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Issue: 116, 09/01/30 p. 29-30, Section: The Fine Arts
Heading: Engraving. Evening Illustrations of the Society of Arts
Category: Communication   Printing   Art   Trade   Inventions   Printing Machines   
Topic: [Abstract of a paper read by Aikin, on the processes of etching and engraving, now increasingly being done with the help of machines]
Person: AIKIN, Mr.   
Institution: Society of Arts   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 111
Heading: Book-publishing in France and Germany
Category: Communication   Printing   
Topic: [Statistics on the mushrooming number of printed books from 1813 on. Also, the proportion of authors to the general population]

Issue: 122, 27/02/30 p. 120-122
Heading: On the Melancholy of Authors
Category: Literature   Philosophy   Communication   Printing   Periodicals   
Topic: [Satirical essay, making reference to the large amount of printed material available, examining the urge to write in the light of its difficulty and describing the masks and postures a young writer will often adopt before becoming professional]
Essay Signed: L. R. [RITCHIE, Leitch ?]

Issue: 124, 13/03/30 p. 158
Heading: Cheap Editions in France
Category: Communication   Printing   Natural History   
Topic: [New French edition of Buffon]
Person: BUFFON   

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 174
Heading: Notions of the Chinese
Category: Communication   Printing   Periodicals   
Topic: [One column upon the esteem of the Chinese for literature. It contains a weary comment on the glut of printed material in Britain, and the speculation that the Chinese must have retained their enthusiasm for literature by means of some critical organ such as "a Chinese Athenaeum"]

Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 302
Heading: Improvement in Lithography, Para 10
Category: Inventions   Communication   Printing   
Topic: [Senefelder is at Stuttgart, perfecting single-plate printing]

Issue: 134, 22/05/30 p. 316
Heading: Printers` Pension Society
Category: Social Welfare   Insurance   Pensions   Communication   Printing   
Topic: [Praise for the pension society on its anniversary. Before the society was started, the old system of charitable relief forced printers` widows to be dependent on "casual subscriptions" which were uncertain]
Person: MORPETH, Lord   
Institution: Printers` Pension Society   
, May, 1830
Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 332
Heading: National Repository, King`s Mews. [Second Notice]
Category: Industry   Manufactures   Inventions   Public Health   Safety   Fire   Women   Textiles   Wool   Cotton   Printing   
Topic: [The Athenaeum correspondent returns to the exhibition of British manufactures and amongst other things, chooses items to appeal to "our fair readers"]
Institution: National Repository   
Issue: 136, 05/06/30 p. 350
Category: Periodicals   Printing   Communication   Europe   
Topic: [New (liberal) journal to be published in Perpignan]

Issue: 136, 05/06/30 p. 350
Heading: Powers of the French Press, Para 6
Category: Periodicals   Printing   Communication   Statistics   
Topic: [Amount of printed material generated in France between the introduction of printing and 1814]

Issue: 138, 19/06/30 p. 382
Heading: Censorship, Para 13
Category: Printing   Communication   Periodicals   Religion   Science   Philosophy   Ethics   
Topic: [Long historical precedent for the censorship of printed materials]
Person: FRANCIS THE FIRST, King of France   

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 557
Heading: Scotch Missionary School in Eastern Russia, Etc. Tiflis, July 15
Category: Geography   Russian Empire   Demography   Education   Libraries   Statistics   Printing   
Topic: [A Scottish school in Tiflis, with forty Armenian pupils, teaches the Christian religion, the Armenian language, arithmetic, writing, Greek, Latin and English. Of the six Tartar schools in the area, five teach the Tartar and Persian languages and Persian history, the other teaches the Mahomedan religion, Arabic, arithmetic, astrology and medicine. (The Athenaeum puts an exclamation mark after "astrology"). There are also two Armenian schools which just teach reading Armenian, there being widespread illiteracy]
Source: St. Petersburg Gazette   
, 15/07/1830 Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 558
Heading: Lithographic Prints not Engravings, Para 6
Category: Printing   Art   Periodicals   Science   
Topic: The habit of calling lithographic prints engravings, obtains even with those who ought to know better. A cotemporaneous weekly newspaper, which calls itself literary and scientific, publishes a wretched lithographic print, and calls it, (we quote from memory) a beautiful "engraving"..

Issue: 154, 09/10/30 p. 638
Heading: Egyptian Geography, Para 5
Category: Geography   Maps   Communication   Printing   
Topic: Mr Wilkinson, who for many years has carried on his scientific researches in Egypt, has completed an elaborate map...
Person: WILKINSON   
Ed`s Mark: PARKE

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Issue: 069, 18/02/29 p. 99-100
Heading: Arcana of Science
Category: Manufactures   Inventions   Fuels   Gas   Heating   Solar Heating   Book Production   Printing   Cookery   
Title: Arcana of Science, or Annual Register of the Useful Arts. Abridged from the Transactions of Public Societies, and from the Scientific Journals, British and Foreign, of the Past Year

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