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Issue: 032, 04/06/28 p. 505, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Mazology), Para 6
Category: Zoology   
Topic: Singular Quadruped. [New animal brought from Chili and named Clamyphorus Truncatus]
Person: YARREL, William   LEADBETTER, Mr.   
Institution: Zoological Society   

Issue: 056, 19/11/28 p. 893
Heading: Varieties, Para 6
Category: Zoology   
Topic: Zoological Society. [Two mastiff dogs from the mountains of Nepaul donated by the King. A live "Chinchilli" and some foxes presented by the Hudson`s Bay Company]
Institution: Zoological Society   Hudson`s Bay Company   

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Issue: 109, 25/11/29 p. 742
Category: Zoology   Art   
Title: Characteristic Sketches of Animals, drawn from the life, and engraved by Thomas Landseer
Author: LANDSEER, Thomas   
Attribution: Dedicated to the Zoological Society
Institution: Zoological Society   

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