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Issue: 019, 28/03/28 p. 299
Heading: Model of the Emperor of Austria`s Salt Mine
Category: Engineering   Salt Mining   Popularization Of Science   Children   
Topic: [Exhibition of the Imperial Salt Mine recommended for children. Location unnamed]
Person: AUSTRIA, Emperor of   
Issue: 033, 11/06/28 p. 511-512, Section: Literature
Heading: On Universities
Category: Science   Education   
Topic: [A discourse on the changing role of universities from repositories of learning to educational establishments, with reference to literature and science]

Issue: 038, 16/07/28 p. 603, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Botany), Para 2
Category: Botany   Philosophy   Science   
Topic: Beauty of Flowers. [Does the study of botany detract from our pleasure in the beauty of flowers?]
Person: KENT, Miss   
Source: Magazine of Natural History   
Paper [extract]
Issue: 044, 27/08/28 p. 687-689
Heading: Universities of Europe and America. (University of Gottingen)
Category: Science   Education   
Topic: [An account of the University of Gottingen, given by one of its members, including a table of fees for medical courses and lectures in law, medicine, philosophy]
Signed: R.

Issue: 045, 03/09/28 p. 716-717
Heading: The Athenaeum and the London Magazine
Category: Periodicals   Science   
Topic: [A criticism of the Athenaeum, by the editor of the London Magazine, is refuted. The science coverage of the Athenaeum is invoked to defend it]
Person: ELBERT, Theodore   SOLIGNY   TIMS   COLBURN   

Issue: 050, 08/10/28 p. 795, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Popular Literature, Para 1
Category: Science   Periodicals   
Topic: It is our intention in future to publish, alternately with the article on Popular Science, an article headed Popular Literature. [ ] In the present paper, we have merely thrown together our different articles at random as Literary Varieties; but in future papers we shall probably establish a specific arrangement, which will make it correspond still more closely with the Popular Science. [Editorial comment on future policy to balance "literary" and "scientific" content in the Athenaeum]

Issue: 055, 12/11/28 p. 875
Heading: Edinburgh Literary Journal
Category: Periodicals   Science   Literature   
Topic: The city of Edinburgh, we think it right to inform our readers, is about to possess a weekly "Literary Journal". [A paragraph of facetious greetings to the new journal from its elder "sister"]

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 879-880
Heading: Juvenile Annuals. Letter from a Lady to the Editor of the Athenaeum
Category: Children   Popularization Of Science   Periodicals   Zoology   Elephants   
Topic: [The New Year`s Gift. The Juvenile Souvenir. The Juvenile Keepsake. The Christmas Box. Letter from Julia Normanby complaining that these popular works have not been reviewed and containing a "review", printed in full]
Person: WATTS, Mrs. A.   HALL, Mrs. S. C.   ROSCOE, T.   CROKER, Crofton   
Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 892, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Anthropology), Para 12
Category: Anthropology   Psychology   Literature   Science   
Topic: Negroes. [Blumenbach has a "little library" of works by black writers which demonstrates their contribution to every area of "taste" and "science"]

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 892
Heading: Strasburgh Society of Arts, Etc
Category: Science   Manufactures   Agriculture   
Topic: [Annual awards instigated by the Strasburgh Society of Arts, to be given to "common shepherds, vine-dressers, working farmers, and foresters"]
Institution: Society of Sciences, Agriculture and the Arts, Strasburg   

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 893
Heading: Varieties, Para 1
Category: Education   Science   
Topic: Proposed University in Dumfries
Person: CRICHTON, Mrs.   CRICHTON, Mr.   
Source: Dumfries Courier   

Issue: 057, 26/11/28 p. 909, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Alchymical, Para 17
Category: Philosophy   Alchemy   Science   
Topic: The Alchymists misrepresented. [Brande, the Secretary of the Royal Society, complains that the Alchymists have been given too much historical credit, having proved nothing. The Athenaeum suggests that the Alchymists` methods of enquiry have formed the basis of modern science, from which Mr. Brande has profited]
Person: BRANDE   
Institution: Royal Society   

Issue: 058, 03/12/28 p. 911-914
Heading: The Universities of Europe and America. Cambridge.--No. I
Category: Education   Philosophy   Science   
Topic: [An article enquiring into the state of the University of Cambridge, reputation, type of student, syllabus. To be continued]

Issue: 060, 17/12/28 p. 943-944
Heading: The Universities of Europe and America. Cambridge.--No. II.
Category: Education   Science   Literature   Philosophy   Professional Ethics   
Topic: [The purpose of an education at Cambridge University. Should it be a place of training for professional life? What should be on the syllabus? Should subjects be taught on a broader basis, to include "the modern languages, and literature, and all the principles of the physical sciences"? The role of religion]
Person: PALEY, Dr.   

Issue: 060, 17/12/28 p. 955, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Radiatology), Para 4
Category: Palaeontology   Fossils   Science   Periodicals   Education   
Topic: Petrified Mushrooms! [The discovery, near Plymouth, of what the Athenaeum believes to be a fossil form, is probably reported wrongly in a "provincial journal". The Athenaeum hopes that the spread of "natural knowledge" will stop "such ignorant notices in our public prints"]

Issue: 060, 17/12/28 p. 956, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Botany), Para 2
Category: Botany   Occult Sciences   
Topic: Algebraic Botany. [German botanists are creating a system of cabalistic characters for plants, similar to the mystic symbols Mons has introduced into the study of mineralogy]
Person: MONS, M.   

Issue: 061, 24/12/28 p. 969
Heading: On the Falls of the Orinoco, at Atures and Maypures. (To be continued)
Category: Geography   South America   Science   Literature   Mythology   Geomorphology   Rivers   
Topic: [Translation from the German of Von Humboldt. Colon was convinced of the existence of the South American continent, from the huge volume of fresh water entering the sea at the mouth of the Orinoco. When he found it, Humboldt says, he thought he was approaching Eden, "the holy residence of primitive man". Humboldt describes his own journey to its source, praising and re-invoking the poetical language of Colon, which "shows anew that the creative phantasy of the poet expresses itself in the exploring navigator".]

Issue: 063, 07/01/29 p. 14, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Biographical, Para 4
Category: Physics   Science   Professional Ethics   Literature   Biography   
Topic: Newton and Stillingfleet. [Whiston, who wrote the "Theory of the Earth" reports that he angered Newton by contradicting him, and was publicly silenced out of fear of angering Newton further, and even of killing him. There are other examples of professional rifts, such as that of Stillingfleet and Locke]
Source: Whiston: Theory of the Earth   

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 30, Section: Foreign Notices
Heading: Netherlands Universities, Para 3
Category: Education   Science   Literature   
Topic: [Statistics on the six universities in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands]

Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 44-45, Section: Foreign Notices
Heading: The Italian Universities
Category: Education   Law   Legal Science   Political Science   Philosophy   Archaeology   
Topic: [An account of the range of subjects taught at the Italian universities for Athenaeum readers]
Institution: Arcigymnasium della Sapienza, Rome   University of Bologna   University of Perugia   University of Pisa   University of Padua   

Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 45
Heading: The Colosseum
Category: Science   Literature   Art   
Topic: [Account of the building of Horner`s Colosseum, London, including general comments upon achieving a desirable balance between science, literature and the arts in public planning]
Person: HORNER, Mr.   

Issue: 066, 28/01/29 p. 63, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Political, Para 1
Category: Public Administration   Social Welfare   Social Sciences   Political Economy   Co-operative Movement   Public Health   
Topic: Poor Laws of Switzerland. [Near Chamouni, destitute old people and orphaned children spend some time in each household in the community, until they have stayed with everyone, then begin the round again]

Issue: 067, 04/02/29 p. 65-66
Heading: The Vision of a Godless World. (From the German of John Paul Richter)
Category: Religion   Science   
Topic: [Extensive tract of poetical prose recounting a visionary dream. The dream reconciles atheism with a belief in immortality]
Person: RICHTER   
Signed: I. C. H.

Issue: 069, 18/02/29 p. 110, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Romancing, Para 5
Category: Natural History   Philosophy   Literature   Science   Geology   Christian Religion   
Topic: Scientific Romancing. [Geology is romantic because it involves travelling to wild and lonely places and stimulates the imagination to contemplate creation, and change. It gives evidence of the world before Noah]
Source: Conversations on Geology   

Issue: 069, 18/02/29 p. 111, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Traditional, Para 3
Category: Christian Religion   Folklore   Science   
Topic: Welsh Traditions concerning Noah
Person: GADARN, Hu   NEIVION, Nevydd Nav   GAUHELDON, Groyddon   
Source: Kennedy   

Issue: 069, 18/02/29 p. 97
Heading: Modern English Wit. No. I
Category: Philosophy   Psychology   Science   
Topic: [Essay on wit, containing a sardonic reference to] the great improvement which has taken place in the feelings of society, the taste for discussion upon important questions, the very thinking habits of the present age, - short, Sir, the disposition to study THINGS [which] allow[s] no room for that play upon WORDS which delighted our ancestors.

Issue: 071, 04/03/29 p. 136
Heading: Naval Science
Category: Science   Education   
Topic: [Plans at the Royal Naval College to teach science to commissioned officers]
Person: INMAN, Dr.   
Institution: Royal Naval College, Portsmouth   

Issue: 071, 04/03/29 p. 143, Section: Varieties
Heading: Newton, Para 6
Category: Biography   Literature   Philosophy   Science   
Topic: There is in the records of Newton a sentence in the spirit of Shakspeare
Person: NEWTON, Sir Isaac   SHAKESPEARE   

Issue: 076, 08/04/29 p. 217-218
Heading: The Museum of Thoughts. IV.--Novalis
Category: Science   Philosophy   Logic   Metaphysics   Psychology   Chemistry   Physics   Mathematics   Poetry   Literature   
Topic: [A series of definitions of the nature of thought and thinking]

Issue: 077, 15/04/29 p. 239, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: Science in Russia, Para 4
Category: Science   Geography   Russian Empire   
Topic: [Purchase of natural history collections in St. Petersburg]
Person: BIBERSTEIN, Marshal von   STROJEU, Counsellor   MENETRIES, M.   
Institution: Imperial Academy of Arts and Sciences, St. Petersburg   Zoological Museum, St. Petersburg   

Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 241-243
Heading: The Museum of Thoughts. No. V.--Fichte
Category: Philosophy   Metaphysics   Science   
Topic: [A philosophical tract containing scientific metaphors and allusions]
Person: FICHTE   

Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 255, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: Prisons, Para 8
Category: Geography   Netherlands   Social Sciences   Prisons   
Topic: [Statistics on prisons in the Netherlands, kinds and numbers. Comparisons with Britain, America and France]
Person: JULIUS, Dr. [of Berlin]   
Source: Julius: Science of Prisons, their Amelioration, etc.   

Issue: 086, 17/06/29 p. 382, Section: Varieties
Heading: Death of Sir Humphry Davy, Para 1
Category: Science   Biography   
Topic: [His main distinctions are in the study of the Voltaic battery, his discovery of sodium and potassium and in the invention of the safety-lamp]
Issue: 087, 24/06/29 p. 385-386
Heading: An After-Dinner Conversation
Category: Art   Religion   Social Anthropology   Classical Mythology   Science   
Topic: [Dialogue between a merchant and a medical student. The merchant finds art fanciful and idealized. The medical student, in an extended tract, expiates on the human need for the sublime or supernatural. At the end of his speech, the student finds the merchant has fallen asleep and missed it]
Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 414
Heading: English Periodical at Dresden
Category: Periodicals   Science   Literature   
Topic: [New English periodical at Dresden, called The Garland, including extracts from English-language material in: modern literature, inventions, discoveries, biographical memoirs, short tales and poetry]

Issue: 090, 15/07/29 p. 444=445
Heading: The Bulletin Universel
Category: Periodicals   Communication   Science   Literature   
Topic: [The aim of the new French monthly bulletin is to gather recent information in all branches of knowledge, "sciences and arts", from many sources "in both hemispheres": journals and periodicals, transactions of academies, public institutions, learned societies, new publications. Abstracts will be prepared and the work edited by "competent individuals". A public society has been formed by the Baron de Ferussac which "the most distinguished scientific men of France" have joined. The Baron is also attempting to recruit associates and shareholders in Britain, Germany, "other parts of the Continent, and in the Americas". The Athenaeum wishes the project well]
Institution: Dufour and D`Ocagne [Book distributors]   Treuttel and Wurtz [Book distributors]   Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge   

Issue: 092, 29/07/29 p. 477, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Scientific Journey to Mount Ararat, Para 2
Category: Geography   Science   Turkey   
Topic: [Dr. Parrot of Dorpat, and an astronomer, a mineralogist, a zoologist and a botanist, have started for Ararat. The Russian emperor has sent a chasseur to accompany them and a "proper pocket chronometer" ]
Institution: University of Dorpat   Imperial Institute, St. Petersburg   

Issue: 093, 05/08/29 p. 487-488
Heading: Shades of the Dead.--No. IV. (The Humourists:I). Sir Thomas Browne
Category: History Of Science   Philosophy   Psychology   Literature   Science   Religion   
Topic: [Survey of the writings of Sir Thomas Browne, defining humour as opposed to satire, "the grotesque", or wit. The article contains allusions to Browne`s work in "the natural philosophy of his age"]
Ed`s Mark: W. D.

Issue: 094, 12/08/29 p. 501
Heading: Shades of the Dead.--No. V. Wycliffe
Category: Philosophy   Philosophy Of Science   Philosophy Of Education   Christian Religion   
Topic: [Article, from a series on influential thinkers, containing a discussion on the nature of social reform. Popularisation of science is regarded as one way to achieve this (as opposed to "improving" a few people). It is best, like Wycliffe, to address everyone equally, without sacrificing scientific accuracy and detailed knowledge, by appealing to a universal moral sense]

Issue: 097, 02/09/29 p. 549-550
Heading: On Oikology
Category: Political Economy   Science   Philosophy Of Science   History Of Science   Agriculture   Enclosure   
Topic: [Response to an article outwith the Athenaeum. This is "the last number" of the "Quarterly Review". The relevant piece is entitled "Condition of the Lower Orders". The Athenaeum essay is a discussion of the emergent discipline of political economy and the debate as to its "nature", with reference to the issue of "consolidating small farms". Is "political economy" a pure science or a set of rules for conduct based on practical experience? Might its development resemble the development of other disciplines, as, for example the emergence of astronomy from astrology, from an omnipotent to a marginal status in the affairs of mankind, finally to attain the status of a pure science? The writer eventually seems to suggest that the "management of the state" is best served by a combination of practical sense and philosophy]
Source: Quarterly Review   Goldsmith: Deserted Village   
Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 568-569
Heading: Letter from Caroline. To the Editor of the Athenaeum
Category: Political Economy   Science   Philosophy Of Science   History Of Science   Agriculture   Ecology   Enclosure   
Topic: [A response to "On Oikology", an essay appearing in issue number 97 of the Athenaeum. The author, "Caroline" (the Athenaeum refers the reader to "Conversations on Political Economy" between "Mrs. B." and "Caroline") particularly objects to one inference of "On Oikology", that those who embrace the science of political economy support a policy of consolidating small farms and ejecting small tenants. Caroline`s letter contains a further critique of "On Oikology" from "a gentleman, a very old friend of Mrs. B." See separate record, under the heading printed in the Athenaeum, "Critique of an Essay on Oikology"]
Letter Signed: Caroline

Issue: 099, 16/09/29 p. 584-586
Heading: To Miss Caroline.--(Private)
Category: Political Economy   Science   Philosophy Of Science   History Of Science   
Topic: [Letter to Miss Caroline signed Ephraim Mullens, complaining that he has been drawn into a "paper controversy" with Mr. Johnson for Caroline`s amusement. It also contains Mullens` "Answer to a Critique of an Essay upon Oikology" (see separate record in this database)]
Person: JOHNSON, Jonathan   WOOLLER   
Letter Signed: MULLENS, Ephraim

Issue: 099, 16/09/29 p. 585-586
Heading: Answer to a Critique of an Essay upon Oikology
Category: Political Economy   Science   Philosophy Of Science   History Of Science   
Topic: [Ephraim Mullens "answers" the points raised in Johnson`s "Critique" in eight allegedly unconnected paragraphs, implicitly accusing Johnson of incoherence and obtuseness. The paragraphs include comments upon the lowering of standards in the "learned professions"]
Person: MULLENS, Ephraim   JOHNSON, Jonathan   WHEWELL, Mr.   RICARDO   NORTH, Sir Dudley   NEWTON, Sir Isaac   SMITH, Adam   BACON, Lord   MARCET, Mrs.   
Issue: 100, 23/09/29 p. 597-598
Heading: Quip Modest on a Late Retort Courteous. Being the Substance of a Dialogue Supplementary to Mrs. Marcet`s "Conversations on Political Economy"
Category: Political Economy   Science   Philosophy Of Science   History Of Science   
Topic: ["Platonic" dialogue involving participants: the fictitious "Mrs. B." of Mrs. Marcet`s book to popularize the subject of political economy; Miss Caroline the adopted "niece" of Jonathan Johnson; Jonathan Johnson and Ephraim Mullens, the main adversaries in the controversy over Mullens` Athenaeum article "On Oikology". It starts with a scarcely veiled, vitriolic attack upon Mullens, (Johnson has trodden, in the scenario, "upon a fat aristocratic spaniel, who is made to feel the horrors of all sudden revolutionary transitional social movements".) It ends with a fiercely eloquent defence of the science of political economy.]
Person: MARCET, Mrs.   JOHNSON, Jonathan   CAROLINE   MULLENS, Ephraim   BULWER, Mr.   RICARDO   THOMPSON, Peronnet   HUSKISSON   BURKE, Edmund   
Source: London Magazine   Mrs. Marcet: Conversations on Political Economy   
Dramatic Dialogue
Issue: 101, 30/09/29 p. 912
Heading: Westminster Review. Sept. 1829
Category: Periodicals   Philosophy Of Science   
Topic: This is beyond contradiction the mechanical age, as some of its satirists in derision have been pleased to call it. [Satirical comment on the running of Westminster Review, referring to the belief in science and industry of its editor]. The editor, we are credibly informed, is the only human being on the establishment; and is merely employed in sorting and arranging the "articles" which the critical machine throws off with unrivalled celerity and precision [...]
Person: MACAULEY   
Source: Westminster Review   

Issue: 102, 07/10/29 p. 629-630
Heading: Jacobite Minstrelsy
Category: Philosophy   Music   Literature   Poetry   Anthropology   Philology   Historical Sciences   History Of Civilization   General Coincident Historical Considerations   
Topic: [The antiquity of poetry, particularly song which is, "the literature of the people". Comparative examples may be found in the songs of the Ancient Greeks (and Romans), and of the "Celtic, Sclavonic, or Gothic" ancestors of the "races of modern Europe". The oral and written tradition. What is a song? What is the relationship between words and music, and, within songs, the relationship of words as sounds and as "the representatives of visible images"? The role of songs of protest, such as Jacobin songs]

Issue: 102, 07/10/29 p. 631
Heading: London University
Category: Science   Education   
Topic: The Sessional Initiatory Lecture [...] delivered in the Medical Theatre, on Thursday the 1st instant, by Professor Bell. [The difference in origin of London University and the old universities of England. The old universities were founded more to preserve religion than to extend learning and improve science. Though the universities of Scotland were less bound by the church and have encouraged science they still require constitutional reform. London University, however, has a constitution which protects thecontinuing provision of "the learning, sciences, and arts, which are useful to men in the pursuits of active life . ."]
Institution: University of London   East India Company   
, 01/10/1829
Issue: 104, 21/10/29 p. 663-664
Heading: Mount Vesuvius in 1829. (From the German)
Category: Geography   Italy   Geology   Volcanoes   Literature   Science   
Topic: [The trip of a party of Germans to the erupting crater of Vesuvius, described in detail by Herr Waiblinger. Emotive writing personifying the volcano which is called "Fra Diavolo" and giving the subjective impressions of the writer, is mixed with writing which attempts to assess the dimensions of the crater, the height of the cinder cones, the pace and intensity of the activity, the course and heat of the lava stream. The writer resolves the tensions between the two aspects of his own account by projecting the spirit of "scientific" enquiry onto his companions. "They", he claims, were determined "to examine the crater in a thorough truly German manner". He did not feel the need to enter the crater; he "seated [himself] comfortably" and "contemplated the rich colours in this mighty volcano" ]
Person: WAIBLINGER, Herr   
Source: Abend Zeitung   
Issue: 105, 28/10/29 p. 682, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Vandalism, Para 2
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Greece   Italy   France   British Isles   Town Planning   Architecture   Preservation   
Topic: [A comparison between the fate of ancient remains at the hands of the Turks and the descendants of the Greeks and Romans with the fate of Roman remains at Bordeaux as late as the time of Louis XIV. The latter were dismantled to make a defensive wall. Also, some remains found at the abbey at Glastonbury in 1792 were used to make a road]
Source: Stuart`s Athens   Historical Introduction to the Avalonian Guide   

Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 714
Heading: London University
Category: Education   Science   Astronomy   Political Economy   Physics   Chemistry   
Topic: [Opening of the ordinary session of the London University. Introductory lecture by Lardner]
Person: LARDNER, Dr.   NEWTON, Sir Isaac   LAVOISIER   WATT, James   DAVY, Sir Humphrey   AMOS, Prof.   DALE   
Institution: University of London   
Paper, 02/11/29
Issue: 108, 18/11/29 p. 727
Heading: The Leith Smack
Category: Geography   Travel   Ships   Scotland   Medicine   Astronomy   Education   Science   
Topic: [Informal, personal account of a sea trip from London to Leith in 1829. Contains a vignette upon the old Scottish chaperone of two young ladies and her comments upon the modern (scientific) education of girls]
, 01/06/1829 Signed: P. W.

Issue: 108, 18/11/29 p. 727
Heading: The Leith Smack
Category: Geography   Travel   Ships   Scotland   Medicine   Astronomy   Education   Science   
Topic: [Informal, personal account of a sea trip from London to Leith in 1829. Contains a vignette upon the old Scottish chaperone of two young ladies and her comments upon the modern (scientific) education of girls]
, 01/06/1829 Signed: P. W.

Issue: 110, 02/12/29 p. 758-759
Heading: History of Icthyology
Category: Zoology   Icthyology   History Of Science   Philosophy Of Science   Literature   Food   
Topic: The following abstract of the History of Icthyology, by the Baron Cuvier, prefixed to his great work on the "Natural History of Fishes", has been prepared for "The Revue Encyclopedique", by M. Flourens, the author of the article on the effect of cold on animals, inserted a few weeks since in "The Athenaeum". The work of M. Cuvier above alluded to, has advanced as far as the fourth volume. When complete it will consist of between fifteen and twenty volumes octavo, or from eight to ten quarto
Source: Revue Encyclopedique   
Issue: 110, 02/12/29 p. 762
Heading: Meeting of German Naturalists
Category: Science   Natural History   Archaeology   Chemistry   Crystallography   Germany   Congresses   Assemblies   
Topic: [Annual assembly of the naturalists of Germany at Heidelberg, held the previous year at Berlin. Representatives of the Sciences from England, France, Russia and the Netherlands. Speech by Tiedemann. Letter from Goethe. British naturalists were Leonard and Coddington. Leonard gave an account of vitrified forts in Scotland and Coddington showed an apparatus "for centralising light". Next convention to be at Hamburg]
Issue: 111, 09/12/29 p. 774-775
Heading: History of Icthyology. (Concluded from p. 758)
Category: Zoology   Icthyology   Literature   Classical Literature   History Of Science   
Topic: [Second part of Flourens` abstract of Cuvier`s "Natural History of Fishes"]
Issue: 115, 09/01/30 p. 10-12
Heading: On the Scotch Spirit
Category: Scotland   Psychology   Philosophy   Social Sciences   Sociology   Public Opinion   Politics   
Topic: [Is there truly a Scottish national character?]
Source: Edinburgh Review   Guesses at Truth   
Institution: East India Company   Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge   

Issue: 115, 09/01/30 p. 15-16
Heading: Travelling College
Category: Education   Travel   Geography   Science   Political Science   
Topic: [The formation of a school for young men in which different subjects, each appropriate to a different country, are to be studied intensively in the course of a stay in that country. Lessons will take place by correspondence. A visit to Italy will teach the arts, to Switzerland, the natural sciences, and to England the study of political science]
Person: DELABORDE, M. Alexandre   LORIOL, M.   
Source: L`Oriol: Geographie Physique et Historique de la France, par Bassins   Gazette d`Instruction Publique   

Issue: 116, 09/01/30 p. 17
Heading: Prospectus of the New Series
Category: Periodicals   Communication   Science   Literature   Art   Trade   
Topic: The Proprietors of the Athenaeum, in presenting a New Series to their Subscribers, Advertisers and the Public, deem it proper to state...the be adopted for the future. [The Athenaeum makes a statement to its readers. It has altered its day of publication to a Saturday. It will be in smaller type to get more in. There will be a greater range of contributors, including some "eminent authors" and ex-writers for the London Weekly Review. It will concentrate on quality reviewing and article-writing, not journalistic speed. It promises "an increased attention to Foreign Literature, to the Drama, to Works of Embellishment, and to the progress of the Arts and Sciences in Foreign Countries, no less than at home". And now containing "commercial intelligence", it is expected to "find its way to the Study, the Breakfast-table, and the Counting-house, of the intelligent throughout the Kingdom, as well as in the British possessions abroad"]
Source: Athenaeum   London Weekly Review   

Issue: 116, 09/01/30 p. 31
Heading: Iodic Acid: Error of Sir Humphry Davy, Corrected
Category: Chemistry   History Of Science   Illusions   False Scientific Doctrines   
Topic: ["All authors" take for granted the existence of iodo-sulphuric, iodo-nitric, and iodo-phosphoric acids, because they were described by Davy. Serullas has now disproved the existence of these compounds having procured pure iodic acid]
Person: DAVY, Sir Humphrey   SERULLAS, M.   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
, 21/12/1829
Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 45, Section: Science
Heading: Antiquity of the Sciences, Para 5
Category: Astronomy   History Of Science   
Topic: [Astronomy is the oldest science, according to Cuvier. The Chinese observed an eclipse in 776 B.C.]
Source: Cuvier: First Lecture on the Natural Sciences   
Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 46
Heading: Period of the first formation of the Egyptian Delta
Category: Geology   History Of Science   
Topic: [The successive beds of Nile mud show that 2000 years before Christ the Nile Delta must not have existed. This confirms an account of Herodotus]

Issue: 118, 30/01/30 p. 62, Section: Scientific and Miscellaneous
Heading: Vice-President of the French Institution for 1830, Para 4
Category: Science   
Topic: [Dumeril wins the election contest for vice-presidency of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Paris, 1830]

Issue: 119, 06/02/30 p. 65
Heading: On Education. First Conversation. Eubulus and Philochares. Munich, Jan. 8 (Continuation next week)
Category: Education   Children   Psychology   Mental Development   Philosophy   Folklore   Popularization Of Science   Natural History   
Topic: [Dialogue, in which the father of a motherless boy, sets out before a confidante, the philosophy of education which will make good his son`s lack]
Source: Bewick: Quadrupeds   Arabian Nights   
Dramatic Dialogue
Issue: 120, 13/02/30 p. 90-91
Heading: On Education. First Conversation.--Part II. Eubulus and Philochares
Category: Education   Children   Science   Natural History   Folklore   Geography   Psychology   Mental Development   Popularization Of Science   
Topic: [Second dialogue in the philosophy of education]
Dramatic Dialogue
Issue: 120, 13/02/30 p. 94-95
Heading: Mr. Buckingham`s Lectures
Category: Geography   Trade   Middle East   Science   Applied Science   
Topic: [Buckingham`s last lecture at the London Institution in Moorfields, on the geography of Eastern countries. Forthcoming lectures, however, on India and trade "could not with so much propriety be given" at an institution "devoted to science in its more abstract sense"]
Person: BUCKINGHAM, James Silk   
Institution: London Institution   
Issue: 120, 13/02/30 p. 95, Section: Scientific and Miscellaneous
Heading: Pliny the most laborious of Writers, Para 6
Category: Philosophy   Science And Knowledge   
Topic: [Cuvier`s comments on the derivative nature of Pliny`s writings]
Person: PLINY   CUVIER   

Issue: 120, 13/02/30 p. 95, Section: Scientific and Miscellaneous
Heading: The Predominant Profession, Para 4
Category: Education   Medicine   Science   
Topic: [Statistics on students at Gottingen University]

Issue: 120, 13/02/30 p. 95, Section: Scientific and Miscellaneous
Heading: The Use of Scientific Discoveries, Para 1
Category: Philosophy Of Science   
Topic: [Anecdote of Davy on the potential and growing use of science to society]
Person: DAVY, Sir Humphrey   
Source: Davy: Consolations in Travel   
Institution: Royal Society   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 106, Section: Science
Heading: Paris Academy of Sciences. Election of a New Member, Para 1
Category: Science   Geography   
Topic: [Roussin elected to the section of Geography and Navigation]
Person: ROUSSIN, Rear-Admiral Baron   ROSSELL, M. de   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 111
Heading: Mr. Watson`s Plan for preventing Ships from foundering at Sea, Etc.
Category: Inventions   Public Health   Safety   Accidents   Science   
Topic: [The Athenaeum applauds Faraday`s announcement that Watson will demonstrate his safety scheme at the Royal Institution at last. He has been demonstrating it to friends, at home, for some time]
Institution: Royal Institution   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 111
Heading: Proportion of Lunatics in Great Britain, France and America
Category: Medicine   Insanity   Social Sciences   
Topic: [Statistics on insanity and "cures" which have been claimed by various institutions]

Issue: 124, 13/03/30 p. 158
Heading: A Visionary of Fifty Years ago
Category: Science   Literature   Philosophy   Imagination   Inventions   Steam Power   
Topic: [A literary item, illustrating public resistance to new scientific ideas]

Issue: 124, 13/03/30 p. 158
Heading: Baron Heurteloup`s Lithotritic Operation
Category: Medicine   Urogenital System   Philosophy Of Science   
Topic: [Heurteloup has given demonstrations at the "principal London medical institutions". The Athenaeum admires both his surgical skill and theoretical knowledge]
Person: HEURTELOUP, Baron   

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 169-170
Heading: Reminiscences of the Latter Days of Kant
Category: Philosophy   Science   
Topic: [Biographical memoir of Kant which refers to his interest in science]

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 171, Section: Paris Academy of Sciences
Heading: Hospital Registers in France
Category: Medicine   France   Public Health   Medical Profession   Statistics   Public Administration   Social Sciences   
Topic: [The "office of management" of the hospitals of Paris has decided to discontinue the "register of the cases and their treatment". Dupuytren regrets this]
Institution: Academie des Sciences   Hospital of Florence   Office of Management of the Hospitals of Paris   

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 175
Category: Literature   Science   
Topic: [Pettigrew`s "first Conversazione for the season" took place at his house recently]
Person: PETTIGREW   
Institution: Mr. Pettigrew`s House in Saville-street   
Conversazione, March, 1830
Issue: 126, 27/03/30 p. 186-187
Heading: Photometry. Conversazione at the Royal Institution
Category: Physics   Light   Heat   Geography   Alps   History Of Science   
Topic: [Ritchie`s lecture on] the comparison of the relative intensity of light
Source: Watson: Chemical Essays   Encyclopaedia Britannica   
Institution: Royal Institution   Royal Society   
Lecture, 19/03/1830
Issue: 126, 27/03/30 p. 187
Heading: Society of Arts. Conversazione, Tuesday, March 23rd
Category: Agriculture   History   Engineering   Inventions   Manufactures   Steam Power   Education   Popularization Of Science   
Topic: Corn Mills. [The Athenaeum finds the subject of the lecture resistant to illustration or public demonstration; the material could have been found in books]
Institution: Society of Arts   
Lecture, 23/03/1830
Issue: 126, 27/03/30 p. 190
Category: Medicine   Anatomy   Locomotor System   Popularization Of Science   
Topic: At a lecture on Comparative Anatomy [...] a fine adult skeleton of an individual stated to have belonged to Napoleon`s Legion of Honour [...] was produced
Person: DEWHURST   
Institution: Westminster Co-operative Institution   
Lecture, 12/03/1830
Issue: 126, 27/03/30 p. 191
Heading: Resemblance between Chinese Music and Scotch
Category: Historical Sciences   History Of Civilization   General Coincident Historical Considerations   Music   
Topic: [The coincidental similarity of Chinese music and Scottish music proves the antiquity of both]
Person: SEMEDO, Father   CARERI, Dr.   BURNEY, Dr.   ROUSSIER, Abbe   RAMEAU   DU HALDE   LIND, Dr.   
Source: Constable`s Miscellany - History of Music   Roussier: Memoires sur la Musique des Anciens   

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 202-203
Heading: Statistics. Conversazione at the Royal Institution
Category: Social Sciences   Demography   Mortality   Mathematics   Insurance   Medicine   Public Health   
Topic: The doctrine of Life Expectancies formed the subject of a lecture delivered by Mr. Brookes this evening. [After the lecture, Faraday announced that Drummond`s lecture on the geodaetical survey of Ireland had been postponed]
Institution: Royal Institution   
Lecture, 26/03/1830
Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 203
Heading: Society of Antiquaries
Category: Historical Sciences   Antiquities   Philology   
Topic: Some very ancient portraits connected with early history of England [...] the etymology of the ancient term, Attic [...] an interesting and amusing protest made in the time of Queen Elizabeth against the extension of London
Person: HAMILTON   ELLIS   HOSKING, W.   STAUNTON, Sir George   
Institution: Society of Antiquaries   
Paper[s], 01/04/1830
Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 206
Heading: English Universities
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   Education   
Topic: [Numbers of students at Oxford and Cambridge]

Issue: 128, 10/04/30 p. 219-220
Heading: The Marmoset
Category: Zoology   Primates   Man   Biological Sciences   Anthropology   Phrenology   
Topic: [The] comparative excellence of men and monkeys. [The likeness is admitted to be "mortifyingly conspicuous"]
Essay Signed: J.

Issue: 128, 10/04/30 p. 222
Category: Social Sciences   Demography   Statistics   
Topic: [Population of Sweden, 1826-1829]

Issue: 129, 17/04/30 p. 232-233
Heading: Reminiscences of the Latter Days of Kant. (Second Article)
Category: Biography   Philosophy   Science   Literature   
Topic: [Kant`s esteem for science, over and above "all that was exaggerated, either in manners or language"]

Issue: 129, 17/04/30 p. 235
Heading: Academie des Sciences
Category: Science   Literature   Poetry   
Topic: Election of the poet Lamartine
Source: Le Globe   

Issue: 129, 17/04/30 p. 238
Category: Historical Sciences   Antiquities   Archaeology   
Topic: [The Astrolabe has made a new journey to Egypt]
Person: CHAMPOLLION   DURVILLE, M. Dumont   

Issue: 130, 24/04/30 p. 250-251
Heading: Mr. Owen`s Lectures
Category: Philosophy   Social Sciences   Economics   
Topic: On Sunday last Mr. Owen commenced, according to previous advertisement, a series of lectures at the Mechanics` Institution [...] to point out the best means of ameliorating the moral, mental, and political condition of mankind
Person: OWEN, Mr.   
Institution: Mechanics` Institution   
Issue: 130, 24/04/30 p. 251
Heading: Royal Academy of Sciences and Belles Lettres, Brussels
Category: Mathematics   Historical Sciences   Libraries   Archaeology   Physics   Magnetism   
Topic: [...] de Chastes, on newly-discovered properties in cones of the second degree [...] Dumortier [...] on two MSS. found in the library of Tournay [...] Roman buildings [...] by M. Reuvens [...] Quetelet [...] on magnetic intensity
Institution: Royal Academy of Sciences and Belles Lettres, Brussels   
Paper[s], 03/04/1830
Issue: 130, 24/04/30 p. 253
Heading: Antiquities
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Antiquities   Geology   Coal   
Topic: [Extract of a letter from Rome on excavations of antiquities, and the discovery of a coal mine]
Letter, 31/03/1830
Issue: 130, 24/04/30 p. 254
Heading: Museum of Arts, St. Petersburg
Category: Historical Sciences   Antiquities   Museums   
Topic: [Money spent by the Emperor directly on this institution]
Person: RUSSIA, Emperor of   
Institution: Imperial Academy of Arts and Sciences, St. Petersburg   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 267
Heading: Society of Antiquaries
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Palaeontology   
Topic: [...] Among the presents to the Society laid on the table, was a singularly interesting lithographic print of the various fossil animals discovered in divers parts of Dorsetshire, restored in body, and placed in the actions they appear fitted for
Institution: Society of Antiquaries   
Exhibition, 23/04/1830
Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 268
Heading: Egypt. [From a Friend at Alexandria]
Category: Trade   Communication   Geography   North Africa   Oceans   Red Sea (and Suez Canal)   Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Philology   Mining   
Topic: [The busyness of Egypt since the Suez Canal has been constructed. Complaints of the indifference of the British government to science (archaeological research) compared with the French and Tuscan governments. Some British miners have come to Egypt to bore for water and help relieve the drought]
Institution: Government of France   Government of Tuscany   
Letter, 07/03/1830
Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 283, Section: Foreign Correspondence
Heading: Munich, April, 1830, Para 2
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   Education   Political Economy   Physics   Law   Christian Religion   
Topic: [One hundred and seventy lectures scheduled for the forthcoming summer session. The information given shows what subjects are emphasized ]
Institution: University of Munich   
Signed: "T. T."

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 285
Heading: Paris Chit-Chat, Para 5
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   
Topic: The sixth monthly meeting of the Societe de Statistique Universelle has just taken place
Person: MOREAU, M. Cesar   
Institution: Societe de Statistique   

Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 297-298
Heading: Geodesical Survey of Ireland. Royal Institution. Conversazione, April 7
Category: Geography   Geodesy   British Isles   Astronomy   The Earth   Philosophy Of Science   
Topic: [Extension of the geodesical survey of Britain to include Ireland, which has been done on a larger scale than the survey of England. Improvement of methods, including the use of a geometrical "base line", to ensure greater accuracy. The physical difficulty of seeing distant points is converted, in this account, into a metaphor for the advancement of scientific knowledge.]
Institution: Government Office of Ordnance   East India Company   
Lecture, 07/04/1830
Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 298
Heading: Royal Society. Thursday, May 13
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   
Topic: [Description of a] Mummy found in Peru
Person: CARTER, Dr. (R.N.)   SABINE, Capt.   
Paper, 13/05/1830
Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 298
Heading: Society of Antiquaries
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   
Topic: [Roman antiquities discovered on the Newmarket race-course]
Person: GURNEY, Hudson   ELLIS   
Letter, 13/15/1830
Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 302
Heading: Antiquities, Para 9
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   
Topic: ["Eight or ten" tumuli have been opened in Etruria]

Issue: 134, 22/05/30 p. 316
Heading: Royal Society. Thursday, May 20
Category: Astronomy   Science   Professional Ethics   Social Relations   Medicine   Urogenital System   
Topic: [Report refers to an angry discussion involving the astronomer, Mr. South, without giving further details. Baron Heurteloup`s paper on dealing with calculi (stones) in the bladder without cutting, is postponed]
Person: SOUTH   GILBERT, Davies   SABINE, Capt.   HEURTELOUP, Baron   COSTELLO   CARTER, Dr. (R.N.)   
Institution: Royal Society   College of Surgeons   
, 20/05/1830
Issue: 134, 22/05/30 p. 318
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   
Topic: [Ancient Greek vessels from a temple of Mercury have been found by a "countryman, digging in a field near the hamlet of Villeret, France". The temple will be "the object of continued research"]

Issue: 134, 22/05/30 p. 318
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   
Topic: [Discovery by Du Mege of an ancient city close to Toulouse]
Person: DU MEGE   

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: Bohemia, Para 14
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   Geography   Demography   Bohemia   Czechoslovakia   
Topic: [Statistics on population increase in Bohemia, 1772 to date]

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: French Statistic Society, Para 5
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   Agriculture   
Topic: [The "Societe de Statistique" is mentioned for its usefulness. The Athenaeum believes a British counterpart is bound to follow. The most recent meeting of the French society "communicated extensive researches upon the corn crops in France"]
Person: CHAPTAL, Count   
Institution: Societe de Statistique   

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: Slaves of China, Para 1
Category: Geography   China   Social Sciences   Statistics   Political Science   Slavery   
Topic: [Projected extent of slavery in China, "involuntary" and "voluntary". The Chinese law relating to slaves]

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: Vienna, Para 3
Category: Geography   Austria   Social Sciences   Statistics   Medicine   Public Health   
Topic: [Statistics on population in Vienna, 1801 to 1825]

Issue: 136, 05/06/30 p. 346-347
Heading: University Memoranda. To the Editor of the Athenaeum. Gottingen, 6 May, 1830
Category: Education   Europe   Social Sciences   Statistics   Medicine   Medical Profession   Women   Mathematics   Natural History   Historical Sciences   Philology   Archaeology   
Topic: [Report from the University of Gottingen, comparing university provision in the Netherlands, Prussia, Russia and Germany. Two successful accounts of female doctors are given, Erxleben and Wyttenbach]
Institution: University of Gottingen   University of Halle   University of Marburg   University of Bonn   University of Giessen   University of Munich   University of Leyden   University of Louvain   University of Liege   University of Utrecht   University of Ghent   University of Groningen   University of Dorpat   University of Kiel   
Letter, 06/05/1830 Signed: "K".

Issue: 136, 05/06/30 p. 347
Heading: Royal Society. Thursday, May 27
Category: Medicine   Urogenital System   Professional Ethics   Science   
Topic: [Refers to the argument which was only alluded to in the last Royal Society report (Issue 134, May 20, 1830): a "stormy sitting" had been expected because of "the charges which had been made against the management of the society, by some of the members in-doors, and by Mr. Babbage..." Then business carried on. Dr. Roget read "the communication from Mr. Costello on Lithotrity"]
Person: BABBAGE   ROGET, Dr.   COSTELLO   SABINE, Capt.   NORTHAMPTON, Marquis of   WYATVILLE, Sir Jeffrey   PUSEY, P.   WOOD, J. (of the Trinity House)   WATSON   
Institution: Royal Society   
Report, 27/05/1830
Issue: 136, 05/06/30 p. 350
Heading: Public Lands, United States, Para 19
Category: Statistics   Social Sciences   Geography   History   North America   
Topic: [Statistics on American land "wrested from the Indians"]

Issue: 138, 19/06/30 p. 378
Heading: Northern Asia. [Extracts from the Correspondence of Dr. Erman]
Category: Geography   Social Anthropology   Asia   Tibet   Russian Empire   Physics   Magnetism   Electromagnetism   Philosophy Of Science   Religion   
Topic: A Visit to the Lamas of Siberia. [Extracts from an originally private correspondence between Dr. Erman in Tibet and his father, Professor Erman in Berlin. They are introduced by an editorial note: "To the scientific observer, they will afford novel and attractive matter, whether his pursuits be directed to the spacious field of nature, or the less sublime, though scarcely less interesting, study of man"]
Person: HANSTEEN, Prof. (of Christiana)   DUE, Lieut. (of Christiana)   ERMAN, Dr.   ERMAN, Prof.   CHAMBA-LAMA   DALAI-LAMA of THIBET   GENTIMUR, Prince (Officer of the Cossacks)   
Letter, Spring, 1829 Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 138, 19/06/30 p. 382
Category: Science   France   
Topic: [Fourrier to be "perpetual secretary" of French Academy of Sciences]
Person: FOURRIER, M.   ARAGO, M.   POINSOT, M.   BIOT, M.   PUISSANT, M.   MOLARD, Baron Humbert de   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 138, 19/06/30 p. 382
Category: Social Sciences   Public Administration   France   Medicine   Public Health   Domestic Animals   
Topic: [Paris dogs to be muzzled and collared]

Issue: 138, 19/06/30 p. 382
Heading: Censorship, Para 13
Category: Printing   Communication   Periodicals   Religion   Science   Philosophy   Ethics   
Topic: [Long historical precedent for the censorship of printed materials]
Person: FRANCIS THE FIRST, King of France   

Issue: 139, 26/06/30 p. 394
Heading: Dissection in the Middle Ages
Category: Medicine   Anatomy   Surgery   History Of Medicine   History Of Science   
Topic: [History of anatomical knowledge, from a lecture of Cuvier]
Person: CUVIER   GALEN   MUNDINUS   GABRIEL (of Zerbis)   ACHILLINI, Alexander   BERENGER, James (of Carpi)   ANGELO, Michael   DA VINCI, Leonardo   GUNTER   DURER, Albert   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Lecture Ed`s Mark: "UNKNOWN"

Issue: 140, 03/07/30 p. 413
Category: Science   Popularization Of Science   
Topic: [..]several papers and essays were presented and read [...] but none of any particular public interest. [The only information given in the paragraph is that the Professor of Geometry at Montpelier was named as a corresponding member of the Academy at a subsequent meeting]
Person: GERGOGUE. M. (Professor of Geometry at Montpelier)   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
, 14/06/1830
Issue: 140, 03/07/30 p. 414
Category: Periodicals   Communication   France   Popularization Of Science   Cookery   Food   
Topic: [The press of France is represented as poor in critical coverage of books but quick to show trends in "popular taste". Popular taste in France just now "is almost,,,divine flights of pious poetry" along with a "Gastronomic Journal" published every three days]
Person: DE LA MARTINE   ALLETZ, Edouard   
Source: Alletz: La Nouvelle Messiade   Gastronomic Journal   
Ed`s Mark: RICE

Issue: 140, 03/07/30 p. 414
Heading: Obelisks of Thebes, Para 14
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   
Topic: [Baron Taylor has gone to Egypt on behalf of the French, to try and obtain the two obelisks at Thebes, one of which is claimed by the British consul]
Person: TAYLOR, Baron   EGYPT, Pasha of   

Issue: 142, 17/07/30 p. 443-444
Heading: Steam-Carriages
Category: Steam Power   Physics   Mechanics   Engineering   Philosophy Of Science   Theory And Practice   
Topic: [The limitations of steam power. Steam engines could not be made to go up hills without making them wastefully large. As yet this only makes them suitable for level railways. It is impossible to predict what future changes may be made. In the case of steam navigation it took from 1736 (when the idea of steam-boats was first patented) to 1805, to put a boat to sea]
Ed`s Mark: PARKE

Issue: 142, 17/07/30 p. 444
Heading: King`s College, London
Category: Education   Medicine   Science   
Topic: [Recent academic appointments made by the Council of King`s College]
Person: GREEN, J. H.   HAWKINS, Dr. Bisset   MAYO   HAWKINS, Dr. F. B.   HALL, Rev. T. G.   
Institution: King`s College, London   St. Thomas`s Hospital   Middlesex Hospital   Royal College of Surgeons   Royal College of Physicians   Magdalen College, Cambridge   

Issue: 142, 17/07/30 p. 444
Heading: London University
Category: Science   Education   
Topic: [Distribution of Prizes, including those in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Botany]
Person: CORLAS, Count   TURNER, W. A.   POWELL   TAYLOR, F.   
Institution: University of London   

Issue: 142, 17/07/30 p. 444
Heading: Sheathing of Ships
Category: Engineering   Materials Testing   Ships   Physics   Chemistry   Philosophy Of Science   Theory And Practice   
Topic: [Copper bottoms for ships are effective at stopping shells and seaweeds attaching themselves but the copper soon wears out. If the copper is in contact with zinc or iron, this does not happen. (Davy made some unsuccessful experiments on "sheathing" ships and another unnamed "scientific man" is working on the same thing now). Even if this research into electric action on metals may not be applied to the cladding of ships, it may be applied to other structures or in building]
Person: DAVY, Sir Humphrey   
Ed`s Mark: PARKE

Issue: 142, 17/07/30 p. 446
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Mexico   Chemistry   Philology   
Topic: [Mexican MS shown to the French Academy of Sciences. It is interesting on account of "the chemical analysis of the substance on which it is written" and from a philological point of view]
Person: BELHAMI, M.   
Source: Foreign Quarterly   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 144, 31/07/30 p. 475
Heading: Egyptian Temples. [From Personal Observation]
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Architecture   Building Materials   Engineering   Materials Testing   
Topic: The numerous antique temples that still decorate the Egyptian plains, are mostly built of a compact sandstone...
Ed`s Mark: PARKE

Issue: 144, 31/07/30 p. 478
Heading: Egina, Para 5
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Museums   
Topic: [Excavations here have led to the establishment of a museum]

Issue: 146, 14/08/30 p. 511
Heading: Paris and London -- Comparative Morals, Para 5
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   Crime   
Topic: [Statistics on crime in the two cities, relative to population]

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 524-525, Section: Foreign Correspondence
Heading: Character of the Belgians. Bruxelles, 12th August
Category: Social Anthropology   Social Sciences   Sociology   Public Opinion   
Topic: [An essay on how the "national character" (or as it here suggests, lack of character) of Belgium has been shaped under domination by other nations. Discusses the way public opinions and beliefs are formed and maintained]
Signed: "E."; Ed`s Mark: DILKE (Charles Wentworth [the first])

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 525
Heading: Paris Academy of Sciences. July 26
Category: Science   Biography   
Topic: M. Cuvier read a long and interesting paper, relating to our distinguished countryman, the late Sir Humphrey Davy...
Person: DAVY, Sir Humphrey   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Paper, 26/07/30
Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 526
Heading: Dutch Capitals, Para 4
Category: Geography   Holland   Social Sciences   Demography   
Topic: [Populations of three Dutch cities]

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 526
Heading: Population of Ghent, Para 2
Category: Geography   Belgium   Social Sciences   Demography   Statistics   
Topic: [Increase in population of the "Netherlands Manchester" since 1814]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 526
Heading: University of St. Petersburg, Para 1
Category: Geography   Russian Empire   Social Sciences   Statistics   Education   
Topic: [Rise in student numbers since 1826]
Institution: University of St. Petersburg   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 527
Heading: Russian Colonies in America, Para 12
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   Geography   Demography   Anthropology   Ethnology   
Topic: [Statistics on the racial makeup of the "Russian colonies in America"]

Issue: 148, 28/08/30 p. 541
Heading: The Udorama and Diorama, Leicester Square
Category: Art   Mountains   Popularization Of Science   Museums   
Topic: [Irreverent description of a model purporting to give "a grand view of the Valley of Grindelwald, in Switzerland.."]
Person: DALBERG, M.   

Issue: 148, 28/08/30 p. 542
Category: Geography   Exploration   History Of Science   Illusions   False Scientific Doctrines   
Topic: [Bafin is about to publish manuscripts to show that the Scandinavians visited America long before Columbus]
Person: BAFIN, M.   SILLIMAN   COLUMBUS   SEGVALSONS, Erling   HORDASON, Biorne   ADDSON, Endride   
Source: American Journal of Science   

Issue: 148, 28/08/30 p. 542
Heading: Bruxelles, Para 7
Category: Public Administration   Geography   Belgium   Science   Education   
Topic: [A new Belgian Academy of Arts and Sciences]

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 558
Heading: Lithographic Prints not Engravings, Para 6
Category: Printing   Art   Periodicals   Science   
Topic: The habit of calling lithographic prints engravings, obtains even with those who ought to know better. A cotemporaneous weekly newspaper, which calls itself literary and scientific, publishes a wretched lithographic print, and calls it, (we quote from memory) a beautiful "engraving"..

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 559
Heading: Jacotot`s System in Hindostan, Para 15
Category: Social Sciences   Education   
Topic: [One method of learning to read in India in the sixteenth century bears a resemblance to Jacotot`s System]
Person: JACOTOT   FAZIL, Abul   
Source: Ayeen Akberg   Abul Fazil: Institutes of the Emperor Akbar   

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 559
Heading: Malacca, Para 12
Category: Geography   Communication   Political Science   Slavery   
Topic: [Public assembly in Malacca on the best way to put an end to slavery]

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 559
Heading: Prussia, Para 11
Category: Statistics   Social Sciences   Geography   Demography   Germany   
Topic: [Population in Prussia in 1829 by area, compared with equivalent figures for 1820 and 1828]

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 559
Heading: United States, Para 9
Category: Geography   Social Sciences   Statistics   Communication   Post   Roads   Economy   Employment   North America   
Topic: [Table of statistics to show how education has raised the United States on a par with Europe]

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 572-573
Heading: French Institute
Category: Political Economy   Social Sciences   Literature   Poetry   
Topic: On the 26th of August the French Academy held its annual public sitting for the distribution of prizes...[Women were present. First prize to Say for a work on political economy. Second prize to Lucas for a work on the prison system in Europe and the United States. Third prize to De Norvins for a poem called "De l`immortalite de l`ame", the first time a poem has won the Monthyon prize. The fourth prize to De Chazet for a work in moral philosophy]
Person: PARCEVAL, M.   SAY   LUCAS, M. Ch.   NORVINS, M. de   CHAZET, M. Alisson de   LEMERCIER, M. Nepomucene   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 572
Heading: Ascent of Mount Blanc by Lieut. Wilbraham. Geneva, 12th August, 1830
Category: Geography   Exploration   Mountains   Alps   Popularization Of Science   
Topic: [Account of Wilbraham`s successful two-day expedition with six Swiss guides, giving details of the conditions, equipment used, rate of progress and exhaustingness. It also evokes the sights and sounds experienced on the way: hearing avalanches, seeing a goose by the summit of the Aiguille du Midi, a butterfly at the summit of Mont Blanc]
Person: WILBRAHAM, Lieut.   
Institution: Coldstream Guards   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 572
Heading: Burckhardt`s Correspondence with his Parents. Damascus, 1811
Category: Geography   Exploration   North Africa   Climate   Ecology   Social Anthropology   Popularization Of Science   
Topic: [Burckhardt landed at Aleppo in 1809, assumed the disguise of "an Indian trader of the Mahomedan faith", explored Syria, Arabia Petraea, the Great Desert, Upper Egypt, and Nubia before he died at Cairo in 1817, in "the cause of science and humanity". He says that his account of Syria, which has now been "so often described", must go beyond both physical and social geography and "introduce physical observations of every kind". So he concentrates on the weather and how he and his companions manage to survive their journey in the heat by being active in the morning and resting in the hottest hours. The charms which compensate for the discomfort are making a camp at night, either preparing simple food or receiving hospitality "from a numerous tribe of friendly Arabs" and feeling independent of European society]
Institution: African Society   
Letter, 16th Jan. 1811 Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 574
Category: Social Sciences   Education   France   
Topic: M. Jacotot, the founder of the celebrated Universal Instruction [....] has been called [...] to take upon himself the reform of French education generally...
Person: JACOTOT   LAFAYETTE, General   

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 574
Heading: National Character, Para 9
Category: Anthropology   Social Anthropology   Social Sciences   Sociology   Public Opinion   
Topic: [What characteristics of ancient ancestors have been retained by modern European nations]
Person: ORLEANS, Regent Duke of   D`ARGONNE   
Source: D`Argonnente   

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 575
Heading: Madrid, Para 12
Category: Architecture   Town Planning   Museums   Libraries   Social Sciences   Statistics   
Topic: [A "statistical table" of the public buildings in Madrid]
Institution: Cabinet of Natural History, Madrid   Museum of Artillery, Madrid   Botanic Garden, Madrid   

Issue: 151, 18/09/30 p. 588-589
Heading: Manchester Railway
Category: Steam Power   Communication   Ships   Railways   Engineering   Inventions   Philosophy Of Science   
Topic: [A short article on the rapid advance of steam power in approximately twenty years, from the author`s first experience of a slow paddle steamer ride from Bath to Bristol to today`s "steam carriages, flying over the country at the rate of thirty miles an hour". The engines are described as if animate. There are general observations on the state of the arts]
Person: HUSKISSON   WELLINGTON, Duke of   

Issue: 151, 18/09/30 p. 588
Heading: On the Antiquity of Oil Painting
Category: Science   Chemistry   Art   Historical Sciences   
Topic: [What has been thought of as the earliest known oil painting, dated 1297, has now been examined by Lanzi who believes that the colours have not been mixed with linseed oil, but white of egg]
Person: MUTINA, Thomas Von   LANZI   MORELLI (of Venice)   MARIA, Chevalier   FEDERICI, Giov. (of Treviso)   
Source: Lanzi: Storia Pittorica   
Institution: Imperial Gallery, Vienna   

Issue: 151, 18/09/30 p. 590
Heading: The Jesuits, Para 3
Category: Christian Religion   Social Sciences   Statistics   
Topic: [Statistics on Jesuitical institutions in Europe, Africa and America]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 151, 18/09/30 p. 591
Category: Social Sciences   Sociology   Public Opinion   Social Anthropology   
Topic: [Another paragraph about national character or national stereotypes - of the inhabitants of China, Britain, France and Italy]

Issue: 151, 18/09/30 p. 591
Heading: University of Munich, Para 5
Category: Education   Germany   Social Sciences   Statistics   
Topic: It is mentioned, in a letter of the 20th August, that during the winter session 1830-1, one hundred and eighty-seven courses of lectures will be delivered by eighty-seven professors...[Numbers of academic courses in different disciplines]
Institution: University of Munich   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 152, 25/09/30 p. 606
Heading: Swiss Periodical Press, Para 6
Category: Periodicals   Science   Popularization Of Science   Communication   Statistics   
Topic: [...] four and twenty journals published every week in Switzerland, which devote their columns to scientific or light matter..[How many are Protestant and how many Catholic]

Issue: 152, 25/09/30 p. 606
Heading: University of Halle, Para 3
Category: Education   Germany   Social Sciences   Statistics   Medicine   
Topic: [Statistics on student numbers in each discipline]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 154, 09/10/30 p. 634-635
Heading: General Assembly of the Naturalists of Germany at Hamburgh
Category: Congresses   Assemblies   Science   Natural History   Medicine   Botany   Pharmacology   
Topic: [The aims of the assembly are to introduce far-flung natural historians to one another. Qualifications for membership: belonging to the medical profession or studying natural history. The effects are that participants forget "all national jealousies in the cause of nature and science". Struwe claimed that Germany and Russia were pre-eminent in astronomy; England and France were least good at it. Wendt spoke on animal magnetism. Other subjects were: the tides, and coffee]
Person: OKEN, Dr.   BARTELS, M.   STRUWE, Prof.   WENDT, Prof.   OERSTED, Prof.   WILLBRANDT, Prof.   PFAFF, Prof.   SIMON, Dr.   STERNBERG, Count   LICHTENSTEIN   JACQUIN, Prof.   LITTROW, M.   JAHN   
Source: Hamburgh Reporter   The Times   Isis   
Institution: General Assembly of the Naturalists of Germany   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 154, 09/10/30 p. 635
Heading: Account of the Discovery of the Egyptian Typhon. By J. Passalacqua, Director of the Royal Museum of Egyptian Antiquities at Berlin
Category: Archaeology   Palaeography   Historical Sciences   
Topic: [Examples of an unusual figure, "the genius of evil", on the coffin of a mummy at the King`s Museum, Berlin. The variant forms of the symbol]
Institution: Royal Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Berlin   
Signed: PASSALACQUA, J.; Ed`s Mark: SMITH

155 matching Articles shown.


Issue: 016, 18/03/28 p. 248
Heading: Notices of Books
Category: Science   Inventions   
Title: Arcana of Science and Art, or One Thousand Popular Inventions and Improvements, abridged from the Transactions of Public Societies and from the Scientific Journals, British and Foreign, of the past year

Issue: 016, 18/03/28 p. 248
Heading: Notices of Books
Category: Science   
Title: A Discourse on the Objects, Advantages, and Pleasures of Science
Author: BROUGHAM, Mr.   
Institution: Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge   

Issue: 047, 17/09/28 p. 737
Heading: Conversations on Geology
Category: Geology   Popularization Of Science   Children   
Title: Conversations on Geology; comprising a Familiar Explanation of the Huttonian and Wernerian Systems; the Mosaic Geology as explained by Mr. Granville Penn; the late Discoveries of Professor Buckland, Humboldt, Dr. Macculloch, and others
Author: PENN, Granville   

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 937
Heading: Catalogue Raisonne of Recent Publications
Category: Philosophy   Science   Christian Religion   
Title: The Cultivation of the Mind, an Object of Primary Importance
Author: DAVIES, Rev. J.   
Attribution: Author of "An Estimate of the Human Mind"
Institution: Southampton Institution   

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 938
Heading: Catalogue Raisonne of Recent Publications
Category: Education   Science   Literature   Philosophy   Philology   
Title: An Introductory Lecture delivered in the University of London, on Tuesday, November 11, 1828
Author: HURWITZ, Hyman   
Attribution: Professor of the Hebrew Language and Literature
Institution: University of London   

Issue: 060, 17/12/28 p. 950
Heading: Catalogue Raisonne of Recent Publications
Category: Philosophy   Education   Science   Religion   
Title: On the Knowledge of Christ Crucified, and other Divine Comtemplations. [...] With an Introductory Essay by the Rev. David Young, Perth
Author: HALE, Sir Matthew   
Attribution: Lord Chief Justice of King`s Bench, England

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 23
Heading: Universities and Public Schools
Category: Education   Philosophy   Science   Literature   
Title: Extracts from a Work preparing fro publication, under the title of "Select Notices of Universities and Public Schools"
Author: ANON   
Institution: University of Edinburgh   University of Glasgow   Trinity College, Dublin   Belfast Academical Institution   King`s College, Canada   Royal College, Vendome   University of Gottingen   University of Berlin   University of Warsaw   The Russian Gymnasia   Yale College   

Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 36-37
Heading: Practical Chemistry
Category: Science   Chemistry   
Title: Chemical Re-Agents or Tests; and their application in analysing Waters, Earths, Soils, Metalliferous Ores, Metallic Alloys, Etc.
Author: ACCUM, F.   

Issue: 067, 04/02/29 p. 66-67
Heading: Contre-Projet to the Humphreysian Code
Category: Legal Science   
Title: A Contre-Projet to the Humphreysian Code; and to the Projects of Redaction by Mesrs. Hammond, Uniacke, and Twiss
Author: PARK, John James   
Attribution: Barrister-at-law

Issue: 073, 18/03/29 p. 164-166
Heading: Infant Schools
Category: Science   Mathematics   Education   
Title: Letters on the System of Development, as pursued in Infants Schools
Author: ANON   
Attribution: By the Master of an Infant School

Issue: 074, 25/03/29 p. 177-180
Heading: Old English Ballads
Category: Literature   Folklore   Science   
Title: The Legendary Cabinet, a Collection of British National Ballads, Ancient and Modern, from the best Authorities, with Notes and Illustrations. [Review containing, in its discussion of ballads and poetry, scientific metaphors and allusions to the philosophy of science]
Author: PARRY, Rev. J. D.   

Issue: 076, 08/04/29 p. 210-211
Heading: Natural History
Category: Zoology   Philosophy   Science   Animal Habits, Personality   Domestic Animals   
Title: The Menageries; Quadrupeds described and drawn from living Subjects. Being Vol. I., Part I., of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge
Author: ANON   
Institution: Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge   

Issue: 076, 08/04/29 p. 216
Heading: Manual of Science
Category: Science   Literature   Education   
Title: The Manual of Science and Literature, and Weekly Register of the London Mechanics` Institution. Nos. I. and II.

Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 244-245
Heading: Education on the Continent
Category: Geography   Germany   Education   Science   Agriculture   Horticulture   
Title: Des Etablissemens pour l`Education Publique en Bavarice dans le Wurtemberg, et dans le pays de Bade, et Remarques sur les ameliorations a introduire dans ces establissemens pour les faire adopter en France, en Angleterre, et autres Pays
Author: LOUDON, J. C.   
Institution: La Societe pour l`Enseignement Elementaire a Paris   
Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 246
Heading: Chemistry
Category: Science   Chemistry   Philosophy   Education   
Title: A Chemical Catechism, in which the Elements of Chemistry, with the recent Discoveries in the Science, are clearly and fully explained. Illustrated by Notes, Engravings, and Tables; and containing an Appendix of Select Experiments, Etc.
Author: GRAHAM, Thomas John   
Attribution: Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London

Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 248
Category: Demography   Political Science   
Title: Two Lectures on Population
Author: SENIOR, N. W.   

Issue: 078, 22/04/29 p. 248
Category: Demography   Political Science   
Title: Two Lectures on Population
Author: SENIOR, N. W.   

Issue: 086, 17/06/29 p. 373
Heading: Phenomena of the Human Mind
Category: Philosophy   Psychology   Science   
Title: Analysis of the Phenomena of the Human Mind
Author: MILL, James   
Attribution: Author of the "History of British India" and "Elements of Political Economy"

Issue: 087, 24/06/29 p. 397
Heading: Engravings
Category: Arts   Science   Medicine   Language   
Title: London Characters, Designed and Etched by George Cruikshank
Author: CRUIKSHANK, George   

Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 404-406
Heading: Phenomena of the Human Mind
Category: Philosophy   Psychology   Science   
Title: Analysis of the Phenomena of the Human Mind. (Concluded from p. 373) [Second notice]
Author: MILL, James   

Issue: 089, 08/07/29 p. 420
Heading: The New Forest
Category: Novels   Science   
Title: The New Forest: a Novel. [Contains a character, "an innkeeper who attends scientific lectures, and hashes into his conversation the blundered nomenclature of natural philosophy", also contemporary descriptions of the New Forest]
Author: ANON   
Attribution: Author of "Brambletye House"

Issue: 090, 15/07/29 p. 440
Category: Literature   Science   Periodicals   
Title: The Extractor, or Universal Repertorium of Literature, Science, and the Arts; comprehending, under one general arrangement, the whole of the popular, scientific, valuable, and entertaining articles of interest to the general reader, from the American and English Reviews, Magazines, and Journals. Volume II

Issue: 094, 12/08/29 p. 497-498
Heading: The Pursuit of Knowledge
Category: Physics   Mechanics   Barometers   Philosophy Of Science   
Title: The Library of Entertaining Knowledge, Vol. III. Part I. The Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties; illustrated by Anecdotes

Issue: 095, 19/08/29 p. 514-515
Heading: The Pursuit of Knowledge
Category: Philosophy Of Science   Biography   Mathematics   
Title: The Library of Entertaining Knowledge, Vol. III, Part I. The Pursuit of knowledge under Difficulties; illustrated by Anecdotes
Author: ANON   

Issue: 102, 07/10/29 p. 628
Category: Periodicals   Education   Science   Literature   
Title: The London University Magazine. October, 1829. [Contains a slighting reference to the contents as "a Melange of the scientific and the agreeable"]

Issue: 106, 04/11/29 p. 685-687
Heading: Letter from Sydney
Category: Political Science   Political Economy   Migration   Colonization   Geography   Australia   North America   
Title: A Letter from Sydney, the principal Town of Australasia. Edited by Robert Gouger, together with the Outline of a System of Colonization

Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 708
Category: Periodicals   Science   Literature   
Title: The Polar Star (being a continuation of the Extractor,) of Entertainment and Popular Sciences, and Universal Repertorium of General Literature. Vol. I

Issue: 108, 18/11/29 p. 717-718
Heading: German Tales
Category: Philosophy   Philosophy Of Science   Mathematics   Literature   Poetry   
Title: Foreign Tales and Traditions; chiefly selected from the Fugitive Literature of Germany
Author: CUNNINGHAM, George G.   

Issue: 109, 25/11/29 p. 735-736
Heading: Perspective
Category: Art   Science   Geometry   Geography   Maps   
Title: Synopsis of Practical Perspective, Lineal and Aerial
Author: FIELDING, T. H.   
Attribution: Teacher of Drawing to the Senior Classes at the Hon. East India Company`s Military Academy
Institution: East India Company   

Issue: 109, 25/11/29 p. 738
Heading: Natural History
Category: Natural History   Science   Philosophy Of Science   Literature   Geology   
Title: Studies in Natural History; exhibiting a Popular View of the most striking and interesting Objects of the Material World. Illustrated by ten engravings
Author: RHIND, William   
Attribution: Member of the Royal Medical and Royal Physical Societies of Edinburgh
Institution: Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh   Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh   

Issue: 109, 25/11/29 p. 740
Heading: Botany
Category: Botany   Philosophy Of Science   Literature   
Title: Rare or Remarkable Phaenogamous Plants collected in South Kent; with Descriptive Notices and Observations
Author: SMITH, Gerard Edwards   
Attribution: Of St. John`s College, Oxford
Institution: University of Oxford   

Issue: 110, 02/12/29 p. 749-750
Heading: Elements of Physics, Etc
Category: Physics   Natural Philosophy   Philosophy Of Science   Heat   
Title: Elements of Physics, or Natural Philosophy, General and Medical, explained independently of Technical Mathematics. In two volumes. Volume II. Part I comprehending the subjects of Heat and Light
Author: ARNOTT, Neil   
Attribution: M. D.; Of the Royal College of Physicians
Institution: Royal College of Physicians   

Issue: 110, 02/12/29 p. 751-753
Heading: Natural History
Category: Natural History   Philosophy Of Science   Literature   Mineralogy   Geology   Cosmology   
Title: The British Naturalist
Author: ANON   
Issue: 111, 09/12/29 p. 766-768
Heading: History of Scotland
Category: Philosophy Of Science   Popularization Of Science   Encyclopaedias   Literature   
Title: History of Scotland. Volume I, being the Commencement of Dr. Lardner`s Cabinet Cyclopaedia
Author: SCOTT, Sir Walter   
Attribution: Bart.
Issue: 111, 09/12/29 p. 771-772
Category: Science   Popularization Of Science   Education   Scrap-books   
Title: Recreations in Science; or, a Complete Series of Rational Amusement
Author: ANON   
Attribution: Author of "Endless Amusements"

Issue: 111, 09/12/29 p. 772
Category: Medicine   Popularization Of Science   Education   Literature   
Title: The Study of Medicine, by John Mason Good, containing all the Author`s final Corrections and Improvements. Third Edition, with much additional modern Information on Physiology, Practice, Pathology, and the Nature of Diseases in General. By Samuel Cooper, Author of the "Dictionary of Practical Surgery", Etc
Author: GOOD, John Mason   
Attribution: M. D.; F. R. S.

Issue: 111, 09/12/29 p. 772
Category: Science   Mathematics   Popularization Of Science   Almanacs   Periodicals   
Title: The British Almanac for 1830
Institution: Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge   

Issue: 111, 09/12/29 p. 772
Category: Science   Popularization Of Science   Medicine   Health   
Title: Health without Physic
Author: ANON   
Attribution: "By an Old Physician"

Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 789
Category: Science   Literature   Periodicals   
Title: The Foreign Quarterly Review, No. IX.

Issue: 114, 30/12/29 p. 818-819
Heading: Letters from Bertha
Category: Science   Literature   Education   Children   Popularization Of Science   Encyclopaedias   Chemistry   Archaeology   
Title: Letters from Bertha, on a Visit to her Uncle, in England
Issue: 115, 09/01/30 p. 6-8
Heading: Insect Architecture
Category: Zoology   Entomology   Arachnida   Popularization Of Science   
Title: The Library of Entertaining Knowledge. Volume III. Part II. Insect Architecture
Issue: 116, 09/01/30 p. 22-24
Heading: Cabinet Cyclopaedia
Category: Geography   Geography Of History   Maps   Atlases   Popularization Of Science   Encyclopaedias   
Title: The History of Maritime and Inland Discovery. Volume I
Author: LARDNER, Rev. Dionysius   

Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 40
Heading: The Elephant
Category: Popularization Of Science   Natural History   Zoology   Animal Physiology   Animal Husbandry   Elephants   
Title: Popular Lectures on the Study of Natural History and the Sciences. Second edition
Author: LEMPRIERE, W.   
Attribution: M. D.

Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 41
Category: Geography   Education   Science   
Title: A Catechism of Geography. Second edition
Author: MURRY, Hugh   
Attribution: F. R. S. E.

Issue: 117, 23/01/30 p. 41
Category: Science   Education   
Title: A Catechism of the Works of Creation. Second edition
Author: SMITH, Peter   
Attribution: A. M.

Issue: 118, 30/01/30 p. 52-53
Heading: Love of Knowledge
Category: Popularization Of Science   Engineering   Canals   Psychology   Mental Development   
Title: The Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties; with Illustrations. Part VIII. of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge
Author: KNIGHT, Charles   
Institution: Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge   

Issue: 118, 30/01/30 p. 53
Heading: Hieroglyphics
Category: Archaeology   Philology   Philosophy Of Science   Steam Power   Christian Religion   
Title: Lectures on the Elements of Hieroglyphics and Egyptian Antiquities
Author: SPINETO, Marquis   

Issue: 119, 06/02/30 p. 70-72
Category: Popularization Of Science   Food   Wine-making   Chemical Industry   Chemistry   
Title: The Cabinet Cyclopaedia.--Domestic Economy. Volume I
Author: DONOVAN, Michael   

Issue: 119, 06/02/30 p. 72-73
Heading: Education
Category: Education   Science   
Title: The Literary and Scientific Class-Book. Second edition
Author: PLATTS, Rev. John   

Issue: 119, 06/02/30 p. 73
Heading: Education
Category: Education   Science   Literature   
Title: The Literary Blue Book; or Calendar of Literature, Science, and Art, for 1830
Author: ANON   

Issue: 120, 13/02/30 p. 82-83
Heading: Sir H. Davy`s Posthumous Work
Category: Philosophy Of Science   History Of Science   Christian Religion   Geology   Astronomy   Physics   Chemistry   
Title: Consolations in Travel; or, The Last Days of a Philosopher
Author: DAVY, Sir Humphrey   
Attribution: Late President of the Royal Society
Institution: Royal Society   

Issue: 123, 06/03/30 p. 135
Category: Physics   Time   Education   Children   Popularization Of Science   
Title: Conversations on Comparative Chronology
Author: ANON   

Issue: 125, 20/03/30 p. 168
Category: Inventions   Engineering   Steam Power   Communication   Periodicals   Popularization Of Science   
Title: The Arcana of Science and Art; or, an Annual Register of Popular Inventions and Improvements, Etc

Issue: 126, 27/03/30 p. 180-182
Heading: Travels in Asia Minor
Category: Geography   Turkey   Demography   Geology   Medicine   Infectious Diseases   Plague   Social Anthropology   Popularization Of Science   
Title: Voyages en Orient, entrepris par ordre du Gouvernement Francais, de l`Annee 1821 a l`Annee 1829. Vol. I. [Second notice]
Author: FONTANIER, V.   
Attribution: Ancien eleve de l`Ecole Normale Etc, Paris; Naturalist to the French Embassy to Constantinople
Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 197
Category: Natural History   Periodicals   Popularization Of Science   Education   Scotland   Social Anthropology   Burial   
Title: Sketches from Nature
Author: McDIARMID, John   

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 199-200
Category: Political Economy   Social Sciences   Emigration   Labour   Poetry   
Title: The Reproof of Brutus
Author: ANON   

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 201
Category: Science   Encyclopaedias   Political Economy   Social Sciences   Geography   Geodesy   Philosophy   Mathematics   Physics   
Title: Encyclopaedia Britannica: Seventh Edition; with the Supplement to the former Editions incorporated. Vol. I. Part I.

Issue: 128, 10/04/30 p. 219
Category: Periodicals   Natural History   Science   Geography   
Title: Edinburgh Journal of Natural and Geographical Science

Issue: 130, 24/04/30 p. 241
Heading: The East India Question
Category: Geography   India   Trade   Social Sciences   Political Science   Colonial Policy   
Title: India, or Facts to illustrate the Character and Condition of the Native Inhabitants. Part III
Author: RICKARDS, R.   
Institution: East India Company   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 257-258
Heading: National Colonization Society
Category: Social Sciences   Poverty   Political Economy   Emigration   Colonization   
Title: A Statement of the Principles and Objects of a proposed National Society, for the cure and prevention of Pauperism, by means of Systematic Colonization
Institution: National Colonization Society   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 260-262
Heading: The East India Question
Category: Geography   India   Trade   Agriculture   Social Sciences   Political Science   Colonial Policy   
Title: India, or Facts to illustrate the Character and Condition of the Native Inhabitants. Part III. [Continuation from last Number]
Author: RICKARDS, R.   
Institution: East India Company   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 265
Category: Social Sciences   Political Economy   Law   
Title: Juridical Letters addressed to the Rt. Hon. Robert Peel, in reference to the present crisis of Law Reform. Letter I
Author: EUNOMUS   

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 276-278
Heading: Lardner`s Cabinet Cyclopaedia
Category: Encyclopaedias   Physics   Mechanics   Popularization Of Science   Philosophy Of Science   History Of Science   Philosophy   Natural Philosophy   Manufactures   Labour   Inventions   Creativity   
Title: A Treatise on Mechanics
Author: KATER, Capt. Henry   LARDNER, Rev. Dionysius   
Attribution: R. S.; LL. D.; F. R. S.

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 284
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Art   
Title: Pompeiana; or, Observations on the Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of Pompeii. New Series, Part I
Author: GELL, Sir W.   

Issue: 134, 22/05/30 p. 305-306
Category: Philosophy Of Science   Professional Ethics   History Of Science   Education   Astronomy   Geography   Geodesy   
Title: Reflections on the Decline of Science in England, and on some of its Causes
Author: BABBAGE, Charles   
Institution: Royal Society   Government Office of Ordnance   Board of Longitude   

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