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Issue: 011, 29/02/28 p. 168
Heading: Botanical Curiosity
Category: Botany   
Topic: [A means for making the Air Plant of China flower, found at Claremont by the gardener of Prince Leopold]
Source: Edward`s Botanical Register   

Issue: 011, 29/02/28 p. 170-171
Heading: Botanical Researches in Siberia, on the Frontiers of China
Category: Botany   
Topic: [Abstract of Ledebuhr`s account of his travels in Siberia, delivered at Dorpat University. 1,600 species of plants found, 500 unknown]
Person: LEDEBUHR, Professor   MEYER, Dr.   BUNGE, Dr.   
Institution: University of Dorpat   
Issue: 011, 29/02/28 p. 175
Heading: Report of the Counsel of Health in Paris
Category: Demography   Public Health   Mortality   
Topic: [Death in Paris in 1826 by disease, suicide and accident]
Source: Tables of Mortality for the city of Paris   

Issue: 011, 29/02/28 p. 175
Heading: Russian Society of Agriculture
Category: Agriculture   
Topic: [Invention -- the Eriometre -- for ascertaining the fineness or thickness of the wool of Merino sheep]
Institution: Imperial Society of Agriculture, Moscow   

Issue: 011, 29/02/28 p. 175
Heading: Tabular View of the Seven Bridges across the Thames, at London
Category: Engineering   Bridges   
Topic: [London bridges: their architects, measurements, materials used and dates built]
Person: RENNIE, J.   MYLNE, R.   LABELYE   WALKER, James   
Source: Britton`s Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London   
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Issue: 011, 29/02/28 p. 163-164
Heading: Memoirs and Life of Doctor Good
Category: Physiology   
Title: [Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Character of the late John Mason Good, M.D.]
Author: GREGORY, Olinthus   

Issue: 011, 29/02/28 p. 164-165
Heading: Walter`s Letters
Category: Geography   Switzerland   Italy   
Title: Letters from the Continent
Author: WALTER, Rev. W.   

Issue: 011, 29/02/28 p. 168
Category: Physiology   
Title: A Manual of the Physiology of Man, translated from the French of P. Hutin
Author: HUTIN, P.   

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