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Issue: 031, 28/05/28 p. 489, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animal Mechanics. (Ornithology), Para 5
Category: Ornithology   Christian Religion   
Topic: The Vulture`s power of sight. [St. Matthew refers either to eagles or vultures; reference to carrion-eating pondered; would an eagle feed on carrion?]
Person: LICHTENSTEIN   PAXTON, Professor   

Issue: 033, 11/06/28 p. 522, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-animated Nature. (Astronomy), Para 7
Category: Astronomy   Christian Religion   
Topic: Joshua commanding the Sun to stand still
Person: LADD, Dr.   
Source: American Museum   

Issue: 051, 15/10/28 p. 811, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Entomology), Para 4
Category: Entomology   Zoology   Reptiles   Religion   
Topic: King Solomon`s Spider. [Is the spider mentioned in King Solomon`s Proverbs really a lizard, the Lacerta agilis of Linnaeus?]
Person: BOCHART   SOLOMON, King   HOME, Sir E.   PAXTON, Professor   
Source: Old Testament: Proverbs xxx. 28   Bochart`s Hieroz, part ii.   

Issue: 051, 15/10/28 p. 812, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Astronomy), Para 6
Category: Astronomy   Christian Religion   
Topic: Creation of the Sun and Moon. [Biblical account of the creation reconciled with the discoveries of Sir William Herschel]
Source: Philosophical Transactions   Old Testament: Genesis i. 1   

Issue: 054, 05/11/28 p. 861, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Astronomy), Para 10
Category: Astronomy   Religion   Folklore   
Topic: Creation of the Moon. [According to Mungo Park, the African Indians believe the old moon is literally destroyed and the new moon created]
Source: Mungo Park`s Travels   

Issue: 055, 12/11/28 p. 876, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Mythological, Para 10
Category: Religion   Creation   Mythology   
Topic: Venus the Origin of all Things
Source: Lucretius: De Natura Rerum   Orphic Hymn to Venus, trans. Good   

Issue: 055, 12/11/28 p. 876, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Mythological, Para 10
Category: Religion   Creation   Philosophy   
Topic: Spinozism of the Hindoos
Source: Veda, Traduct. par Perron   

Issue: 055, 12/11/28 p. 877, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Topographical, Para 6
Category: Christian Religion   Natural History   Volcanoes   
Topic: Lot`s Wife. [Was Lot`s wife encrusted with volcanic matter?]
Source: King`s Morsels of Criticism   

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 892, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Orology), Para 4
Category: Geology   Mineralogy   Christian Religion   Mountains   
Topic: Mountains formed by Crystallisation. [It is more exalting to think of God making mountains by a process of crystalline accretions than to imagine [him] causing volcanic explosions]
Source: Conversations on Geology   

Issue: 057, 26/11/28 p. 909, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Magical, Para 18
Category: Social Anthropology   Folklore   Religion   
Topic: Caffrarian Punishment of Conjurors
Source: Kolben: Voyages   

Issue: 057, 26/11/28 p. 909, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Mythological, Para 12
Category: Religion   Folklore   
Topic: Druid Paradise
Source: Kennedy   

Issue: 058, 03/12/28 p. 923, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Entomology), Para 7
Category: Entomology   Christian Religion   Bees   
Topic: Honey in Rocks. [The passage in the Bible is borne out by the caves of Salsette and Elephanta which are colonised by bees]
Source: Forbes`s Oriental Memoirs   Old Testament: Deuteronomy xxxii.   

Issue: 058, 03/12/28 p. 924, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Astronomy), Para 12
Category: Astronomy   Religion   
Topic: New Stars. [Might the new stars in the constellations Lacerta, Perseus, Bootes, Hydra, Monoceros, Cepheus, be new creations of God?]

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 939, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Astrological, Para 16
Category: Philosophy   Astrology   Religion   Folklore   
Topic: Bringing down the Sun. [Brande describes having "made the sun dance" when he was a boy, by watching its reflection tremble in a basin of water. There still exists a folk tradition of going out on Easter mornings to see the rising sun dance, a relic of astrological beliefs]
Person: BRANDE   
Source: Antiqities of Newcastle   

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 939, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Ludicrous, Para 18
Category: Folklore   Religion   Meteorology   Earthquakes   
Topic: Cause of Earthquakes in Thibet. [Tibetan religious writing claims that the world, when created, was placed on a large golden frog. Earthquakes occur when the frog scratches its head]
Source: Bell of Antermony`s Travels   

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 939, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Mythological, Para 12
Category: Botany   Folklore   Religion   
Topic: Caldron of Ceridwen. [The contents of the caldron of the Celtic goddess who is equivalent to Ceres or Venus are called "the liquor of science and inspiration". The plants are named]
Source: Owen`s Cambr. Biogr.   

Issue: 060, 17/12/28 p. 654
Heading: Nothing from Nothing
Category: Religion   Comparative Religion   Buddhism   Philosophy   Creation   
Topic: [Epicurean dogma that nothing can come from nothing agrees with one of the Upanisheds from the Yajur Veda]
Source: M. Anquetil du Perron`s Latin Version   

Issue: 063, 07/01/29 p. 14, Section: Superstitious
Heading: Sacredness of Islands, Para 13
Category: Geography   Islands   Religion   Social Anthropology   
Topic: [The religious veneration of the ancient Irish for the island of Inniscailtre is compared with the religious status accorded the "oriental" islands of Elephanta, Salsette, Ceylon]
Source: Owenson`s Patriot Sketches, i. 48   

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 31
Heading: The Glacier of Boisson
Category: Mountains   Alps   Climate   Ecology   Religion   Literature   
Topic: [A description of a glacier increasing and a philosophical meditation in a grand rhetorical voice on natural history, the creator and mankind`s place in such an austere landscape]

Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 45, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Animal Antiquities), Para 2
Category: Palaeontology   Geology   Natural History   Christian Religion   
Topic: [Bones of hyenas and rhinoceroses etc have been found in a cave in Yorkshire. Animal bones have also been found in caves in Europe and there has been a similar recent find near Maidstone, Kent. Buckland suggests that the bones date from a time "anterior to the deluge of Noah". Ranking dates the bones much later, suggesting they are from captive wild animals shown in nearby Roman amphitheatres. Other remains (of elephants and mammoths) in Behring`s Straits, Ranking believes came from animals belonging to the Turks, Moguls and Chinese and carried by river to the Arctic. The Athenaeum waits for the bones to be compared with those of modern animals]
Person: BUCKLAND   RANKING, Mr. J.   
Source: Buckland: Reliquiae Diluvianae   Brande`s Journal   

Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 47, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Meteorology), Para 7
Category: Climate   Ecology   Religion   Literature   
Topic: Supposed Change of Climate. [Schouw of Copenhagen has argued against the theory of a large-scale change of climate, affecting certain parts of the earth in the distant past. He cites references from the bible and classical literature to prove that the date palm grew the same in Palestine then as it does now]
Source: Oken`s Isis   

Issue: 067, 04/02/29 p. 65-66
Heading: The Vision of a Godless World. (From the German of John Paul Richter)
Category: Religion   Science   
Topic: [Extensive tract of poetical prose recounting a visionary dream. The dream reconciles atheism with a belief in immortality]
Person: RICHTER   
Signed: I. C. H.

Issue: 069, 18/02/29 p. 110, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Romancing, Para 5
Category: Natural History   Philosophy   Literature   Science   Geology   Christian Religion   
Topic: Scientific Romancing. [Geology is romantic because it involves travelling to wild and lonely places and stimulates the imagination to contemplate creation, and change. It gives evidence of the world before Noah]
Source: Conversations on Geology   

Issue: 069, 18/02/29 p. 111, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Traditional, Para 3
Category: Christian Religion   Folklore   Science   
Topic: Welsh Traditions concerning Noah
Person: GADARN, Hu   NEIVION, Nevydd Nav   GAUHELDON, Groyddon   
Source: Kennedy   

Issue: 071, 04/03/29 p. 141, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Entomology), Para 5
Category: Entomology   Christian Religion   
Topic: Multiplication of Insects. [Experiment upon the eggs of the lime-tree tussock moth which shows what prolific breeders insects are. The most fertile animals, however, are flies.] We are lost when we reflect that God has created in the first of these animals a principle sufficing to supply a production for several thousand generations of this nature, which will continue to succeed each other unto the end of the world
Person: LYONNET   

Issue: 071, 04/03/29 p. 141, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Vegetable Mechanics), Para 2
Category: Botany   Ecology   Philosophy   Christian Religion   
Topic: Mosses. [Their useful functions: to protect the roots of other plants in winter, to grow where nothing else can without impoverishing the soil, to convert watery habitats into "firm land" while purifying the water. To study them is to attend to "the infinitely little", one of two extremes between which Pascal says mankind is placed. The other is "the infinitely great" ]
Person: PASCAL   

Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 254, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: The Globe Upset, Para 1
Category: Cosmogony   The Earth   Astronomy   Natural History   Christian Religion   Classical Literature   
Topic: [A satirical account of Sandal`s theory that the earth twisted from its course at certain significant times in its history, for example at the (biblical) Flood. Before the Flood the Arctic was in the same place as the equator. This would account for the existence of mammoth bones in the far north]
Source: Sandal: Cosmogoniae Antiquitatis   

Issue: 085, 10/06/29 p. 366
Heading: The Primary Parents of the Human Race
Category: Anthropology   Morphology   Botany   Christian Religion   
Topic: [It seems that different human races are varieties of the same species, just as single damask roses and double white roses originate from the same root. If this is the case, that all humans came from only two parents, then why are people scattered all over the earth? If there was more than one original pair, then there must have been many arks and many Noahs]
Person: ST. VINCENT, M. Bory de   ROULIN, M.   
Issue: 087, 24/06/29 p. 385-386
Heading: An After-Dinner Conversation
Category: Art   Religion   Social Anthropology   Classical Mythology   Science   
Topic: [Dialogue between a merchant and a medical student. The merchant finds art fanciful and idealized. The medical student, in an extended tract, expiates on the human need for the sublime or supernatural. At the end of his speech, the student finds the merchant has fallen asleep and missed it]
Issue: 089, 08/07/29 p. 431, Section: Varieties
Heading: Mogul Idol, Para 1
Category: Social Anthropology   Religion   Buddhism   Museums   
Topic: [Statue of the Mogul god of destruction and regeneration, Yamantaga, held in a Moscow museum. Description. Source]
Person: DEMIDOFF, M.   FISCHER, M.   SCHMIDT, M.   REMUSAT, M. Abel   
Institution: Museum of Natural History and Antiquities, Moscow   University of Moscow   

Issue: 092, 29/07/29 p. 473-474
Heading: Shades of the Dead. No. III.--Columbus
Category: Geography   Exploration   The Americas   Classical Mythology   Folklore   Christian Religion   
Topic: [Article, in a series on influential individuals in history. Columbus is perceived as the person most responsible for banishing the superstitions of the ancient world. However, he did not "resemble the idols of the nineteenth century". His enterprise was done more in the spirit of the reformation; technical or mechanical mastery of the material world was a means of realizing a vision, not an end in itself. Nor did Columbus relinquish religious faith]

Issue: 093, 05/08/29 p. 487-488
Heading: Shades of the Dead.--No. IV. (The Humourists:I). Sir Thomas Browne
Category: History Of Science   Philosophy   Psychology   Literature   Science   Religion   
Topic: [Survey of the writings of Sir Thomas Browne, defining humour as opposed to satire, "the grotesque", or wit. The article contains allusions to Browne`s work in "the natural philosophy of his age"]
Ed`s Mark: W. D.

Issue: 094, 12/08/29 p. 501
Heading: Shades of the Dead.--No. V. Wycliffe
Category: Philosophy   Philosophy Of Science   Philosophy Of Education   Christian Religion   
Topic: [Article, from a series on influential thinkers, containing a discussion on the nature of social reform. Popularisation of science is regarded as one way to achieve this (as opposed to "improving" a few people). It is best, like Wycliffe, to address everyone equally, without sacrificing scientific accuracy and detailed knowledge, by appealing to a universal moral sense]

Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 711-712
Heading: The Scotch Schoolmaster. (Continued from p. 630)
Category: Education   Poverty   Social Anthropology   Christian Religion   Political Economy   Emigration   
Topic: [Satirical sequel to a sketch (issue 105, p. 680) on the convening of a Scottish "morning" school in a ditch. This (second) lesson considers current religious and political issues rather than classical history]
Person: CALVIN   IRVING, Edward   CHALMERS   
Dramatic Dialogue Signed: D. L.

Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 715, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Indians in Mexico, Para 3
Category: Geography   Central America   Mexico   Social Anthropology   Christian Religion   Religion   
Topic: [The fascination of the Mexican Indian people for idols and festivals. Though ostensibly Christian, this interest is reminiscent of the religion of the people before the arrival of Montezuma. The Indian people are also very industrious; they hunt, fish, grow vegetables, make wax figures and baskets]
Source: Hardy`s Travels   

Issue: 114, 30/12/29 p. 823, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: National Education in Denmark, Para 1
Category: Public Administration   Law   Education   Geography   Denmark   Arithmetic   Natural History   Christian Religion   
Topic: [Provision of national education in Denmark. Administrative arrangements. Syllabus. Age range of pupils]
Institution: Commission of Public Education, Denmark   Superior Commission of Public Instruction, Denmark   Chancery of the Kingdom of Denmark   

Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 45, Section: Science
Heading: History and Geology mutually confirmatory, Para 4
Category: Christian Religion   Comparative Mythology   Geology   Geomorphology   Time   
Topic: [Cuvier has remarked on the traditions all over the world which speak of an ancient global catastrophe. According to geology, "the last great change on the earth`s surface", five to six thousand years ago, would correspond "with the period assigned to the Deluge" in ancient history]
Person: CUVIER   
Source: Cuvier: First Lecture on the Natural Sciences   
Institution: College de France, Paris   
Issue: 123, 06/03/30 p. 135-136
Heading: The Fair of Salona
Category: Geography   Social Anthropology   Custom And Tradition   Religion   Christian Religion   Dalmatia   
Topic: [Descriptive account by Baron Welden, of the feast of the birth of the Virgin Mary, an annual fair in Dalmatia]
Person: WELDEN, General Baron   

Issue: 129, 17/04/30 p. 238
Heading: Diminished produce of Grain
Category: Agriculture   Christian Religion   Classical Literature   
Topic: [...] the decrease which has taken place in the produce of grain, as compared with ancient times

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 283, Section: Foreign Correspondence
Heading: Munich, April, 1830, Para 2
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   Education   Political Economy   Physics   Law   Christian Religion   
Topic: [One hundred and seventy lectures scheduled for the forthcoming summer session. The information given shows what subjects are emphasized ]
Institution: University of Munich   
Signed: "T. T."

Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 302
Heading: Saltatory Sect, Para 11
Category: Social Anthropology   Religion   Scandinavia   
Topic: [Religious sect of naked dancers called the Lazari seen by Chief Justice Sylvander during his tour of "the northern provinces"]
Person: SYLVANDER, Chief Justice   

Issue: 138, 19/06/30 p. 378
Heading: Northern Asia. [Extracts from the Correspondence of Dr. Erman]
Category: Geography   Social Anthropology   Asia   Tibet   Russian Empire   Physics   Magnetism   Electromagnetism   Philosophy Of Science   Religion   
Topic: A Visit to the Lamas of Siberia. [Extracts from an originally private correspondence between Dr. Erman in Tibet and his father, Professor Erman in Berlin. They are introduced by an editorial note: "To the scientific observer, they will afford novel and attractive matter, whether his pursuits be directed to the spacious field of nature, or the less sublime, though scarcely less interesting, study of man"]
Person: HANSTEEN, Prof. (of Christiana)   DUE, Lieut. (of Christiana)   ERMAN, Dr.   ERMAN, Prof.   CHAMBA-LAMA   DALAI-LAMA of THIBET   GENTIMUR, Prince (Officer of the Cossacks)   
Letter, Spring, 1829 Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 138, 19/06/30 p. 382
Heading: Censorship, Para 13
Category: Printing   Communication   Periodicals   Religion   Science   Philosophy   Ethics   
Topic: [Long historical precedent for the censorship of printed materials]
Person: FRANCIS THE FIRST, King of France   

Issue: 139, 26/06/30 p. 394-395
Heading: Northern Asia. [Further Extracts from the Correspondence of Dr. Erman]. Siberian Belles Lettres, Etc.
Category: Geography   Social Anthropology   Russian Empire   China   Religion   Periodicals   Communication   Almanacs   Manufactures   Inventions   Agriculture   
Topic: [The "Almanack of Jeniseisk" is the first that has come from an Asiatic press. It contains details of recent Siberian manufactures (including one spinning machine based on an English product) in a narrative of a journey from Krasnojarsk to Kiahkta on the Chinese frontier. Erman`s correspondence contains a description of the Chinese city of Maimatchin]
Person: STEPHANOW, M.   ERMAN, Dr.   
Source: Almanack of Jeniseisk   
Institution: Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 139, 26/06/30 p. 398
Category: Geography   Mountains   Religion   
Topic: [Medal struck at St. Petersburg to commemorate the peace between Russia and Persia. One side shows Mount Ararat with a Russian standard on it, in 1828. The other shows Noah`s ark on the summit and the date of the Creation]

Issue: 142, 17/07/30 p. 442-443
Heading: Superstitions of India. (Extract from a private Letter from Benares)
Category: Geography   Social Anthropology   Custom And Tradition   Disability   Suicide   Ethics   Social Relations   Religion   Brahminism   India   
Topic: [Treatment of sick or old people in Benares. Family relationships. Caste system. Ritual suicide]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 144, 31/07/30 p. 476
Heading: Poland
Category: Geography   Poland   Religion   Statistics   
Topic: [Statistical information on religion in Poland]
Person: MOSTOWSKI, Count   
Institution: Diet of Poland, Home Department   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 151, 18/09/30 p. 590
Heading: The Jesuits, Para 3
Category: Christian Religion   Social Sciences   Statistics   
Topic: [Statistics on Jesuitical institutions in Europe, Africa and America]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 153, 02/10/30 p. 620
Heading: Burckhardt`s Correspondence with his Parents. (Continued from p. 603). Cairo, 16th April, 1816
Category: Geography   Exploration   North Africa   Medicine   Infectious Diseases   Plague   Social Anthropology   Death Rites   Religion   
Topic: [Contains an account of contrasting attitudes to fatal illness. TheTurks in Egypt believe that death is fated and inevitable and make no attempt to protect themselves during epidemics of the plague. In Arabia many people take to the mountains]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

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Issue: 015, 14/03/28 p. 225
Heading: Natural History of the Scriptures
Category: Natural History   Christian Religion   
Title: Scripture Natural History, or an account of the Zoology, Botany, and Geology of the Bible
Author: CARPENTER, William   

Issue: 016, 18/03/28 p. 243-244
Heading: The Seven Churches of Asia
Category: Asia   Religion   
Title: A Visit to the Seven Churches of Asia; with an Excursion into Pisidia; containing Remarks on the Geography and Antiquities of the Countries, Etc
Author: ARUNDELL, V. J.   
Attribution: British Chaplain at Smyrna

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 937
Heading: Catalogue Raisonne of Recent Publications
Category: Philosophy   Science   Christian Religion   
Title: The Cultivation of the Mind, an Object of Primary Importance
Author: DAVIES, Rev. J.   
Attribution: Author of "An Estimate of the Human Mind"
Institution: Southampton Institution   

Issue: 060, 17/12/28 p. 950
Heading: Catalogue Raisonne of Recent Publications
Category: Philosophy   Education   Science   Religion   
Title: On the Knowledge of Christ Crucified, and other Divine Comtemplations. [...] With an Introductory Essay by the Rev. David Young, Perth
Author: HALE, Sir Matthew   
Attribution: Lord Chief Justice of King`s Bench, England

Issue: 062, 31/12/28 p. 984
Heading: Scripture Natural History
Category: Christian Religion   Natural History   
Title: Scripture Natural History for Youth. With numerous Illustrative Engravings
Author: HEWLETT, Esther   

Issue: 072, 11/03/29 p. 147-149
Heading: Natural History
Category: Natural History   Ecology   Agriculture   Christian Religion   Philosophy   Ornithology   
Title: The Journal of a Naturalist
Author: ANON   

Issue: 074, 25/03/29 p. 181-183
Heading: Geology
Category: Geology   Christian Religion   
Title: A New System of Geology, in which the Great Revolutions of the Earth and Animated Nature are reconciled at once to Modern Science and Sacred History
Author: URE, Andrew   

Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 707
Heading: Tower of Babel
Category: Geography   Middle East   Archaeology   Christian Religion   
Title: Travels in Chaldaea, including a Journey from Bussorah to Bagdad, Hillah, and Babylon, Performed on Foot in 1827. With Observations on the Sites and Remains of Babel, Seleucia, and Ctesiphon
Author: MIGNAN, Capt. Robert   
Attribution: Of the Hon. East India Company`s Service
Institution: East India Company   

Issue: 118, 30/01/30 p. 53
Heading: Hieroglyphics
Category: Archaeology   Philology   Philosophy Of Science   Steam Power   Christian Religion   
Title: Lectures on the Elements of Hieroglyphics and Egyptian Antiquities
Author: SPINETO, Marquis   

Issue: 120, 13/02/30 p. 82-83
Heading: Sir H. Davy`s Posthumous Work
Category: Philosophy Of Science   History Of Science   Christian Religion   Geology   Astronomy   Physics   Chemistry   
Title: Consolations in Travel; or, The Last Days of a Philosopher
Author: DAVY, Sir Humphrey   
Attribution: Late President of the Royal Society
Institution: Royal Society   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 101-103
Category: Christian Religion   Medicine   Food   Health   Addiction And Temperance   Philosophy   Aesthetics   Ethics   
Title: The Christian Physiologist--Tales illustrative of the Five Senses; their Mechanism, Uses, and Government
Author: ANON   
Attribution: Author of "The Collegians"

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 99 -100
Heading: Pagan Mysteries
Category: Mythology   Religion   Christian Religion   Social Anthropology   Phrenology   
Title: Memoire sur le Culte de Mithra, son Origine, sa Nature, et ses Mysteres. Envoye en 1825 au Concours de l`Academie Royal des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres de Paris
Author: HAMMER, le Chevalier Joseph de   
Institution: Societe Asiatique de Paris   

Issue: 129, 17/04/30 p. 225
Category: Biography   Philosophy   Medicine   Insanity   Christian Religion   
Title: Essays on the Lives of Cowper, Newton and Heber; or, an Examination of the Evidence of the Course of Nature being interrupted by the Divine Government
Author: ANON   

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