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Issue: 079, 29/04/29 p. 269, Section: Varieties
Heading: Universal Catalogue of MSS, Para 5
Category: Libraries   
Topic: [Catalogue of inedited manuscripts to be published by Haenel]
Person: HAENEL, Professor   
Institution: University of Leipzig   

Issue: 091, 22/07/29 p. 460-461
Heading: University of Leipzig
Category: Germany   Education   
Topic: [Foundation and history. The four faculties of theology, jurisprudence, medicine, philosophy. Ancient and new professorships; the modern chairs including statistics, natural history, husbandy and technology. Freedom of the students. Learned societies connected with the university. Types of degree. Fees of lecturers]
Institution: University of Leipzig   
Letter, 01/07/1829 Signed: A. L. H.

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