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Issue: 035, 25/06/28 p. 550
Heading: Density of Copper, Etc
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: [Observations by Delatour on copper and brass-wire]
Person: DELATOUR, M. Cagniard   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 035, 25/06/28 p. 552
Heading: Medico-Botanical Society of London
Category: Medicine   Botany   
Topic: [On the genus Laurus, from which Camphor is produced]
Person: FROST   
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Issue: 035, 25/06/28 p. 543-545
Heading: Crawfurd`s Embassy to Siam and Cochin China
Category: Geography   Asia   
Title: Journal of an Embassy from the Governor-General of India to the Courts of Siam and Cochin China exhibiting a view of the actual state of those Kingdoms
Author: CRAWFURD, John   

Issue: 035, 25/06/28 p. 548-550
Heading: The Spanish American Republics
Category: Geography   South America   
Title: History of the Revolution of the Republic of Columbia. [Second notice]
Author: RESTREPO, Jose Manuel   
Attribution: Secretary for the Interior to the Executive Power of the Republic

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