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Issue: 053, 29/10/28 p. 845
Heading: Streets of Paris
Category: Geography   France   Public Health   Urban Roads   
Topic: [Projected improvements to Paris streets, to be modelled along the same lines as those in London]
Source: Morning Chronicle   

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 890
Heading: Roads in France
Category: Engineering   Roads   
Topic: [Extent of highways in France, their state of repair and projected expenditure to complete the "line of communication" ]
Person: PASQUIER, Baron   

Issue: 091, 22/07/29 p. 462-463
Heading: Telford`s System of Road-Making
Category: Engineering   Roads   
Topic: [Experiment conducted by Telford on a section of London road, North of the Highgate archway. It proves that a road needs a strong stone pavement beneath, or a layer of Parker`s cement and gravel with a coat of Hartshill stone, to keep the surface layer from wearing down]
Person: TELFORD, Thomas   
Source: Report to the Commissioners for the improvement of the road form London to Holyhead   

Issue: 091, 22/07/29 p. 463, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: The Menai Bridge, Para 1
Category: Engineering   Roads   Bridges   Public Adminstration   
Topic: [The Menai Bridge -- Tolls, offset by repairs -- Accounts from the opening, January 1826, until April 1829. The Conway Bridge -- Accounts from the opening , June 1826, until April 1829]

Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 793-794
Heading: The Scotch Tourist. (Continued from p. 759)
Category: Geography   Travel   Scotland   Town Planning   Architecture   Urban Roads   
Topic: Edinburgh: Calton Hill, Holyrood House.
Source: Essay on Heat   
Institution: Calton Hill Observatory, Edinburgh   

Issue: 126, 27/03/30 p. 190
Heading: Expense of maintaining Roads in France
Category: Public Administration   Engineering   Roads   Communication   
Topic: [Statistics on different grades of road in France: "routes royales", "routes departementales" and "routes vicinales"]
Person: FOURRIER, M.   

Issue: 129, 17/04/30 p. 238
Heading: Road-making in France
Category: Engineering   Roads   Communication   France   
Topic: [Quest`s second brochure on how to improve French roads]
Person: QUEST, M.   

Issue: 141, 10/07/30 p. 427-428
Heading: Stone Railways. To the Editor of the Athenaeum
Category: Engineering   Roads   Transport   Communication   
Topic: [A letter from "an old coachman" in St. Marylebone. It contains a plea for all roads to be built with two lines of curb-stones laid down the middle for the wheels of carriages. It shows the results of "an experiment made the other day with a double-bodied phaeton on three roads"]
Letter, 05/07/1830 Signed: D. F. W.; Ed`s Mark: WALKER

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 559
Heading: United States, Para 9
Category: Geography   Social Sciences   Statistics   Communication   Post   Roads   Economy   Employment   North America   
Topic: [Table of statistics to show how education has raised the United States on a par with Europe]

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Issue: 068, 11/02/29 p. 92
Heading: Hum Chi Bung
Category: Geography   China   Engineering   Roads   
Title: Practical Considerations on the Road Question; with a brief examination of the impolicy of endangering the vested interests of the numerous classes dependent on the maintenance of the ancient system, and an appeal to the wisdom of the Chinese people against the delusive speculations of rash and unprincipled Speculators. Pekin; in the year of the world 872.344.697. (Chinese date)--i.e. A.D. 1828; (Originally Hum Chi Bung quee ick-er-ee ev-enn pi quat-si ching dol)
Author: LOLL-LE-POP   
Attribution: Mandarin of Three Tails, and Grandee of Five Rows of Buttons
Chinese; 1828
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