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Issue: 017, 21/03/28 p. 271
Heading: Medico-Botanical Society of London
Category: Medicine   Botany   
Topic: [Proceedings. Admission of Fellows and Honorary Fellows. Some observations on Cinchona.]
Person: De JOMARD, M.   STANHOPE, Earl   JOHNSTON, Sir Alexander   DE LA GARDE, Le Comte   FLEMING, Dr. John   ROUPELL, Dr.   DUNLOP, Dr.   AUSTRIA, Emperor of   BRAZIL, Emperor of   WURTEMBERG, King of   READ, W. Harding   FROST   
Institution: Medico-Botanical Society   

Issue: 017, 21/03/28 p. 271
Heading: Weekly Meteorological Journal
Category: Meteorology   
Topic: [Meteorological Journal for the week of Wednesday 12th of March, 1828]
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Issue: 017, 21/03/28 p. 259-260
Heading: Bishop Heber`s Journal
Category: Geography   India   
Title: Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay, Etc
Author: HEBER, Reginald   
Attribution: Lord Bishop of Calcutta

Issue: 017, 21/03/28 p. 262-263
Heading: Lunatic Asylums
Category: Medicine   Health And Welfare Buildings   
Title: A General View of the Present State of Lunatics in Great Britain and Ireland
Author: HALLIDAY, Sir Andrew   

Issue: 017, 21/03/28 p. 263-264
Heading: Gaelic Dictionary
Category: Philology   
Title: A Gaelic Dictionary in two Parts, Etc
Author: ARMSTRONG, R. A.   
Attribution: Celtic Lexicographer to the King

Issue: 017, 21/03/28 p. 263
Heading: A Pilgrimage in Europe and America
Category: Exploration   Europe   North America   
Title: A Pilgrimage in Europe and America, leading to the Discovery of the Sources of the Mississippi and Bloody River, Etc, Etc
Author: BELTRAMI, J. C.   
Attribution: Judge of a Royal Court in the ex-Kingdom of Italy

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