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Issue: 030, 14/05/28 p. 472, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Acoustics), Para 4
Category: Physics   Sound   
Topic: Motions of Sand on Metallic Plates and Agitated Membranes
Person: CHLADNI, (of Berlin)   SAVART, M.   SCHWEIGGER   
Source: Schweigger`s Jahrbuch, xx.176   

Issue: 031, 28/05/28 p. 489, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Acoustics), Para 5
Category: Physics   Sound   
Topic: Medium of Sound

Issue: 048, 24/09/28 p. 766, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Acoustics), Para 6
Category: Physics   Sound   
Topic: Mountain Echo. [Repeated Alpine echoes described by Lord Byron as if animate]
Person: BYRON, Lord   
Source: Saussure: Voyages dans les Alpes   

Issue: 049, 01/10/28 p. 781, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Acoustics), Para 6
Category: Physics   Sound   
Topic: Concord and Discord
Source: Magazine of Natural History   

Issue: 083, 27/05/29 p. 332-333
Heading: Royal Institution
Category: Physics   Vibrations   Sound   
Topic: [An enthusiastic account of Faraday`s lecture on] the operation of vibration on the surfaces of elastic substances
Lecture, 22/05/29
Issue: 124, 13/03/30 p. 154
Heading: Transmission of Sound. Royal Institution
Category: Physics   Sound   Music   
Topic: At the conversazione on Friday the 5th inst., Mr Faraday gave a most able lecture on the transmission of sound through solid conductors, and the power of such substances to render audible the sound they conduct [...] to a great distance. [Four column report]
Institution: Royal Institution   
Lecture, 5/03/1830
Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 330-331
Heading: Production of Musical Sounds. Royal Institution. Conversazione, Friday, May 21
Category: Physics   Sound   Music   Inventions   Manufactures   History Of Civilization   General Coincident Historical Considerations   
Topic: [...]the invention and subsequent improvements of the method of arranging metallic springs, as a new principle for producing a continued musical sound. [The Athenaeum links this two-column report with that in Athenaeum 124, called "Transmission of Sound"]
Person: FARADAY   DOWLER, Dr.   DAY   MANBY, Capt.   
Institution: Royal Institution   
Lecture, 21/05/1830
Issue: 138, 19/06/30 p. 378-379
Heading: Royal Institution. Conversazione, Friday, June 11
Category: Physics   Sound   Music   Inventions   Time   Time Measurement   
Topic: The lecture of this evening was one of several delivered this and the last season, in which the ingenious researches of Mr. Wheatstone have [...]contributed to the interest among the members [...] by the [...]developement, and [...] discoveries of the principles of sound
Institution: Royal Institution   
Lecture, 11/06/1830 Ed`s Mark: PARKES

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