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Issue: 039, 23/07/28 p. 620
Heading: Moliere, Para 2
Category: Literature   
Topic: [Discovery, by M. Fourrier of the French Academy of Sciences, of a body of unpublished manuscripts by Moliere. Discovery announced at the Academy]
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 039, 23/07/28 p. 620
Heading: Mr. Robertson, Para 1
Category: Aeronautics   Balloons   
Topic: [Robertson, the aeronaut, went up to a height of three thousand feet in a balloon, at Berlin]
Person: ROBERTSON   
, 22/06/28
Issue: 039, 23/07/28 p. 621
Heading: Choris, Para 1
Category: Geography   Exploration   
Topic: [The young Russian painter, Choris, author of an account of his trip round the world with Kotzebue, killed by armed bandits in Mexico, while visiting "the countries least known of the American Continent"]
Issue: 039, 23/07/28 p. 621
Heading: Il Cavaliere Aldini, Para 2
Category: Inventions   Public Health   Safety   Textiles   Fire   
Topic: [Demonstration of flame-proof linen by the firemen of Milan]
Person: ALDINI   MILAN, Archduke Viceroy of   

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Issue: 039, 23/07/28 p. 608-610
Heading: Kinsey`s Portugal
Category: Geography   Portugal   
Title: Portugal Illustrated; in a Series of Letters
Author: KINSEY, Rev. W. M.   
Attribution: Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford; Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Auckland

Issue: 039, 23/07/28 p. 613
Heading: Medical Topography
Category: Medicine   Health   Climate   
Title: On the Curative Influence of theSouthern Coast of England, especially that of Hastings; with Observations on Diseases in which a Residence on the Coast is most beneficial
Author: HARWOOD, William   

Issue: 039, 23/07/28 p. 614
Heading: Armstrong on Morbid Anatomy
Category: Medicine   Morbid Anatomy   
Title: The Morbid Anatomy of the Stomach, Bowels and Liver, illustrated by a series of Plates, from Drawings, with explanatory Letter-press, and a Summary of the Symptoms of the Acute and Chronic Affections of the above-named Organs
Author: ARMSTRONG, John   
Attribution: Lecturer on the Principles and Practice of Physic; Consulting Physician to the London Fever Hospital

Issue: 039, 23/07/28 p. 614
Heading: New Medical Journal
Category: Medicine   Surgery   
Title: The London Medical and Surgical Journal. No. 1

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