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Issue: 058, 03/12/28 p. 923, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Anthropology), Para 14
Category: Wealth   Poverty   Medicine   Insanity   
Topic: Insanity from Mercantile Losses. [Insanity does not seem to accompany severe financial loss as often as it does extreme or sudden wealth]
Person: BURROWS, Dr.   

Issue: 080, 06/05/29 p. 287, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: Mendicity, Etc, in Berlin, Para 4
Category: Geography   Germany   Poverty   Public Administration   
Topic: [Statistics on poverty, begging etc in Berlin, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1826]
Person: ENGELHARDT, M. [Privy counsellor of his Prussian majesty]   

Issue: 096, 26/08/29 p. 539, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Influence of Poverty on Mortality, Para 10
Category: Health   Poverty   
Topic: [Effect of poverty on old people]
Person: CHATEAUNEUF, M. Benoiston de   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 103, 14/10/29 p. 647-648
Heading: The Scotch Student
Category: Education   Medicine   Law   Social Anthropology   Poverty   
Topic: [First-person account of a young English student`s arrival at the University of Edinburgh]
Institution: University of Edinburgh   

Issue: 104, 21/10/29 p. 661-662
Heading: The Scotch Student. (Continued from p. 647)
Category: Education   Health   Medicine   Law   Social Anthropology   Poverty   
Topic: [Second installment of a personal account of student life at Edinburgh university. It pokes mild fun at Edinburgh`s distinguished reputation and record of academic success by suggesting the manners of its students are uncouth. The article contrasts poor student lodgings, restricted diet and abuse of alcohol with the seeming gentility of the fine shops of the city. Nevertheless, the piece finally refers to the superiority of the Scottish educational system]
Institution: University of Edinburgh   

Issue: 105, 28/10/29 p. 680-681
Heading: The Scotch Student. To the Editor of "The Athenaeum"
Category: Education   Health   Medicine   Law   Poverty   Social Anthropology   
Topic: [A letter of objection to an irreverent personal account of life at Edinburgh University in Athenaeum issue 103, p. 647-648. It says the account will prove misleading. It is "partial, incorrect, and unphilosophical". The letter defends the Scottish educational system which has proved a model for the "London University"]
Institution: University of Edinburgh   University of London   King`s College, London   University of Cambridge   University of Oxford   
Letter Signed: "S."

Issue: 105, 28/10/29 p. 680
Heading: The Scotch Schoolmaster: A Dramatic Sketch
Category: Education   Poverty   Social Anthropology   
Topic: [A sketch in Scottish dialect on the progress of a "morning school" taking place in a rural ditch.. The characters are a "master" and his ragged pupils, who are depicted humorously mispronouncing names from classical history and misinterpreting it]
Person: LYONS, David   
Dramatic Dialogue
Issue: 106, 04/11/29 p. 697
Heading: The Scotch Student. To the Editor of the Athenaeum. [Second letter]
Category: Education   Health   Medicine   Law   Poverty   Social Anthropology   
Topic: [Letter of objection by "S" to a second "Scotch Student" article in Athenaeum issue 104, p. 661-662. The letter says the article is unrepresentative and inaccurate, in particular, references to poor lodgings many flights of stairs up. These sorts of buildings are only found in the old Edinburgh described by "the Author of Waverly"]
Person: PLEYDELL, Counsellor   SCOTT, Sir Walter   
Institution: London College of Surgeons   University of Oxford   University of Cambridge   University of Edinburgh   
Letter Signed: "S."

Issue: 106, 04/11/29 p. 700, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Gelatin procured from Bones for Food, Para 6
Category: Medicine   Health   Food   Dietetics   Poverty   Domestic Economy   Social Welfare   
Topic: [Two memoirs have been published in Paris. D`Arcet`s memoir concentrates on the food value of gelatine and how to extract it from bones. Puymarin`s memoir lists the benefits of doing so, particularly for the poor, and contains a description of a social experiment, introducing the use of gelatine to his own employees at the Paris mint]
Person: PUYMARIN, M.   D`ARCET   
Source: Revue Encyclopedique   
Institution: Mint of Paris   

Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 711-712
Heading: The Scotch Schoolmaster. (Continued from p. 630)
Category: Education   Poverty   Social Anthropology   Christian Religion   Political Economy   Emigration   
Topic: [Satirical sequel to a sketch (issue 105, p. 680) on the convening of a Scottish "morning" school in a ditch. This (second) lesson considers current religious and political issues rather than classical history]
Person: CALVIN   IRVING, Edward   CHALMERS   
Dramatic Dialogue Signed: D. L.

Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 712-713
Heading: The Scotch Student. To the Editor of "the Athenaeum"
Category: Medicine   Law   Education   Health   Poverty   Social Anthropology   
Topic: [Answer from "G." to the letter(s) of objection by "S." (Athenaeum issue 105, p. 680-681 and issue 106, p.697) to G`s two articles called "The Scotch Student". "G." protests that his was a humorous article and finishes his letter with a taunting flourish, suggesting a general similarity "between a Scotchman and a Thistle"]
Person: STULTZ   HOBY   
Institution: University of Edinburgh   
Signed: "G."

Issue: 109, 25/11/29 p. 744-745
Heading: The Scotch Schoolmaster. (Continued from p.712)
Category: Education   Poverty   Literature   Folklore   Social Anthropology   
Topic: [Third sketch, in which the master`s circumstances have changed; he now owns his own home and is about to get married to the sister of one his pupils. It is the "afternoon school". The members of the "ragged school", considerably grown up, meet at his new home and discuss education, politics and trade. One of their concerns is that the master`s social principles will be compromised by self-interest]
Dramatic Dialogue Signed: D. L.

Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 46
Heading: Cannibalism of the Chinese
Category: China   Social Anthropology   Poverty   
Topic: [A ninth century account of China says that the Chinese used to eat all criminals who were put to death. The reason was poverty not ferocity]
Source: Cabinet Cyclopaedia   

Issue: 134, 22/05/30 p. 318
Heading: The Poor of Berlin, Para 10
Category: Poverty   Social Welfare   Charity   Statistics   
Topic: [Poor people in Berlin are entirely dependent on private charitable relief]

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Issue: 111, 09/12/29 p. 765-766
Heading: Political Economy
Category: Political Economy   Wealth   Poverty   Labour   Social Welfare   Emigration   
Title: An Enquiry into the Natural Grounds of Right to Vendible Property or Wealth
Author: READ, Samuel   

Issue: 124, 13/03/30 p. 151
Heading: Emigration
Category: Emigration   Poverty   
Title: An Enquiry into the Causes and Remedies of Pauperism. Ist, 2nd and 3rd Series
Author: HORTON, R. Wilmot   
Attribution: M. P.

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 257-258
Heading: National Colonization Society
Category: Social Sciences   Poverty   Political Economy   Emigration   Colonization   
Title: A Statement of the Principles and Objects of a proposed National Society, for the cure and prevention of Pauperism, by means of Systematic Colonization
Institution: National Colonization Society   

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 321-323
Category: History   Politics   Poverty   Economics   Political Economy   Agriculture   Enclosure   British Isles   Ireland   Scotland   
Title: Ireland, and its Economy; being the Result of Observations made in a Tour through the Country in the Autumn of 1829
Author: BICHENO,J.E.   
Attribution: Secretary of the Linnaean Society
Institution: The Linnaean Society   

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