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Issue: 047, 17/09/28 p. 743-744
Heading: Narrative of a Residence at Fernando Po, in 1827 and 1828. (Continued from page 720
Category: Geography   Islands Round Africa   
Topic: [Holman`s comment upon blindness; further description of the people of Fernando Po]

Issue: 047, 17/09/28 p. 745
Heading: The Woolgatherer. No. VI
Category: Philosophy   Metaphysics   
Topic: [What is the definition of mysticism? A column by "W", followed by a dissenting editorial comment]
Signed: W.

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Issue: 047, 17/09/28 p. 737
Heading: Conversations on Geology
Category: Geology   Popularization Of Science   Children   
Title: Conversations on Geology; comprising a Familiar Explanation of the Huttonian and Wernerian Systems; the Mosaic Geology as explained by Mr. Granville Penn; the late Discoveries of Professor Buckland, Humboldt, Dr. Macculloch, and others
Author: PENN, Granville   

Issue: 047, 17/09/28 p. 742
Heading: Fenner`s Pocket Atlas of Ancient and Modern Geography
Category: Geography   Atlases   Geography Of History   
Title: Fenner`s Pocket Atlas of Modern and Ancient Geography; the first series showing the different States of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, divided according to the general Treaty of Peace, by Congress, in 1815, and exhibiting Parry, Ross, and Franklin`s Discoveries to the present period: the second series, or classical, to illustrate Ancient History

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