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Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 47, Section: Popular Science
Category: Travel   Transport   Communication   
Topic: Comparative Speed of English and Russian Travelling

Issue: 114, 30/12/29 p. 823, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Locomotive Steam Carriage, Para 3
Category: Transport   Engineering   Steam Power   
Topic: ["The Novelty" steam engine, by Braithwaite and Enison, has drawn a load ten times its own weight between Manchester and Liverpool]

Issue: 132, 08/05/30 p. 285, Section: Paris Chit-Chat
Heading: Omnibuses, Para 18
Category: Geography   Transport   
Topic: [Omnibuses are now widespread, from Spain to St. Petersburg]

Issue: 141, 10/07/30 p. 427-428
Heading: Stone Railways. To the Editor of the Athenaeum
Category: Engineering   Roads   Transport   Communication   
Topic: [A letter from "an old coachman" in St. Marylebone. It contains a plea for all roads to be built with two lines of curb-stones laid down the middle for the wheels of carriages. It shows the results of "an experiment made the other day with a double-bodied phaeton on three roads"]
Letter, 05/07/1830 Signed: D. F. W.; Ed`s Mark: WALKER

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 556-557
Heading: Mentz, August 22. [1830]
Category: Geography   Belgium   Germany   Travel   Communication   Transport   Steam Power   
Topic: [Item about travelling by boat from Rotterdam to Cologne, emphasizing the uncomfortable conditions, bad food and slow speed. The Athenaeum prefaces the piece with an annoucement: the correspondent, "A. B.", is to send regular notes from Germany]
Letter, 22/08/1830 Signed: "A. B."; Ed`s Mark: BERNAYS (Adolphus)

Issue: 152, 25/09/30 p. 605-606
Heading: Liverpool and Manchester Railway
Category: Engineering   Transport   Steam Power   Railways   
Topic: [Lengthy, abridged article from the "Liverpool Mercury" on the new Liverpool and Manchester Railway. It goes into the need for a railway: the rise in population, the increase of mechanization, the expanding traffic on the existing waterways and goes on to enumerate the cost, the engineering feats required and the exact route of the railway]
Person: BRIDGWATER, Duke of   JAMES   SANDERS   
Source: Liverpool Mercury   

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