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Issue: 020, 01/04/28 p. 305-307, Section: Periodical Literature
Heading: Unpublished Lectures on Periodical Literature, by the Rev. Henry Stebbing, M.A. No. II
Category: Periodicals   
Topic: Division of General Literature -- Nature and Design of Periodical Literature -- Its Application and different Styles. [Containing a passage on the treatment of Science in periodical literature]
Person: STEBBING, Rev. Henry   
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Issue: 020, 01/04/28 p. 308-310
Heading: Etymological Dictionary
Category: Philology   
Title: An Etymological Dictionary of the Latin Language
Author: VALPY, F. E. J.   
Attribution: Master at Reading School.

Issue: 020, 01/04/28 p. 312
Heading: Abernethy`s Lectures on Anatomy, Etc
Category: Medicine   Anatomy   
Title: Lectures on Anatomy, Surgery, and Pathology
Author: ABERNETHY, John   
Attribution: Surgeon to St. Bartholomew`s Hospital

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