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Issue: 012, 04/03/28 p. 190
Heading: Account of Captain Durville`s Expedition
Category: Geography   Exploration   New Zealand   Polynesia   
Topic: [The running aground of the scientific expedition ship "Astrolabe" at Tonga Tabou in May, 1827]]
Person: QUOY   GAIMARD   DURVILLE, Captain   
Letter, May, 1827
Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 571, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Remains of La Perouse, Para 4
Category: Geography   Exploration   Polynesia   
Topic: [Captain Derville (sic, perhaps Durville?) of the late voyage of the Astrolabe to search for the traces of the wrecked expedition of La Perouse, considers that island which Captain D`Entrecasteaux called Isle de la Recherche in 1793, to be the island of Vanikoro where the wreck was found]
Person: DURVILLE, Captain   D`ENTRECASTEAUX, Admiral   

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 285, Section: Paris Chit-Chat
Heading: Otaheitan Constitution, Etc, Para 17
Category: Geography   Public Administration   Polynesia   Tahiti   
Topic: [Administrative divisions of Otaheite]

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 285, Section: Paris Chit-Chat
Heading: Solar Tides, Para 15
Category: Astronomy   The Earth   Tides   Geography   Polynesia   
Topic: [Kotzebue claims that the tides in the bight of Matarai (Otaheite) do not obey the moon but the sun]
Person: KOTZEBUE   

Issue: 136, 05/06/30 p. 345-346
Heading: Kotzebue`s Voyage Round the World
Category: Geography   History   The Americas   California   Polynesia   Social Anthropology   
Topic: The Radack Islands.--Dramatic Representation of a Battle. Californian Mode of Conversion. Maouna; its People and Fashions. [An editorial note says that a translation of Kotzebue`s work is in preparation; in the meantime the Athenaeum has got an advance copy through "our Foreign Correspondence" and intends to publish further extracts]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

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