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Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 33-34
Heading: State of the Literary Market in England. From Mr. H. C.---n to M. Ladvocat, au Palais Royal
Category: Literature   Travel   Philosophy   Craniology   
Topic: [A mildly satirical account of books which sell in England, as compared with France. Books on metaphysics are more popular in France. H. C. had consequently asked a number of eminent and/or infamous persons if they would like to write a book on the human mind. H. C.`s letter to Ladvocat contains the answers he received including the reply in full he received from De Quincy]
Person: LADVOCAT, M.   DE QUINCY, O.   COPLESTONE, Dr. (Bishop of Llandaff)   SMITH, Horace   MORISON, (Hygenist)   COLERIDGE   BELSHAM, (Unitarian preacher)   LAWRENCE (Painter)   
Letter Signed: H. C. , Mr.

Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 47, Section: Popular Science
Category: Travel   Transport   Communication   
Topic: Comparative Speed of English and Russian Travelling

Issue: 097, 02/09/29 p. 555, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Cheap Edition of Gibbon, Para 12
Category: Geography   Travel   
Topic: [A twelve-volume edition of Gibbon is being prepared at Leipsic, the whole for eighteen shillings]

Issue: 108, 18/11/29 p. 727
Heading: The Leith Smack
Category: Geography   Travel   Ships   Scotland   Medicine   Astronomy   Education   Science   
Topic: [Informal, personal account of a sea trip from London to Leith in 1829. Contains a vignette upon the old Scottish chaperone of two young ladies and her comments upon the modern (scientific) education of girls]
, 01/06/1829 Signed: P. W.

Issue: 108, 18/11/29 p. 727
Heading: The Leith Smack
Category: Geography   Travel   Ships   Scotland   Medicine   Astronomy   Education   Science   
Topic: [Informal, personal account of a sea trip from London to Leith in 1829. Contains a vignette upon the old Scottish chaperone of two young ladies and her comments upon the modern (scientific) education of girls]
, 01/06/1829 Signed: P. W.

Issue: 110, 02/12/29 p. 759-760
Heading: The Scotch Tourist. (Continuation of the "Leith Smack", from p. 726)
Category: Geography   Travel   Scotland   Periodicals   
Topic: Ambrose`s Hotel. Edinburgh. [The traveller, P. W., gets into conversation with a drinking companion on "the merits of its [Edinburgh`s] reviews, magazines and newspapers"]
Person: BRODIE, Peter   MACROBIE, Mark   SCOTT, Sir Walter   ST. PAUL   KNOX, John   
Signed: P. W.

Issue: 110, 02/12/29 p. 762-763, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Travelling in Egypt, Para 1
Category: Geography   Social Geography   Travel   Egypt   
Topic: [Criticism of the harsh, despotic treatment of Egyptian labouring classes, observed by Hamilton, a traveller]
Person: HAMILTON   
Source: Hamilton: Aegyptiaca   

Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 793-794
Heading: The Scotch Tourist. (Continued from p. 759)
Category: Geography   Travel   Scotland   Town Planning   Architecture   Urban Roads   
Topic: Edinburgh: Calton Hill, Holyrood House.
Source: Essay on Heat   
Institution: Calton Hill Observatory, Edinburgh   

Issue: 115, 09/01/30 p. 15-16
Heading: Travelling College
Category: Education   Travel   Geography   Science   Political Science   
Topic: [The formation of a school for young men in which different subjects, each appropriate to a different country, are to be studied intensively in the course of a stay in that country. Lessons will take place by correspondence. A visit to Italy will teach the arts, to Switzerland, the natural sciences, and to England the study of political science]
Person: DELABORDE, M. Alexandre   LORIOL, M.   
Source: L`Oriol: Geographie Physique et Historique de la France, par Bassins   Gazette d`Instruction Publique   

Issue: 143, 24/07/30 p. 457-458
Heading: Bologna
Category: Geography   Travel   Architecture   Social Anthropology   Italy   
Topic: [Impressions of Bologna: its buildings, comparative cleanliness, social customs, historical sights]

Issue: 143, 24/07/30 p. 458-459, Section: Foreign Correspondence
Heading: Acerbi`s Tour in Egypt, 1829-1830. On the Rosetta branch of the Nile, below Tervane, 2nd April, 1830
Category: Geography   Travel   Egypt   Agriculture   Engineering   Canals   Communication   Archaeology   
Topic: [The Consul-General to the Emperor of Austria at Alexandria describes his tour, in the first half of a letter forwarded to the Athenaeum by Smith. It concentrates on water: the disrepair of the ancient canal and irrigation system of the Fayum; the waters of Lake Meris; the route to Suez]
Institution: East India Company   
Letter Signed: ACERBI; Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 146, 14/08/30 p. 508
Heading: A Few Days at Madeira
Category: Geography   Travel   Madeira   
Topic: [Travel extract from the unpublished Journal of D. L. Richardson]
, 20/02/1829
Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 523-524
Heading: Indian Scenes
Category: Geography   Travel   India   Medicine   Poisoning   Pharmacology   Colonial Policy   
Topic: [A pen sketch of the view from the author`s verandah in Hindostan, concentrating on the transforming effects of moonlight on scenery. It is embellished by an anecdote of an Indian man whose snake bite is cured by a European physician before a crowd "whose sable bodies were seen in deep contrast with the shining whiteness" (of a column in moonlight) and whose gestures of admiration and gratitude, seen in the same light, seemed "almost sublime"]
Signed: ROBERTS, Emma

Issue: 147, 21/08/30 p. 525-526
Heading: The Italians in 1830. [A Sketch -- from a Female Correspondent]
Category: Geography   Travel   Social Anthropology   Italy   
Topic: [Opera-going. Dress. Dancing. Shopping hours. Baby-binding. Child-rearing. The disappearance of "cicisbeism"]
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 148, 28/08/30 p. 541
Heading: The Volcano at Pietra Mala
Category: Geography   Travel   Mountains   Volcanoes   
Topic: I will not waste words in describing scenery which, after all, cannot be described...
Signed: "D. C."

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 556-557
Heading: Mentz, August 22. [1830]
Category: Geography   Belgium   Germany   Travel   Communication   Transport   Steam Power   
Topic: [Item about travelling by boat from Rotterdam to Cologne, emphasizing the uncomfortable conditions, bad food and slow speed. The Athenaeum prefaces the piece with an annoucement: the correspondent, "A. B.", is to send regular notes from Germany]
Letter, 22/08/1830 Signed: "A. B."; Ed`s Mark: BERNAYS (Adolphus)

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 570-571
Heading: Indian Scenes. Shopping
Category: Geography   Travel   Manufactures   Trade   India   Social Anthropology   Medicine   Food   
Topic: ["Letter" from India signed Emma Roberts, Upper Province, Hindostan: Shopping at home for wealthy Indians. Deliberately prosaic account of an Indian bazaar. The different diet of the rich and poor. Dress. The deluded demand for European goods. Indian shops stocked with European goods]
Person: HEVELL   
Institution: Magazin des Modes, Dinapore   
Letter Signed: ROBERTS, Emma

Issue: 152, 25/09/30 p. 601-602
Heading: Florence
Category: Geography   Travel   Italy   Architecture   Art   Agriculture   Food   Social Anthropology   Town And Country Planning   
Topic: [The writer`s disappointed expectations of the physical beauty of Florence. Contains comments on the contrasting landscapes of country and city which may be relished in Britain, compared with the cultivated uniformity of the environs of Florence. However, Florence is still a good place to live, full of cheap produce and lodgings]
Signed: "D. W."

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Issue: 038, 16/07/28 p. 598
Heading: Tropical and Continental Travelling
Category: Medicine   Geography   Travel   
Title: Useful Hints to Travellers to any part of the Continent, the East or West Indies, South America, Etc, as to the most Effectual Means of Preserving Health, and of avoiding Inconveniences, Etc. Second edition, with an Addition of a Complete Companion to a newly-invented Medicine Chest for Travellers to the Continent and remote Tropical Climates
Author: ANON   
Attribution: By a Medical Traveller

Issue: 115, 09/01/30 p. 9
Category: Geography   Travel   Turkey   
Title: Stories of Popular Voyages and Travels; with Illustrations. Travels in Turkey

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