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Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 17-18
Heading: The Universities of Europe and America. Cambridge.--No. III.
Category: Education   Philosophy   Literature   
Topic: [Letter from a student of Christ`s College, Cambridge, intended to complement the earlier Athenaeum account of a university education which concentrates on the academic syllabus and religious observance. This letter presents a "day in the life" of a student and concentrates on social life, intimate friendship and the space allowed for private reflection. It is written in a mildly satirical style yet the Athenaeum editor takes it for an example of the moral integrity of some students which is contrary to their popular feckless image]
Institution: University of Cambridge   
Letter Signed: E.B.

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 26-27
Heading: Origin and Establishment of the Post in France
Category: Communication   Post   
Topic: [History of the French post, supplied by the Postmaster-General, Leipzig]]

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 30, Section: Foreign Notices
Heading: Cure of Hydrophobia, Para 2
Category: Medicine   Hydrophobia   Rabies   
Topic: [A member of the Moscow Physico-Medical Society recommends warm blood to protect against the loathing for water brought on by rabies]
Person: RITTMEISTER, (of Paulofsk}   
Source: Transactions of the Moscow Physico-Medical Society   

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 30, Section: Foreign Notices
Heading: Diamond produced from Carbon, Para 7
Category: Mineralogy   Chemistry   
Topic: Diamond produced from Carbon. [M. Arago affirms that he has crystallized carbon and obtained a substance called "diamonds"]

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 30, Section: Foreign Notices
Heading: Geneva, Para 6
Category: Medicine   Public Health   Longevity   
Topic: Duration of Human Life. [Statistics on average length of life in Geneva, from the sixteenth century]

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 30, Section: Foreign Notices
Heading: Netherlands Universities, Para 3
Category: Education   Science   Literature   
Topic: [Statistics on the six universities in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands]

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 30, Section: Foreign Notices
Heading: Russia, Para 5
Category: Geography   Russian Empire   Geology   Mining   Gold   
Topic: Mines of the Ural Mountains. Platina Currency
Person: D`ENGELHARDT, Professor   
Institution: University of Dorpat   

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 30, Section: Foreign Notices
Heading: Saxe-Weimar, Para 4
Category: Geography   Demography   Germany   
Topic: [Population, public administration and education in Saxe-Weimar]

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 30
Heading: Mr. Buckingham
Category: Geography   Asia   Egypt   India   China   Trade   
Topic: Mr Buckingham`s first Lecture on the Countries of the East. [The first of several lectures given in the "great commercial towns" with the purpose of rousing feeling against the East India Company]
Source: Liverpool Times   

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 31
Heading: The Glacier of Boisson
Category: Mountains   Alps   Climate   Ecology   Religion   Literature   
Topic: [A description of a glacier increasing and a philosophical meditation in a grand rhetorical voice on natural history, the creator and mankind`s place in such an austere landscape]

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Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 18
Heading: Twelve Years` Military Adventure
Category: Geography   History   India   
Title: Twelve Years` Military Adventure in Three Quarters of the Globe; or, Memoirs of an Officer who served in the Armies of his Majesty and of the East India Company, between the years 1802 and 1814, in which are contained the Campaigns of the Duke of Wellington in India, and his last in Spain and the South of France

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 23
Heading: Universities and Public Schools
Category: Education   Philosophy   Science   Literature   
Title: Extracts from a Work preparing fro publication, under the title of "Select Notices of Universities and Public Schools"
Author: ANON   
Institution: University of Edinburgh   University of Glasgow   Trinity College, Dublin   Belfast Academical Institution   King`s College, Canada   Royal College, Vendome   University of Gottingen   University of Berlin   University of Warsaw   The Russian Gymnasia   Yale College   

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 31
Heading: Fractures cured without Lameness
Category: Medicine   Locomotor System   Bones   
Title: Observations on the Nature and Treatment of Fractures, Etc, showing that they admit of being united, so as to restore the Natural Powers of the Limb, without Deformity or Lameness, Etc, Etc, Etc.
Author: AMESBURY, Joseph   
Attribution: Consulting Surgeon of the Royal United Association; Surgeon to the South London Dispensary; Lecturer on Surgery

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