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Issue: 053, 29/10/28 p. 840
Heading: The Querist. No. I. (To be continued)
Category: Philosophy   Metaphysics   
Topic: Qu. 1.--Are the Scotch Metaphysicians worth reading? [A criticism of the writings of Bishop Berkeley]
Person: REID, Thomas   STEWART, Dugald   BROWN   JOUFFROY, M.   JOHNSON, Dr. Samuel   BERKELEY, Bishop   ARISTOTLE   KANT   HUME   

Issue: 053, 29/10/28 p. 843-844
Heading: Opening of the St. Katharine Docks. (Communicated by our worthy friend and esteemed Correspondent, Mr. Humphrey Hugginson)
Category: Engineering   Docks   
Topic: [Account of the ceremony at the opening of St. Katharine Docks, October 1828]
Person: LARPENT, Mr.   FITZGERALD, Mr. Vesey   FLOWER, Sir Charles   

Issue: 053, 29/10/28 p. 843
Heading: Letter from Paris. (Voyage of a Frenchman to Timbuctoo), Para 11
Category: Geography   Exploration   Africa   Senegal   
Topic: Extrait de deux Lettres de M. A. Caille a M. le President de la Commission Centrale. [Extract of a letter on a journey in North Central Africa. In French.]
Person: PACT, M. De La (French Vice-Consul at Tangiers)   DELAPORTE, M. (Vice-Consul of France)   CAILLE, M. A.   
Institution: Geographical Society, Paris   
Letter, 10/10/1828 Signed: F.

Issue: 053, 29/10/28 p. 845
Heading: Streets of Paris
Category: Geography   France   Public Health   Urban Roads   
Topic: [Projected improvements to Paris streets, to be modelled along the same lines as those in London]
Source: Morning Chronicle   

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