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Issue: 060, 17/12/28 p. 953
Heading: Notes on Lisbon. No. III., Para 5
Category: Medicine   Portugal   
Topic: Portuguese skill in Surgery and Medicine. [Section of a longer article, in parts, on Lisbon. Examples are given of bad medical practice in Portugal. There is a high incidence of amputations in cases of fracture. Panaceas are indiscriminately given out. Portuguese doctors are indolent and inhumane]

Issue: 063, 07/01/29 p. 9-10
Heading: Notes on Lisbon. No. IV.
Category: Geography   Portugal   Public Health   Penal Offences   
Topic: Executions. Public Preachers. Streets and Houses

Issue: 067, 04/02/29 p. 74
Heading: Notes on Lisbon. No. V. (Houses)
Category: Geography   Portugal   
Topic: [Architecture in Lisbon. An earthquake. Climate. Insects. Social conditions. Public health]

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Issue: 039, 23/07/28 p. 608-610
Heading: Kinsey`s Portugal
Category: Geography   Portugal   
Title: Portugal Illustrated; in a Series of Letters
Author: KINSEY, Rev. W. M.   
Attribution: Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford; Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Auckland

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