archaeology   Egypt   Philology   
Topic: [The Athenaeum criticizes the extravagance of Champollion`s claims for the draughtsmanship at Ibsamboul]

Issue: 102, 07/10/29 p. 629-630
Heading: Jacobite Minstrelsy
Category: Philosophy   Music   Literature   Poetry   Anthropology   Philology   Historical Sciences   History Of Civilization   General Coincident Historical Considerations   
Topic: [The antiquity of poetry, particularly song which is, "the literature of the people". Comparative examples may be found in the songs of the Ancient Greeks (and Romans), and of the "Celtic, Sclavonic, or Gothic" ancestors of the "races of modern Europe". The oral and written tradition. What is a song? What is the relationship between words and music, and, within songs, the relationship of words as sounds and as "the representatives of visible images"? The role of songs of protest, such as Jacobin songs]

Issue: 103, 14/10/29 p. 645-646
Heading: Jacobite Minstrelsy. (Continued from page 630)
Category: Philosophy   Literature   Poetry   Anthropology   Philology   
Topic: [Continuation of the article on Jacobite songs, focussing more narrowly on the actual words of the songs, written down]

Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 715, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Basalt, Para 6
Category: Geology   Philology   Classical Literature   
Topic: [Origin of the word "basalt", from the Ethiopic "bselt", burnt up or baked?]
Person: PLINY   

Issue: 108, 18/11/29 p. 731, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Etymology of the Word "Bolero", Para 7
Category: Philology   
Topic: [Bolero derived from the verb "volar, or from the Spanish noun "volero"]
Source: Blasis   

Issue: 116, 09/01/30 p. 26-27
Heading: "The First-Fit"
Category: Social Anthropology   Custom And Tradition   Folklore   Social History   Scotland   Philology   Ethics   Addiction And Temperance   Medicine   Health   
Topic: [Fictional memoir in Scottish dialect on the New Year custom of "first footing" with a "scholarly" footnote in standard written English, defining the dialect words used in the body of the piece and giving additional information on the current (1830) practice of first-footing. A temperance version of the custom is coming in]
Prose Fiction Signed: D. L.

Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 46
Heading: Scotchmen in London
Category: Periodicals   Scotland   Philology   
Topic: [The many Scots who altered their names in order to escape anti-Scottish prejudice in England]
Person: MURRAY   KERR   
Source: Smellie`s Mem. by Kerr   Edinburgh Magazine and Review   

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 203
Heading: Society of Antiquaries
Category: Historical Sciences   Antiquities   Philology   
Topic: Some very ancient portraits connected with early history of England [...] the etymology of the ancient term, Attic [...] an interesting and amusing protest made in the time of Queen Elizabeth against the extension of London
Person: HAMILTON   ELLIS   HOSKING, W.   STAUNTON, Sir George   
Institution: Society of Antiquaries   
Paper[s], 01/04/1830
Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 206
Heading: A Learned Pamphleteer
Category: Philology   
Topic: [Twenty-two different languages quoted in a pamphlet of seventy-eight pages]
Person: GREENFIELD   MORTON, Rev.   
Source: Asiatic Journal   Oriental Magazine, Calcutta   
Institution: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 267, Section: Foreign Correspondence
Heading: Vienna, April 15, 1830
Category: Philology   Geography   South America   Bolivia   Museums   
Topic: [1. Princess Morusi claims to know the pronunciation of ancient Greek. 2. The most recent news of the explorer, Natterer, has come from the cidade de Matto Grosso which borders upon Bolivia]
Source: Barthelemy: Travels in Greece   Theocritus: Idylls   
, 15/04/1830
Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 268
Heading: Egypt. [From a Friend at Alexandria]
Category: Trade   Communication   Geography   North Africa   Oceans   Red Sea (and Suez Canal)   Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Philology   Mining   
Topic: [The busyness of Egypt since the Suez Canal has been constructed. Complaints of the indifference of the British government to science (archaeological research) compared with the French and Tuscan governments. Some British miners have come to Egypt to bore for water and help relieve the drought]
Institution: Government of France   Government of Tuscany   
Letter, 07/03/1830
Issue: 136, 05/06/30 p. 346-347
Heading: University Memoranda. To the Editor of the Athenaeum. Gottingen, 6 May, 1830
Category: Education   Europe   Social Sciences   Statistics   Medicine   Medical Profession   Women   Mathematics   Natural History   Historical Sciences   Philology   Archaeology   
Topic: [Report from the University of Gottingen, comparing university provision in the Netherlands, Prussia, Russia and Germany. Two successful accounts of female doctors are given, Erxleben and Wyttenbach]
Institution: University of Gottingen   University of Halle   University of Marburg   University of Bonn   University of Giessen   University of Munich   University of Leyden   University of Louvain   University of Liege   University of Utrecht   University of Ghent   University of Groningen   University of Dorpat   University of Kiel   
Letter, 06/05/1830 Signed: "K".

Issue: 139, 26/06/30 p. 398
Category: Statistics   Philology   
Topic: [The "Furet de Londres" has calculated the percentage of English words derived from other languages]
Source: Furet de Londres   

Issue: 140, 03/07/30 p. 410
Heading: Northern Asia. [Further extracts from the Correspondence of Dr. Erman]. English Missionaries
Category: Geography   Russian Empire   Siberia   Philology   Mongolian Languages   Education   Zoology   Beavers   Meteorology   Climate   Mining   Gold Mining   
Topic: English Missionaries. Rein-Deer Riding. Severity of Climate. Gold Mines of Beresow
Person: ERMAN, Dr.   GUILLS, Robert   STANYBRASS, Messrs.   KOWALEWSKY   POPOW   
Source: Correspondence of Dr. Erman   

Issue: 140, 03/07/30 p. 411
Heading: Oriental Translation Fund. June 14, 1830
Category: Philology   Oriental Languages   
Topic: [The Report is published. It mentions how a copy of Professor Lee`s Translation of "Ibn Batuta`s Travels" has been personally presented by Colonel Fitz-Clarence to the Pope]
Person: DAVIS   LEE, Prof.   OUSELEY, Sir William   PRICE, Major David   FITZ-CLARENCE, Colonel   MAI, Angelo   
Source: Ibn Batuta`s Travels   Newmann: A translation of the Armenian History of Vartan   Rosen: An Arabic System of Algebra   
Institution: Oriental Translation Fund   
Report, 14/06/1830
Issue: 142, 17/07/30 p. 446
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Mexico   Chemistry   Philology   
Topic: [Mexican MS shown to the French Academy of Sciences. It is interesting on account of "the chemical analysis of the substance on which it is written" and from a philological point of view]
Person: BELHAMI, M.   
Source: Foreign Quarterly   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 148, 28/08/30 p. 529
Heading: Perryian Principles
Category: Education   Philology   Inventions   Manufactures   Trade   
Topic: [A satirical article upon Perry, the author of pamphlets which advocate his patented educational system in "most subjects connected with Nature, Morals, Literature and Science" and which also advertise his patented products: pens, pen-holders, letter-paper and copy-books]
Source: Perryian Principles of teaching the Dead and the Living Languages, in Fifteen Articles   
Institution: Perryian Schools, London   
Ed`s Mark: JEWSBURY (Maria Jane [later Mrs. Fletcher])

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 574
Heading: The Alps, Para 10
Category: Philology   Mountains   Alps   
Topic: [Derivation of the word "alp" or "alps"]

Issue: 154, 09/10/30 p. 637
Heading: The Netherlands, Para 1
Category: Statistics   Education   Languages   Philology   
Topic: [The languages of the Netherlands by region, religious affiliation. The greatest density of schools, rate of illiteracy]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

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Issue: 017, 21/03/28 p. 263-264
Heading: Gaelic Dictionary
Category: Philology   
Title: A Gaelic Dictionary in two Parts, Etc
Author: ARMSTRONG, R. A.   
Attribution: Celtic Lexicographer to the King

Issue: 020, 01/04/28 p. 308-310
Heading: Etymological Dictionary
Category: Philology   
Title: An Etymological Dictionary of the Latin Language
Author: VALPY, F. E. J.   
Attribution: Master at Reading School.

Issue: 026, 23/04/28 p. 406
Category: Philology   
Title: Synoptical Tables of German Grammar
Author: KLATTOVSKY, W. K.   

Issue: 040, 30/07/28 p. 626
Heading: Irish Nation and Language
Category: Philology   
Title: Anderson`s Sketches of the Native Irish

Issue: 042, 13/08/28 p. 656-658
Heading: Guesses at Truth
Category: Philosophy   Philology   
Title: Guesses at Truth
Author: HARE, Julius Charles   
Attribution: By Two Brothers

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 938
Heading: Catalogue Raisonne of Recent Publications
Category: Education   Science   Literature   Philosophy   Philology   
Title: An Introductory Lecture delivered in the University of London, on Tuesday, November 11, 1828
Author: HURWITZ, Hyman   
Attribution: Professor of the Hebrew Language and Literature
Institution: University of London   

Issue: 069, 18/02/29 p. 102-104
Heading: Egyptian Monuments
Category: Archaeology   Egypt   Philology   
Title: L`Ecriture Sainte eclaircie par des Monumens Phenico-Assyriens et Egyptiens; (Translated as )
Author: LANCI, Michelange   
Attribution: Translator of Oriental Languages

Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 248
Heading: Catalogue Raisonne
Category: Philology   Education   Language   
Title: Nature Displayed, Etc. [Ninth edition]
Author: DUFIEF   

Issue: 080, 06/05/29 p. 273-274
Heading: The Hamiltonian System
Category: Education   Philosophy   Philology   Language   Classical Literature   
Title: The History, Principles, Practice, and Results of the Hamiltonian System, Etc.
Author: HAMILTON, J.   
Attribution: Author of "The Hamiltonian System"

Issue: 081, 13/05/29 p. 295-296
Heading: The Hamiltonian System
Category: Education   Philosophy   Philology   Language   Classical Literature   
Title: The History, Principles, Practice, and results of the Hamiltonian System, Etc. [Second notice]
Author: HAMILTON, J.   
Attribution: Author of "The Hamiltonian System"

Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 308
Heading: The Hamiltonian System
Category: Education   Philosophy   Philology   Language   Classical Literature   Mathematics   Mineralogy   
Title: The History, Principles, Practice, and Results of the Hamiltonian System, Etc. [Third notice]
Author: HAMILTON, J.   
Attribution: Author of "The Hamiltonian System"
Institution: Morning Chronicle   Westminster Review   Edinburgh Review   

Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 408
Heading: The Hebrew Language
Category: Philology   Language   
Title: The Elements of the Hebrew Language
Author: HURWITZ, Hyman   
Attribution: Author of "Vindiciae Hebraicae"

Issue: 106, 04/11/29 p. 693
Category: Philology   
Title: The Cambrian Quarterly Magazine and Celtic Repertory. No. 4. October

Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 804
Category: Education   Philology   Language   
Title: Guide to the French Language; especially devised for Persons who wish to sudy the Elements of that Language without the assistance of a Teacher. Fourth edition
Author: LE BRETHON, J. J. P.   

Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 804
Category: Medicine   Education   Philology   Language   Classical Literature   
Title: The Eight Books on Medicine of A. C. Celsus, with a literal and interlinear Translation on the principles of the Hamiltonian System, adapted for Students in Medicine
Author: UNDERWOOD, J. W.   

Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 41
Category: Education   Philology   
Title: The Etymological Spelling-Book
Author: BUTLER, Henry   

Issue: 118, 30/01/30 p. 53
Heading: Hieroglyphics
Category: Archaeology   Philology   Philosophy Of Science   Steam Power   Christian Religion   
Title: Lectures on the Elements of Hieroglyphics and Egyptian Antiquities
Author: SPINETO, Marquis   

Issue: 120, 13/02/30 p. 90
Category: Philology   Education   
Title: A Compendious German Grammar, with a Dictionary of Prefixes and Affixes, alphabetically arranged, according to the recent Investigations of J. Grimm, and other distinguished Grammarians
Author: BERNAYS, A.   
Attribution: Editor of the "German Poetical Anthology"

Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 296
Category: Education   Philology   
Title: A Comparative Grammar of the English, French, and Italian Languages, Etc.
Author: EATON, Mrs.   

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